Bo ParfetIn this wonderful interview with a very heartfelt young man, I get to explore the inner drive and ambition that developed within Bo Parfet to motivate him in his quest to become an amazing mountain climber and conquer the Seven Summits.

For a dyslexic guy who was told he wouldn’t graduate high school, Bo Parfet has achieved a lot in his 31 years. A graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the Chicagoan scaled the 29,028-foot summit of Mount Everest on May 17, 2007 , and in so doing became one of only 80 people to have successfully climbed all eight of the world’s “Seven Summits,” the tallest mountain on every continent.

You see, the overall list comprises Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; Mt. Aconcuaga in Argentina; Mt. McKinley (aka Denali) in Alaska; the Vinson Massif in Antarctica; Mt. Elbrus in Russia; Carstensz Pyramid (aka Puncak Jaya) in Indonesia; Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia; and Everest in China. Since mountaineers differ on whether Australasia’s should be Kosciuszko, the highest on the Australian mainland, or Papua New Guinea’s much taller Carstensz Pyramid, Bo decided to cover all bases.

While either working as an investment banker on Wall Street, bio-prospecting for lifesaving micro-organisms in extreme environments, or getting his MBA from Kellogg; Bo not only took on the Seven Summits he helped several students in impoverished areas of Africa get scholarships to complete medical school through his personal efforts and a little help from JP Morgan to help fund their educations.

All of these stories are related in Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits, yet this is far more than an action-adventure along the lines of Jon Krakauer’s smash-hit bestseller Into Thin Air (Villard, 1997), among many, many other mountain-based books: Joe Simpson’s Touching the Void (HarperCollins, 1989); David Breashears’ High Exposure (Simon & Schuster, 1999); Beck Weathers’ Left For Dead (Villard, 2000); even Seven Summits by Dick Bass (Grand Central, 1988), the man who first climbed each of the continents’ highest mountains.

Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits expands on Bo’s most dramatic, traumatic, and triumphal experiences by not only documenting the different revelations experienced during each of the expeditions, but also describing how these have enabled him to “turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones” in all areas of his life; at home, in the workplace, on the side of a mountain.

As such it will appeal to a far broader readership – gripping people with its graphically-related, death-defying adventures, speaking to them in terms of their own life challenges, and inspiring them with its delineation of human potential; of the inner strength derived from dealing with discouragement and overcoming adversity; of one man’s declaration that he will not be limited.

I know you will really enjoy my interview with Bo, and I encourage you to visit his website to view some of the photos from his expeditions.  You will also love the music at his website.  Click here to be linked to his website.

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8 comments on “Podcast 73: Die Trying, One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits with Bo Parfet

  1. Monica Gerwitz Dec 10, 2020

    Loved every second of this. Thanks!

  2. Alexa McGrath Apr 6, 2021

    Great podcast Bo Parfet! Thanks for all the insight.

  3. Julie Davis Apr 20, 2021

    Change is inevitable. According to Bo Parfet, there are three distinct ways people change—with time, due to a dramatic life event, or during states of emotional unrest. In this podcast, Parfet shares that changing with time is the slowest and most inefficient way to change. Change that happens due to a dramatic life event can be a strong, positive motivator. Finally, and the impetus for Parfet’s change toward a more holistic and healthier way of life, is the change that happens during a state of emotional unrest. He explains that this is the period when you are fed up with your current life and lifestyle and you take a leap of faith to become a different person.

    • Greg Voisen Jun 13, 2021

      Julie, I am glad that you enjoyed the podcast with Bo. Sorry for the long delay in getting this post sent out. I hope you will continue to listen to podcasts on Inside Personal Growth. Have a wonderful rest of your day!
      In Spirit,

  4. Willow Apr 20, 2021

    Bo does not describe himself as a religious man, but he does believe in your spirit acting as a guide on your life’s journey. He explains that we all have the spirit inside of us, but we must slow down enough to be able to hear it. I loved how in the podcast he tells listeners that “the things that put goosebumps on your back, is your spirit talking to you, guiding you, and moving you forward.” Learning these lessons while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the other Seven Summits is one of the most rewarding gifts he has been given and I’m grateful to listen to him share these wise words!

    • Greg Voisen Jun 13, 2021

      Willow, I appreciate you writing about the great listening experience you had from the interview with Bo Parfet. He is an exceptional man and author and has lots of wisdom to share about life in general. Please listen to more podcasts in Inside Personal Growth for other authors sharing their stories.
      In Spirit,

  5. What an awesome listen! One lesson that Bo Parfet lives by is remembering that you cannot be prepared for everything, but you must do it anyway. He constantly reminds himself of the quote that, “on the other side of fear is freedom” and describes that it is more painful to stand on the edge of the cliff of change than to take the leap. Whether climbing mountains or building a business, Parfet has exuded this theory in both his personal and professional endeavors.

    • Greg Voisen Jun 13, 2021

      Jake, Bo has become a personal friend, and I can say he is exceptional in every way. I am glad that you received something valuable from the podcast with Bo. Please keep listening for more great interviews on Inside Personal Growth.
      In Spirit,

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