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I absolutely love how author Albert Flynn DeSilver approaches the topic of writing.  In his new book entitled ” Writing as a Path to Awakening,” Albert guides the reader through what can only be expressed as a spiritual experience.  If you have ever written a book, poetry or long-term paper you will agree that the process of writing can be an out of body experience.

The deeper you get into your writing the more open you are to just write without judgments and you will experience what I term as flow.  It is a wonderful experience, and sometimes you don’t know where the words on the paper come from–it’s is as if you were the channeled.

Albert writes that many of us struggle with maintaining a practice of staying consistent in order to develop a process.  The consistent striving for an imagined sense of perfection is one of the things that can keep us off the page.  If perfection is your jam, say this out loud, in all caps for emphasis.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION.

Writing as a Path to Awakening”  is a treasure trove of practical advice on writing and on finding yourself, for the process of creative writing always has you exploring your deep inner thoughts, and learning how to express them to the world.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with author Albert DeSilver if you want to learn more about the author please click here to be taken to his website.

Tom HintonI first met author Tom Hinton about a year ago.  He was introduced to me by a good friend who I rode bikes with while doing mentoring for  Team In Training.  I had a great lunch with Tom and was impressed with what Tom had created in his business, but more importantly I was inspired by him as a person.

Tom’s new book entitled ” 10,000 Days: the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life.” is based on the principles that their are three (3)  stages of our life.  The first 10,000 days are the “Discovery Years” and span from infancy to early adulthood.   The second 10,000 days are called the ” Fulfillment Years“.  Most people spend the Fulfillment Years building their resume, acquiring wealth, searching for true love, starting a family and laying down roots.  The third 10,000 days are the ” Legacy Years“.  This as Tom explains it is the moment we grasp that something significant in our life is missing.

We frequently are asking the questions: Who am I?, How do I live a life worth remembering?, and What is my higher purpose in life?.

In my interview with Tom we discuss what is referred to in “10,000 Days” as “The Course”.   The course consists of four parts: Acceptance of Self, Acceptance of Others, Acceptance of the Divine and Embracing the Gift of Love.  The book has been written for those entering the ” Legacy Years” and are yearning for meaningful answers to life’s most powerful questions as Tom states.

Answering the above questions are a turning point in a person’s life–this turning point is not defined by age but by opening our hearts to new possibilities.  Tom mentions that whenever our Inner Spirit senses we are receptive to its overtures, it surfaces and invites us to respond to its call.  This book has been written for those who are awakening from a period of spiritual deprivation and want to re-connect with their Inner Spirit.   This course is based on a simple life-balance philosophy that encourage your ego and Inner Spirit to work together in harmony so you can live your dreams and attain your higher purpose.

Tom new book “ 10,000 Days” is truly an inspirational work and worth the read no matter what your age.  If you want to explore your higher calling and get in touch with that part of your that longs to be expressed and make a difference then I encourage you to read and practice what Tom Hinton is advocating.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with Tom.

You can learn more about Tom’s course and his work by clicking here to be directed to his website, or you can watch this great YouTube video by clicking here.


Dan Millman I first interviewed Dan Millman over three years ago when I started Inside Personal Growth.  As a matter of fact when my son Sean and I were in the Bay area we had the opportunity to meet Dan, and it was quite a treat.

His new book entitled ” The Four Purposes of Life” sets out to help the reader find meaning and direction in our ever changing world.   Dan states in the introduction ” With the pace of life accelerating, in a world of change, it’s not easy to maintain our balance and sense of direction.  Yet we strive to do so, because a sense of direction, toward a meaningful goal, may be a better part of happiness.

The Four Purposes Of Life  as Dan state are–learning life’s lessons, finding your career and calling, discovering your life path, and attending to this arising moment.  We are reminded that “lessons repeat themselves until we learn them.  If we don’t learn the easier lessons, they get harder. We learn and grow through challenges, and every adversity has hidden gifts.  Now if you believe this bit of advice that Dan is doling out is just a little to simple, I highly recommend that you read and take note of “life’s lessons” they are truly one of the areas where you can propel you life forward in a positive way if you are “learning daily from the lessons”

Dan make a distinction in the book between our career and our calling.  I like this, because our career is not our calling.  His distinction reminds us that our calling refers to a personal interest, attraction, inclination, drive or passion that is usually of higher order.  It isn’t  just something you want to do, but rather something you need to do, something that captures your imagination, touches you deeply and absorbs you, whether or not you can explain why.

So if you are seeking more clarity about your purpose and passion in life, then Dan Millman’s new book ” The Four Purposes of Life” is for you.  He has done an excellent job of guiding the reader understanding of the four purposes of life.  Also I highly recommend that you visit his website and enter you birthdate into the  “Life Purpose Caculator“.  Please look at the results, they were quite revealing for me and probably will be for you as well.
Enjoy my interview with a wonderful author and teacher, Dan Millman.