I have always embraced graphic facilitation and mind mapping as a way to better visualize and capture my thoughts.

In my interview with master graphic facilitator and innovator David Sibbet we discuss the benefits of utilizing these special tools to help us understand, and visualize our project , visions and dreams.

His new book entitled “Visual Leaders” provides the reader with a better understanding of the advantages of being a visual leader, and overview of the many tools available and the insight to lead an organization through change and transformation with greater buy-in from the teams and employees for sustainable results.

If you have never been exposed to having a graphic facilitator be part of a meeting, seminar or workshop— believe me it makes all the difference in the world with relation to what important ideas are captured and retained in a visual format, and utilized to help one visualize the goal, vision or idea(s) that we being conveyed by the presenter.

This is one of several interviews I will be conducting with David Sibbet simply because the content is so rich and the use of the tools and ideas he teaches have such a lasting and powerful impact on the users.

I know you are going to enjoy this interview with David, and if you want to learn more about Grove Consulting that David founded please click here to be directed to his website, or  watch a great introduction video on ” Visual Leaders” below.

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