Podcast 728: Management Mess with Scott Miller

Let’s face it if you have ever led or managed people – no matter the situation – you have made mistakes.  If you can live up to your management mistakes and better understand how to correct your inadequacies and become vulnerable, you then become transparent and a better leader. This action does not show your weakness, it shows your strength.

In my interview with EVP of Franklin Covey and the author of his new book “Management Mess to Leadership Success“, Scott Miller explains how in his leadership roles he personally has made plenty of mistakes and blunders; but when he took the time to better understand what was required of him to become a better leader for the people he was responsible for engaging, they enjoyed working with him and were in alignment with his vision and directions.

In his book “Management Mess to Leadership Success” Scott provides with reader with thirty (30) challenges — one for each day of the month.  These 30 challenges are organized into three parts “Lead Yourself”, “Lead Others” and “Get Results”.  Some of those thirty day challenges include: demonstrating humility, thinking abundantly, listening first and declaring your intent just to name a few.

If you are a leader and looking to improve your skills you will certainly want to read “Management Mess to Leadership Success” by author Scott Miller.  You can learn more about the book and the author by clicking here to be directed to the book website.

I know you will enjoy this very engaging interview with author and EVP of Franklin Covey, Scott Miller.

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