Cindy WigglesworthWe have all read and heard about the work of Daniel Goldman regarding Emotional Intelligence, but now what I believe could prove to be equally important is the measurement of our  spiritual intelligence.  Author  Cindy Wigglesworth has just published a book entitled “The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence“which  provides insight into our spiritual intelligence.  As part of my inquiry Cindy  allowed me to take the 170 question analysis that she diligently developed over many years. The quiz was quite revealing and is certainly a tool that will be quite useful both personally and in the work environment. (For more information on the click here to be directed to her website.)

Cindy defines spiritual intelligence as “the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation.” Wow, now thats  a skill set  that most corporations would love to instill in their employees.  Cindy states that “transcending our smaller nature and growing into our full potential as human beings is the most important and fulfilling thing we can do with our lives.  The set of skills that are collectively known as spiritual intelligence are designed to help you become more fully who you are, to continue to grow and develop, and to live with greater consciousness, direction, wisdom and compassion.

Cindy uses her newly defined spiritual intelligence in conjunction with the other identified intelligences, physical, cognitive, emotional intelligence.  When combined and analyzed they become a powerful tool that can assist the management of organizations in defining how employees will best work, inspire and collaborate with one another.  There are 21 skills that have been identified as part of our spiritual intelligence , and those skills have been classified into four (4) quadrants.  Self-Awareness, Universal Awareness, Self Mastery, Social Mastery/Spiritual Presence.  To better understand the spiritual intelligence model I recommend that you click here to be directed to Cindy’s Deep Change website.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Cindy Wigglesworth, the author of “The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence“.  You can click here to watch a great PBS interview in which Cindy provides the viewer with insight into her personal philosophy and history.


Dan PallottaIn my interview with Dan Pallotta we discuss a his newly designed program called “Change Course“.  I have interviewed Dan previously about his book entitled “Uncharitable-How Restraints on Non-Profits Undermine Their Potential.”   Dan Pallotta has been involved in  lifting up the profile of non-profits for years.  At age 21 he organized a bike ride across America to raise awareness about world hunger,  he also launched a for profit enterprise that was responsible for developing AID’s rides as well as the 3-Day Brest Cancer walks.  Needless to say Dan Pallotta is not stranger to the world of non-profit.

Dan realized that many people are torn mentally and emotionally about where to spend their time.  So many of us want to help in the non-profit sector, yet we feel that we are not doing enough or don’t have the time.   We want to know how to make the transition and feel comfortable with our decisions. This boot camp for idealists, activists and social entrepreneurs and anyone exploring how to make a good living and a big difference will help anyone seeking to have fulfilling work while making a living.  In Change Course, Dan and his team are going to guide the attendees and inform them about: 1) the pros and cons of a non-profit career 2) making a difference in every moment 3) duty and responsibility vs. joy and opportunity 4) social enterprise vs. social entrepreneurship 5) maximizing the impact of personal philanthropy and much more.

If you are like most people you may want to get involved with charitable work, but  could or would you every make a career of it?   Dan will help guide attendees in determining what their options are, as well as help resolve the dilemmas that many face in making non-profit work a career.   If you want to learn more about the Change Course, please listen to this informative podcast.  You can also click here to be directed to the Change Course website which will provide you with the information you will need to make your decision about attending the course.

Jamie WhealI recently conducted this wonderful podcast with Jamie Wheal about an amazing project that he and Steven Kotler the co-author of Abundance are working on.  I was first introduced to Jamie by Steven Kotler. Subsequent to my interview with Steven we started a wonderful dialogue and it lead to him informing me about “The Flow Genome Project“.  I was so enthralled with what they were working on that I invited Jamie his partner to do this podcast to inform my listeners about their mission.

I am certain that many of you are aware of the term “Flow” made aware to the world by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi the author of the book “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience“.  He developed the term “flow states” to describe the state of peak experience which some will seek to recreate at any cost because it’s so enjoyable.   Flow is defined as the state of being where time slows, self vanishes, action and awareness merge into one–often referred to as peak experience, runner’s high, being in the zone or dropping in the pocket.

Jamie and Steven are on a mission to study flow states in what they refer to as “The Flow Dojo“.  They want to hack the flow state, and determine what physically, mentally and emotionally is occurring to the body when someone has these peak experiences.  In other words they want to map the genome of Flow, which if they can do this would be an amazing feat.

