Podcast 724: Mastering Leadership with Bob Anderson

Leadership is a big deal these days, or should I say the lack of leadership that I see in so many places. Really the problem it is the ability of the firms that under performing leaders work for, to spend the resources of both time and money helping their leaders grow and prosper as effective heart centered leaders.

In this interview with Bob Anderson the founder of Leadership Circle, and the co-author of several books on the subject we speak with him about his book Mastering Leadership.  It took Bob and his partner Bill Adams years to develop and research the content that went into the integrated framework and assessment tools they have developed; which are the leading tools being used today to develop effective high performing leaders.

As our world has become more complex and the problem that leaders need to solve become challenging; and the speed at which they need to be solved increases, it takes a new mindset and an ability to use critical thinking and problem solving skills while at the same time knowing how to deal with multiple personalities in the process.

There are four (4) foundational premises that make up the model of the Leadership Circle and they are 1) Structure determines performance 2) You are a structure 3) Consciousness is the operating system of performance 4) To achieve higher performance, you must be restructured.  The level of maturity of your individual leaders and collective IOS must be more than a match for the complexity of the challenges you face. Consciousness must evolve to a high level of complexity to meet the complexity of today’s business states Anderson.

If you want to learn more about the book please click here to be directed to the website.  If you want to know more about the assessment tools offered by Leadership Circle please click here.  I hope you enjoy the very engaging and informative discussion with leadership expert Bob Anderson and the author of Mastering Leadership.

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