Podcast 719: Cracking Complexity with David Benjamin

Needless to say our world today seems like it is moving a lightning speed.  So much changes, and it happens so quickly.  Attempting to deal with the speed of change and the associated complexity is daunting and requires a new set of skills.

In my interview with author David Benjamin about his co-authored book with partner David Komlos entitled “Cracking Complexity-The Breakthrough Formula for Solving Just About Anything Fast” we discuss how their formula can really assist people in dealing with the complexity.  The author have come up with a 10 step formula that can be quickly applied and effectively get traction in the face of complexity.

The complexity formula starts with acknowledgement of the complexity, then moves to constructing a really, really good question.  It then moves to targeting the requisite variety of solvers, then localizing the solvers and eliminating the noise.  After this has happened you need to agree on the right agenda, then put people on a collision course, advance iteratively and emergently, change how people interact and finally translate clarity and insights into action.   Sounds simple enough, and it really is, the authors can provide this formula to people in business and they can drive the complexity initiative forward on their own.

The payoff to utilizing this formula has been tremendous according to the authors.  If you have a complex problems to solve I would highly recommend that you listen to this interview with author David Benjamin about his new book “Cracking Complexity”  You can also go to the book website to learn more about the book, authors.  You can also go to David’s consulting firm website Syntegrity by clicking here.

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