The information and data received as a result of studying people who attain this states of consciousness would be extremely valuable because flow states are known to optimize performance, enhance creativity, drive innovation, accelerate learning, amplify memory and underpin happiness itself.   If they could recreate these “flow states” and know what is required to do so, imagine what could happen in our business world.  This data and process would become an extreme advantage to any employer that was involved helping their employees achieve and sustain the “state of flow.”

Jamie and Steven have created a website dedicated to this project, and you can access it by clicking here to learn more about “The Flow Genome Project“.  At the website you will find articles, videos and you can read more about the “Flow Dojo”.

In my estimation this project takes human performance and mastery to a whole new level.  If Steven and Jamie can quantify their research and hack the state of flow, this would be an amazing breakthrough.


If you are interested in getting involved, please sign up at their website and you will be contacted with more information.  I hope you enjoy this great interview with Jamie Wheal about the “Flow Genome Project”.

Nancy AndersonAuthor Nancy Anderson is probably the best career coach that I have every interviewed.  She not only seems to have a special intuition about what one’s career path should be, she has an amazing wise insight into our current career marketplace.  What I love about her book ” Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond” is that it is easy to read and more importantly full of great advice and guidance.

What she conveys in our interview together is that when one reaches midlife the desire to have a vocation that is meaningful and on purpose is heightened.  As she states we have gone through our years of  raising kids, growing our bank accounts and now we want to focus on a vocation that will make a difference.

I would concur with her, for me personally this happened when I turned age 50.  I also have spoken with many of my friends and their seems to be a stirring and uncomfortable feeling that we don’t have much time and we need to change career course with more meaningful work.

Nancy states that change for the better takes place in three (3) stages.  The first stage is when you admit that what your’re doing is not working, and you ask for help if you need it.  Then comes the second and most difficult state, stopping what your’re doing that is not working.  If you persist in your efforts, you reach the third and final state, making choices that work for your.  Now this may all sound simple, but when you are in the middle of a career and considering a choice this can be scary.

Nancy says that identifying and facing our fears is the crucial step in the first stage of change.  She states that in the book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill discribes six basic fears that keep you stuck in the past. These fears are as follows: 1) the fear of poverty 2) the fear of criticism, 3) the fear of loss of love 4) the fear of illness 5) the fear of old age 6) the fear of death.  I would say that about covers them all.

Nancy also recommends that when we are ready to take the next step that we rewrite our life story.  Now this is probably the best advice for anyone wanting to explore their authentic self and the core of their personality.  Going through this exercise is very revealing, and can be life altering–I know for I have completed this exercise and it is extremely empowering.  You see that once you do this exercise this much if revealed from your past, and frequently we are carrying emotional baggage forward into our life today and it is not serving us.

So, if you want to work with passion and live the life you want I think that Nancy Anderson book “Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond” is the perfect reference.  She also is the author of “Work with Passion” which is also a great book on career coaching.  If you want to learn more about Nancy and how she can help you specifically please click here to be directed to her website.


I hope you enjoy my interview with this wonderfully insightful career and life coach–Nancy Anderson.  You can also watch a wonderful video at YouTube by clicking here.

Sallie FeltonIt is the beginning of a New Year for everyone, and if you are like me it is time to do some house cleaning.  I have known Sallie Felton author of “Why Can’t I Get Rid of this Clutter” for sometime, what I did not know that she is known at the clutter coach.

In my interview with Sallie  about her new book “Why Can’t I Get Rid of This Clutter” she provides sound practical advice for anyone looking to find the top of their desk, to cleaning out all of that stuff that has been hanging around collecting dust and zapping our psychic energy.  As Sallie states in her book clutter show up in our lives in three ways–mentally, physically and emotionally. Each area plays an important role in our well-being and none of them stand alone.

Mental clutter show us and is a recipe for an over-stressed, over scheduled, and over exhausted and over stimulated self. Throw all of these request, demands and obligation into the blender, puree at hight speed and whats’ the result? Dis-ease. Mental, physical and emotional stress have to go somewhere and if we don’t find outlets for them, we’ll direct them inward.

Physical clutter is the one we think of when we hear the word.  It is all that VISIBLE stuff that piles up around us and take over our work and living space.  Physical clutter affects different people in different ways.  Spend a few moments thinking about how you react to it.  What happens when you take a good look at all the stuff?  Do you feel a pit from in your stomach?  Does it grate on your nerves.  No matter how you feel inside, the physical stuff interferes with our productivity, clarity of mind and focus.

