Everyone needs to be more concerned and informed on what foods to consume. So much is in the news about GMO’s, and rightfully so.  We are the only nation that does not require labeling for GMO’s in our foods.

In my interview with Jayson and Mira Calton both leading experts in the field of nutrition we discuss their new book entitled ” Rich Food, Poor Food”.  We have a lively discussion about the growing concern over GMO foods, as well learning about nutrient rich foods—those dark leafy green vegetables which are so good for us.

Jayson and Mira have created a book that is not only informative, but quite useful.  They have created the “Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System” and the book guides the reader through what foods to say clear of and what foods will enrich and provide the highest level of nutrition.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jayson and Mira—-if you want more information please click here to be directed to their website.

You can also watch the video interview below in which they discuss common ingredients which are definitely not good for you.

A few week ago I started an interview with David Sibbet the author of “Visual Leaders”.  We did not get a chance to complete the interview so I invited David back for another podcast.

In this interview we continue our dialogue about  ”Visual Leaders” and we also delve into another of David’s books entitled ” Visual Teams”.

As David states “Visualization provides teams with a common language and serves as  as a powerful tool for improving processes and communicating big picture contexts”.   Engaging in visual meeting using large murals or whiteboards is a very involving way to present and tell a story as well as a way to create engagement and buy-in from the teams members.

If you work in a team or own a business and have not experienced the benefit of utilizing the graphic visualization tools,  then I would invite you to listen to this interview and visit Grove Consulting website by clicking here.  You will find various tools and aids to assist you even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body.

To learn more about David Sibbets books “Visual Leaders, Visual Teams, and Visual Meetings” please click any of the hypertext links to be directed to the books at Amazon.

Enjoy this great interview with author David Sibbet.

(Note: In two small segments of this interview you will hear me yelling at my dog who was barking and creating lots of noise.  I apologize for the yelling I have asked Jean to do another interview, but wanted to get this posted until she complets the re-do.   I thought the mute was on but obviously not. The wonders of recording podcast without having a sound proof room.  Enjoy the interview anyway, she is an amazing woman.)

I recently had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Jean Houston about her new book entitled “The Wizard of Us”.

Jean provides the reader with lessons that will transform and inspire.  She utilizes the famous heros journey story from the Wizard of Oz as the training ground.  ”The Wizard of Us” offers new understanding of the human condition, and the importance of myth and the critical nature of our role and how we can participate in the creation of a better world.

As Jean states we are living in the most unique time in human history.  Other times in history thought they were it. They were wrong states Jean. This is it.  Often our everyday, local experience is not sufficient for the enormity of the challenges that are laid upon us in this most remarkable of times.

Join author Jean Houston on a journey,  one where you can write a new story about your life and live the life your soul wishes you to live.  ”The Wizard of Us” will take you there through story and myth— find the courage and heart and venture with the Oz characters while you write your new story.

If you want to learn more about Jean Houston please click here to be directed to her website, or click here to be directed to her Facebook page.  You can also watch a video trailer about the book, below.

Enjoy our interview together.

I recently attended a meeting of the “Disruptive Thinkers’ in San Diego.  The speaker at the regular Monday evening event was an author by the name of Neil Senturia.  I really did not know what to think, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.  Not only was Neil entertaining, funny and witty but his message was meaningful and dead on the money!.

If you are an entrepreneur or social entrepreneur then you are going to want to listen to my interview with Neil Senturia about his book entitled ” I’m There For You, Baby-The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  This book is comprised of a series of rules that Neil has developed over the years, as a result of being an amazingly successful entrepreneur himself.

Let me share a couple of the rules with you to see if you agree:

Rule #1: Return every email and every phone call.”

Rule #2: Networking is a profession. Become professional at it.”

Rule #3: You must go to every meeting and every event; in particular, the ones you know for sure will be a total waste of time.”  

It really doen’t matter if you agree or disagree with Neil’s rules or not, the book is a must read for anyone who runs their own business or is about to venture out into any entrepreneur activity.  Please take a few minutes and listen to our interview I think you will find our dialogue inspiring and the content very useful.

To learn more about Neil Senturia and ” I’m There For You, Baby”, click here to be directed to his website.

You can also watch a few very funny and informative book trailer just click below.

I had a very serendipitous event occur to me about a month ago.  I was setting in a local coffee house and saw a man reading “Through God’s Eyes”.  I was so taken by the title I asked him where he got the book and if he knew anything about the author.  He mentioned that the author was a fellow devotee of Self Realization Fellowship, and would I like to meet him.  The rest is history, I called Phil Bolsta and we instantly connected and I asked him to be a guest on Inside Personal Growth.

