Podcast 747: Seeing Around Corners with Rita McGrath

We would all like to have the ability to see around corners so that we know what is coming at us.  This is especially true in business with all the consistent change in our ever evolving business marketplace.

In my interview with Rita McGrath the author of a new book entitled ” Seeing Around Corners-How to Spot Inflection Points In Business Before they Happen” she provides glimpses into how we can be better at seeing what she refers to as “inflection points”.

What is an inflection point? An inflection point are paradigmatic shifts in business landscape, and the product of often-subtle trends that have been gestating for a while, but are now taking off in a major way. Only those leaders who can “see around corners” that is, spot the disruptive inflection points developing before they hit-are poised to succeed in the market.

There are eight practices that can help you “see around corners”: 1) Ensure direct connection between the people at the edges of your company and the people making strategy  2) Go out of your way to include diverse perspectives in thinking about the implication of the future. 3) Use deliberate, decision-making processes for consequential and irreversible decision; use small, agile and empowering teams for reversible experimentation decisions.  4) Foster little bets that are rich in learning, ideally distributed across the organization 5) Pursue direct contact with the environment-“get out of the building”  6) Make sure your people are incented to hear about reality, not the reverse.  7) Realize when your people are in denial 8) Expose yourself and your organization to where the future is unfolding today.

If you want to learn more about Rita McGrath and her new book entitled “Seeing Around Corners“, please click here to be directed to her website.

I hope you enjoy this very informative an important interview with author Rita McGrath about learning how to “See Around Corners“.


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