Emotional clutter comes straight from the heart.  It includes the feelings surrounding past and present issues we haven’t yet processed, worked through, nurtured or release. Emotional clutter is judgment, expectation, unresolved conflicts and self-defeating behaviors, like perfectionism.

If you are starting your New Year off with physical, emotional, or mental clutter then you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast with Sallie Felton.  I highly recommend her book as well you can get lots of tips from her website by clicking here.

You can see Sallie Felton in action at YouTube by clicking here or  Enjoy this great interview with a woman who can really help us all get our acts together.

Guy FinleyI always have a great time interviewing Guy Finley.  He is one of my favorite authors with a heart of gold, and a love for humanity.

I had the pleasure of actually being involved in the making of “Being Extraordinary-The New Model for Success“.  This new book is what is referred to as an enhanced book for the Apple iPad.  I am a partner in an organization called Wiseologie Media Group, and we develop enhanced books for authors and publish them in the various forms of digital media for tablets such as the iPad, Nook, Amazon Kindle Fire etc.

Guy’s new book ” Being Extraordinary” is  a question and answer format allowing the reader to easily extract the words of wisdom from Guy Finley without having to read every page of the book–although you should its a wonderful book.  I personally interviewed Guy for over five hours, and our interviews are the foundational material included in “Being Extraordinary”  For Guy Finley this book is a leap into addressing many issues facing business leaders from a spiritual perspective.

A very important topic that is covered is the shift that Guy would like to see business leaders make, from one of “what can I take” to “what can I give or contribute to the world“.  This concept might seem simple, but imagine a world where our business leaders make a shift in their thinking from “taking” to “giving”.  Not only would our business world be transformed, all businesses and the stakeholders–employees, vendors, stockholders would become part of a global transformation in the exchange of good and services benefiting humanity–social responsibility would be the focus.

Guy says that the ordinary is created to serve the extraordinary, and that we realize this relationship within ourselves by learning what it means to come “awake” and be “present” to ourselves at all times.  In becoming extraordinary, one of the most valuable lessons is to awaken to our own personal relationship with our “higher-self” the self that transcends aspects of our self that are not awake to what and who we are becoming in each and every moment.  At this point we experience our own personal revelation, we realize that their are not failures only learning lessons and opportunities to progress in our own awakening to who and what we are becoming.

Guy states that the “I” must be willing to die for the “We” if we are to become fearless.  In “Being Extraordinary” the reader will learn that to transcend the ego’s dominion and realize our connection to the “One”.  You learn that you are  not separate, you are One with the Source and Being Extraordinary is part of our divine right.

If you want to learn more about “Being Extraordinary” please click here to be directed to the iTunes store where you can download the first two chapters for review on your iPad.  You can also learn more by clicking here to be directed to a You Tube video with an introduction to the book.  I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with author Guy Finley about “Being Extraordinary“.

Ron McMillanIf you are like most people in life, we have all attempted to change a habit or behavior.  Some of us have succeeded and others have not succeeded nor have we been able to sustain the new habit or behavior we are attempted to supplant the old one with.

I can personally tell you that you have hit pay dirt with the ” Change Anything” .  In my interview with social scientist Ron McMillan we speak about the new and exciting research that his company Vital Smarts did around this very subject in the new book entitled ” Change Anything-The New Science of Personal Success“.  In my estimation the finding in the research conducted on nearly 5,000 people is truly breakthrough.

I have been studying personal growth and mastery for over 20 years, and the research finding revealed in ” Change Anything” will have a positive impact on anyone attempting to create positive change in their lives.  In the Change Anything Labs the people who applied the science of personal success are more than 1,000 percent more successful at producing change that those who tried other means.

So what is the secret–the truth is that willpower is not our problem.  As a matter of fact the scientists at the Change Anything Labs found out that our ability it change and maintain change is not a matter of willpower.   The fact is that we are blind and outnumbered by the outside factors that are effecting our ability to change and sustain our change.

What was found is that there are six sources of influence that effected our ability to change. 1) Personal Motivation 2) Personal Ability 3) Social Motivation 4) Social Ability 5) Structural Motivation 6) Structural Ability.

To learn more about these factors I encourage you to click here to be directed to a video experiment that the scientists did at the Change Anything Labs( click on the blind and outnumbered video).  This will provide you with a short explanation of the factors effecting our abilities to change any thing.