Phil’s new book “Through God’s Eyes-Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World” is a work of art as far as I am concerned.  It took Phil over 14 years to compile the quotes that he has so carefully organized into sections in the book.  Included with the quotes are Phil’s own comments and food for though as you read, contemplate and meditate on the amazing compilation of quotes.  You can pick up “Through God’s Eyes” anywhere and be inspired. This is not a book you have to read page by page to get the meaning from its content.

I know you are going to enjoy my interview with Phil as we discuss many of the sections of “Through God’s Eyes”.  If you are seeking deeper spiritual understanding and connection then this is the book for you.  You don’t have to be a theologian to read and reap the rewards of “Through God’s Eyes”, just relax and enjoy the quotes and the inspiring food for thought that Phil has incorporated into every quote.

If you want to learn more about Phil Bolsta and this wonderful book, just click here.

If you want to watch a great trailer about the book then just click on the video below.

Almost everyone knows the book by Napoleon Hill—”Think and Grow Rich

In my recent interview with Don Green the executive director of “the Napoleon Hill Foundation” we discuss his new book entitled ” Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill.”  

Author Don Green is a humble man, but an amazing powerhouse of wisdom and knowledge about the teachings of Napoleon Hill.  In my interview with Don we discuss not only the his strong work ethic but how his love of books on success influenced his career path.  As Don states      ” In a few minutes, I can show you how to become a millionaire without winning the lottery.  But the problem is that about 98 out of 100 lack discipline.    

If you want to learn what it takes to become successful—not just monetarily then I would highly recommend that you read “Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill.”

You can also watch a great introduction to the book below or link to the Napoleon Hill Foundation website by clicking this link.

I have always embraced graphic facilitation and mind mapping as a way to better visualize and capture my thoughts.

In my interview with master graphic facilitator and innovator David Sibbet we discuss the benefits of utilizing these special tools to help us understand, and visualize our project , visions and dreams.

His new book entitled “Visual Leaders” provides the reader with a better understanding of the advantages of being a visual leader, and overview of the many tools available and the insight to lead an organization through change and transformation with greater buy-in from the teams and employees for sustainable results.

If you have never been exposed to having a graphic facilitator be part of a meeting, seminar or workshop— believe me it makes all the difference in the world with relation to what important ideas are captured and retained in a visual format, and utilized to help one visualize the goal, vision or idea(s) that we being conveyed by the presenter.

This is one of several interviews I will be conducting with David Sibbet simply because the content is so rich and the use of the tools and ideas he teaches have such a lasting and powerful impact on the users.

I know you are going to enjoy this interview with David, and if you want to learn more about Grove Consulting that David founded please click here to be directed to his website, or  watch a great introduction video on ” Visual Leaders” below.

I recently interviewed JD Messinger the author of a new book entitled “11 Days In May”.   JD literally wrote the book in 11 days, and the conversations and dialogue with the unseen being  will change your life.

“Our purpose in life is not to just survive in a challenging world, it is to discover and fulfill our souls agenda and thrive”

JD Messinger personally has has two near death experiences, and his personal insights and wisdom about his experience are expressed in an engaging and riveting way as you follow his personal spiritual journey.  Among the revelations he shares is how our inner Spiritual Warrior can lead us to a deep understanding of our true inner selves that will enhance and promote inspired leadership and true corporate transformation.  JD explores some of the deepest questions mankind has asked throughout human history: Who am I, Why am I here, What is Thought, What are Intentions, What is Matter, Time, Love, War , Sex, Death, Souls and much more.

I hope you enjoy my interview with a deep soul and author helping us all to better understand our purpose for being.  If you would like to learn more please watch the video below or visit his website byclicking here.

You can also connect to his Facebook page to learn more about the “11 Day in May”.


There is a quiet revolution going on, wherein people are choosing to “live the handmade life”.

In my interview with author Maggie Oman Shannon we speak about her new book entitled ” Crafting Calm: Projects andPractices for Creativity and Contemplation.”  Her book provides guidance and ideas on how to use crafting as a means to create more mindfulness and spirituality in your life.

If you are like me you understand the benefits of gardening, wood working, beading and the endless array of crafts and hobbies you can become involved with to create more peace and calm in your life.

Maggie states as our world has become increasingly dependent on technology, artisans and everyday crafters are finding a renewed satisfaction in making something with their own hands.

Look at the explosion with the social media site “Pinterest” with currently 48.9 million users sharing ideas about crafting, cooking and anything handmade.

In Maggie’s book she inspires the reader with a broad assortment of spiritual practices gathered from crafts communities around the world, as well as from everyday people who have adopted creative froms of spiritual practices.

I encourage you to listen to and enjoy my interview with Maggie as we discuss the various crafts that inspire peace, calm and a greater spiritual connection.

If you would like to learn more just click here to be directed to Maggie’s website or click here to be directed to her Facebook page.