Author Victor Saad is one of the most dynamic and interesting young men I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing.  His new book entitled “The Leap Year Project” is the story of his personal journey as a socially responsible entrepreneurs and the journeys of many other young students who took up Victors challenge to join him on this year long journey.

These students choose to take a year out of their lives to ‘experience’ working in different businesses and learn from the experience instead of a textbook.  At the culmination of Victor’s journey, he was given the opportunity to speak before  a TedX conference in Chicago.  His twenty-minute talk absolutely points out the need for more experiential education which gives the learner “real life” experiences not just an MBA but a real life experiences designed to immerse the student in the business challenges.

Through this experience, Victor has gone on to found Experience Institute which is how he is continuing the amazing work that he started.  I hope you will pick up a copy of his book, I know that you will not only learn about the wonderful journey that Victor took on his year long experience, but you will learn what is was like from many others who took the challenge with Victor.

Please watch the TedX talk that Victor gave below, I think you will walk away rethinking how we educate young impressionable minds.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michael Cofield the co-author of a book on how to create peace of mind in family businesses called ” The Family Business”.

In my interview with Michael we explore the issues of conflicts in family business, and how the multi-generations of family members have difficulty in effectively expressing their emotions.  These challenge create  negative pinned up emotions that have a tendency to erode issues of trust and openness of communication in family owned businesses.   Keeping peace in a family business requires effective and open communications by all family members.  Michaels book, guides the reader through a process that helps family member learn how to deal effectively with their emotions, feeling and and ultimate actions which can have a negative impact on the other family members.

If you are the owner of a family business or the heir to a family business, then you are well aware of the issues around effective and open communications within your family business.

I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast, and check out Michael’s book “The Family Business”.

You can learn more about Michael and the organizations he is affiliated with by clicking on the links below.

Re-Generation Partners


I hope you enjoy this interview with author Michael Cofield about his new book entitled “The Family Business”.

I recently interviewed author David Rohlander about his new book entitled “The CEO Code”.  In our dialogue together we discuss the key elements to helping CEO’s sustain success both personally and professionally.

Effective communications takes more than talent—it takes trust, respect, understanding, empathy and resolution states David.   A key fundamental element of running a business with alignment, and a focus on the goals is a commitment to doing the job right and teams that know how to communicate effectively.

David’s book takes the reader on a great journey into  understanding what it takes to make the personal transformation necessary to develop the skills and emotional intelligence to guide any company to success.

This book is a recommended read for anyone who is in management, or at the head of an organization attempting to create a culture of compassion, commitment and efficiency.

I hope you enjoy my interview with David Rohlander, you can learn more about his book and consulting services by clicking here to be directed to his website.

Below is the book trailer video for your viewing pleasure.

I have a wonderful friend who is a gifted musician, composer and artist by the name of Gary Malkin.  Gary is in a partnership with Bruce Cryer the prior CEO of HeartMath.  They are involved in developing a beautiful project called “What Makes Your Heart Sing”.

In my interview with Bruce we engage in dialogue not only about “What Makes Your Heart Sing” but we discuss the book he co-authored with Doc Childre entitled “From Chaos to Coherence”.   You will certainly see the link between the two as our discussion weaves around utilizing the power of story and music to heal our souls.

Bruce and Gary are committed to helping people explore and live from a place that is based in authenticity.  They have a great credo they developed around the training and music called “The Essential Catalysts for Inspired Living.”

I hope your enjoy this interview with author Bruce Cryer. If you want to learn more about the “What Makes Your Heart Sing” you can watch the video below or click here to be directed to the “What Makes Your Heart Sing” website.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Arjuna Ardagh for a previous book he wrote entitled the “Translucent Revolution”.  The Translucent Revolution  is wonderful, and in my estimation a must read for anyone on the journey to awakening.

Arjuna life’s work is about coaching and helping people to awaken to the wonder of life.   His new book entitled “The Last Laugh” is a novel that is brilliantly written about Matt Thompson and Joe Murphy the ex-Merchant Marine who is Matt’s mentor, guide and savior.

Arjuna takes you on an amazing journey with these characters, and in the process you explore the highs and lows and ups and downs of life, while personally relating and learning.