The bottom line is that willpower is not the answer.  The key to change is in understanding all of the subtle put powerful influences that shape your choices. Once you have an understanding of how you are being influenced you will no longer be outnumbered and blinded to these factors, thus making change easier and hopefully more sustainable.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is attempting to change .  It does not matter if it is a weight problem or your trying to get your debt under control. This book and the strategies outlined can be followed by anyone and most importantly successfully and they can be sustained.


If you want more information about Change Anything, please click here to be directed to the Change Anything website. Or  click here to be directed to a YouTube Video. You can also learn more by going to the Change Anything Book page.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Ron McMillan one of the founder of Vital Smarts.  This truly is enlightening and will shift how you look at change forever.

Mark NicholasI really enjoyed my interview with author Mark Nicholas about his new book entitled ” I Come First-How the Individual Ego Rules Every Business Decision“.   Mark points out that in business we encounter a world very much out of our control.  We find mangers and colleagues of all types, each with individual aspirations, issues and priorities.  Same are very smart and competent; others, difficult, bossy and incompetent.  Mark says that no matter how hard we work, or how powerful we become, the business world is as it always has been: a bit unpredictable, subject to strong personalities and aspiring politicians, and more than a little personal.

Business is the adult version of the neighborhood playground and Mark’s book at its core is a discussion about how we interact in the business sandbox with all of these colorful characters.  You see…the playground is as it always has been, undeniably and overwhelmingly human–and none of us can change the underlying nature of human beings.

First, Mark’s book strives to help you play in the sandbox, and offers formulas for success. Second, he offers short courses in negotiating, and discusses perception issues and political tactics used every day and in a practically every workplace interaction. Third, this book hopes to convey information not from a psychological or therapeutic viewpoint but from the point of view of people who live in the trenches: aspiring, hiring, firing, scrapping, fighting, negotiating and maneuvering every day in some very complex environments.  Fourth, unlike books that direct their attention to people aspiring to the highest levels of the business world, this book is designed for the daily battles in the trenches.  Fifth, you will not be asked to change the nearly unchangeable fabric that defines who you are, but hopefully you will find that you might improve in our ability to see your world more objectively and understand those various tools available to you.

Mark lends some wonderful advice for all of us working in the business world–” The solution to surviving and succeeding within business lies in knowing how to see, understand, and take advantage of the behavior that surrounds you, all the while knowing how to utilize the best and most effective characteristics of your own humanity, along with your talents, skills, and resources in a manner that allows you to get where you want to go. ”
If you are working in business and want a book that will help you navigate the land minds in which we are working, then I highly recommend that you read Mark’s book “ I Come First“.  You can learn more about Mark and his book by clicking here to be directed to his website.

Linda CleverGosh knows almost everyone in today’s environment deals with fatigue from time to time.  In my interview with author Dr. Linda Clever about her new book ” The Fatigue Prescription” we speak about the causes and some of the underlying personal prescription one can take to eliminate fatigue.

Dr. Linda Clever states that most of us take on lots to do.  As a matter of fact she list some of them as work, family, economy, kids, money, hobbies, housekeeping deadlines, school need I go further.  Our minds are filled with the to do lists which zap our energy.  The resulting energy zap can create symptoms of loss of patience, decreased appetite, denial, irritability, loss of sleep etc. which lead to fatigue.

So what do you do?  You learn to find out what is causing your energy bucket to leak, and fill the holes as Dr. Clever states.  Determine where the holes are and plug them with corks to add new energy.  It could be as simple as saying “no” a very empowering word, or getting help with the chores, going on a walk, taking a power nap, talking with friends on the phone.  Whatever recharges your batteries and brings you joy.

The Fatigue Prescription gets back to basics by helping you figure out how you’re feeling.  That is how the Prescription starts: with awareness.  Dr. Clever states that it is important to be aware of feelings because that do not go away. Fear, anger, boredom, and sorrow may seem to line dormant but are actually simmering and can explode.  Dr. Clever provides the reader with ample opportunity to explore their feelings, at the end of each chapter she provides insightful questions to explore to assist the reader in renewing their energy and reducing fatigue.

Dr Clever is also the founder of an organization called Renew. Renew is a non-profit organization helping people find an answer to the yearning that many feel for effectiveness, a sense of calm and a positive direction. Regardless of age, most of us want to have meaning in our lives. If you would like more information and the opportunity to take a short quiz and a reality check please check here to be directed to the Renew website.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with a very insightful author and physician.  If you want more information about the Fatigue Prescription please click here to be directed to Dr. Clever’s website.