Podcast 694: The New Agreements for Leaders with David Dibble

Author David Dibble is a man on a mission, and in his new book entitled ” The New Agreement for Leaders” David outlines what the leaders of today need to do and become to improve the overall culture of their organizations.

In my interview with David he reveals the the number one hidden reason that managers and leaders struggle and it is primarily that their mindset is stuck in the past.  His formula for renewing and reviving leaders are the new agreements which are 1) to find your higher purpose 2) grow and serve your people 3) lean into the core problems 4) pursue mastery.  If all leaders followed the new agreements, our workplaces would be engaging, dynamic and extremely productive.

Come journey with me as I interview one of the masters of cultural transformation.  Learn more about the New Agreements, but also about what David refers to as the seven (7) simple tools.

If you want to learn more about author and thought leader David Dibble and his coaching programs for the New Agreement for Leaders please click here to be directed to his website.  You can also check out his book on Amazon by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with author and thought leader, David Dibble.


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