Podcast 708 “B State-A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results” with Mark Samuel

Being stuck is not a great state to be in.  You feel as if you are in suspended animation.  Getting unstuck takes work, and developing a new mindset and perspective about your situation.

In my recent interview with author Mark Samuel we discuss his new book “B State-A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results.  We discuss how business and the people working in them get caught in an “A State”, one where they are stuck in old mindsets and silos which create inefficient behaviors which are damaging to both the people a overall business culture.  Moving to a “B State” provides a clear roadmap and a breakthrough in the patterns that have caused the problems to begin with.

To move from the “A State” to the “B State” as Mark states “Is a process and for it to be a successful change and transformation, it really only works in sequence, whether we’re talking about your personal life or a budding enterprise, or multinational organization.  To create the transformation—First we have to let go or release our past failures, expectations and self-admonishments. Second we need to feel our future ideal, or emotionally satisfying Picture of Success.  Finally, we must take whatever action are necessary to move rapidly toward the new reality.

Please join author Mark Samuel and myself as we explore how you can move personally and professionally from the “A State” to the “B State“.  You can learn more about Mark and this book by clicking this link to his website. Thanks for listening.  Also here is a link to a brief video introduction to the book you might want to watch.


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