I know you will love this insightful and funny story. You will probably laugh and cry while learning from the life lessons weaved into the plot.

If you would like to learn more about author Arjuna Ardagh you can click here to be directed to his website.  Or watch the wonderful video below where Arjuna shares a reading from “The Last Laugh”.


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the foremost authority on crop circles and paranormal activity, Colin Andrews.

He co-authored ” On The Edge of Reality”  with his wife Synthia Andrews.  This book will certainly expand your consciousness on many different subjects including hidden technology, quantum physics, paranormal phenomena, orbs, UFO’s, crop circles, harmonic transmissions and much more.

In my interview with Colin we discuss his extensive research work in the field of crop circles which is how Colin was first exposed to to the paranormal activities in the seventies.  In our interview Colin refers to theses ”high strangeness” events and many others which have had a profound impact on his life and his commitment to exposing the general public to the phenomena.

“We are on the brink of a paradigm shift. Everything we currently understand to be true is changing.”  We are in unprecedented times, but not unexpected states Colin.

If you interested in learning more about being on the edge of reality, then I encourage you to listen to this wonderful interview with a leading authority, Colin Andrews.

You can also click here to be directed to Colin’s website

Many of us have watched the  ”The Secret”,  or read the book and it has it raving fans, and maybe even an equal number or critics.

Manifesting is a topic which I believe Robert MacPhee the author of “Manifesting for Non Gurus” had done a wonderful job of providing the reader with insights, guidance and tip for manifesting.  His wisdom on the topic comes from years of facilitating workshops as a master trainer for Jack Canfield.

In my interview with Robert we discuss his simple (5) step approach 1) Know Who You Are 2) What Are You Intending to Attract 3) How Will You Feel 4) Letting Go of Attachments 5) Inspired Action.   Very simply our results come from our actions, and “Manifesting for Non Gurus provides the reader with a simple step by step approach to manifesting.

Robert also has created a “Daily Journal” which he believes is imperative in the change process.  On a daily basis is allows the reader to look at and record “Who Am I”, “What Am I Intending to Attract.” “How Will I Feel”, and “Letting Go of Attachments”.

I hope you enjoy my interview with author Robert MacPhee a master at teaching people how to manifest.  You can also go to Roberts website by clicking here or watch the video below to see Robert teaching one of his courses at Google.


Dr. Kelly Traver is the author of a new book entitled “The Healthiest You-Take Charge of Your Brain to Take Charge of You Life”.  I recently interviewed her about her book and her 12-week program.

In our interview together we discuss what she refers to as one of the most important elements in changing your health, and that is to understand how your your brain works.

Her approach is certainly not the typical diet, exercise approach and don’t misunderstand it is more than just learning to understand how your brain works, but this is extremely important element.

Kelly states in the book that our brains are capable of substantial change.  At any age you can learn, you can grow,  and you can improve your skills for living a healthier and happier life.

“Your hypothalamus, is the center of your brain, it is the master controller of homeostasis—it controls things like hunger, thirst, and body temperature.  Your brain will automatically resist a sudden change in your behavior or routine.  In Kelly’s book she shows you how to make those changes, and more importantly she teaches you how your brain functions.

I hope you enjoy this very informative interview with Dr. Kelly Traver.

You can also watch the video below to learn more about the program.

I recently has the opportunity to interview Janet Larsen the Director or Research about Lester Brown’s new book entitled “Full Planet, Empty Plates-The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity.”

This book is a real eye opener, doing an incredible job of informing the reader about our food scarcity problems world wide.  There are many issues contributing to the challenges we are faced with, Janet and I talk about our growing water, soil and rising temperatures just to mention a few of the growing challenges farmers are facing in keeping our planets population fed.

Just keep in mind that there will be 219,000 people at the dinner table tonight who were not there last night, and some 3 billion increasing affluent people are moving up the food chain, consuming grain-intensive livestock and poultry products helping increasing the demands on our water for production of these livestocks.

The question is that could food become the weak link as it was for so many other civilization before us—only time will tell but we all can do something about the growing problem by changing our diets to more of a plant based diet and reducing our carbon footprint.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Janet Larsen, and for more information about the book and the Earth Policy Institute just click on this link.