Gwilda Wiyaka is the author of a new book entitled “Still Here, Now What.” I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Gwilda for Inside Personal Growth.

In our interview together we discuss not only her interesting background as a shamanic teacher, but how she see our world changing and our new role in the evolution of our species.

Gwilda speaks with me at length about the shift from the fourth world energies to the fifth. This is our movement as a society from a world of polarization and exploitation causing restriction in the available frequency or light to a world denoted as the fifth world which is one of unity, synergy and an evolution in consciousness and personal power.

Gwilda’s new book is extremely diverse covering topics from astrology to chakras all focused on our personal empowerment. I hope you enjoy our interview, and that you find the dialogue stimulating and transformational.

If you would like to connect with Gwilda you can check out her website by clicking here or she can be reached through Facebook, just click here.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Anodea Judith the author of a new book entitled ” The Global Heart Awakens-Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love”.  

In our interview together we discuss the amazing spiritual transformation that our species is experiencing.  As Anodea states ” Our future survival is not just a matter of “saving the earth”, even though that’s essential.  More deeply, it depends on understanding how our natural world affects consciousness and health.”   

We discuss issues related to the shift from the masculine dominance in our world to the importance of embracing the feminine—which in my estimation will be one of the factors for helping up to embrace the “power of love, instead of the love of power.”

I encourage to listen to this great interview with and author that really has a tremendous amount of her heart and soul invested into helping people understand and embrace the changes we are going through.  If you are interested in exploring Anodea’s work please visit her website by clicking here.  You can also visit her on Facebook by clicking here.   

I have tremendous personal passion for our environment and the current challenges we are facing as the human species to maintain our existence on this beautiful planet called “Mother Earth”.

In my recent interview with author Lee Van Ham about this groundbreaking book titled ” Blinded by Progress” we speak about the many challenges we are faced with, but probably most importantly our need to break out of the shackles of our own thinking and illusions which  hold us back from making the changes that must to occur for the human species to survive.

As many of you might be aware, American’s utilize the equivalent resources of about three earths. Not only is this this statistic alarming, but at our current rate of consumption it is certainly not sustainable.

As Lee states “We need to move from a Multi-Earth view to a “One Earth” view. One where all human beings can have a chance to live a life with the natural resources, food and shelter to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Embracing the One-Earth view will require a spiritual shift within all human beings, one where we start to see our world at “we” and not just “me”. We can no longer separate ourselves, and label others a poor, an undeserving. We need to throw out our judgements, and embrace a world united as one focused on the needs of all humanity. 

In my interview with Lee we discuss what is  needed to awaken our species both from a position as consumers to one as stewards of this planet’s resources.  I know you will resonate with Lee’s message and his passion for the topic.  

I encourage you to learn more about visiting Lee’s website by clicking here. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed doing it with author Lee Van Ham.

Dianne Collins the author of “Do You Quantum Think” really provides the reader with an alternative for how we might want to look at our worlds, and what we think about them.

As is stated on the book jacket of “Do You Quantum Think” The wisdom put forth in the unparalleled work arrives at a critical juncture at the start of the 21st century. Just as we are witnessing a revolution in technology, society itself is also undergoing a far more profound, collective transformation. This transformation is nothing less than the evolution of consciousness itself, our own minds awareness.

In my dialogue with Dianne we take a deep dive into the difference between ordinary thinking and Quantum Thinking. We explore our habits, beliefs and actions and ways to reprogram our brains into Quantum Thinkers. Dianne’s book is truly transformational and a must read for anyone wanting to excel and embrace the massive changes we are experiencing as a species.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with Diane. If you would like more information about Dianne, her workshops and seminars please click here to be connected to her website. I have also posted a great video about Dianne and Quantum Think below.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Fran Smith and Sheila Himmel the authors of a new book entitled “Changing The Way We Die-Compassionate End-Of-Life Care And The Hospice Movement.

In our interview together we explore the Hospice system, and how amazing well it is performing as helping families dealing with a loved one at the end-stages of their life. Through the stories of the caregivers, patients, and researchers both Fran and Sheila examine the remarkable shift in practices around dying and look at the changes ahead if profits replace a dying-well philosophy.

As they discuss with me we are in a society that treasures “youth” above all else. Their book offers the reader realistic advice for dealing with life beyond the vitality of youth.

I hope you enjoy our interview together, and if you want more information please click here to be directed to their website.

I think as we all start of the New Year, counting our blessings is an opportunity for us to remember just how much we have to be grateful for.  

In my recent interview with author Brenda Knight we discussed her new book entitled “The Grateful Table-Blessings Prayers and Graces for the Daily Meal.”  The book has 365 prayers, blessings or precepts to live our life by.  We all need reminding, and having a book that we can just pick up and get a dose of inspiration while heightening our awareness of our blessings.  

As I write this blog entry on January 7th, 2014 the quote is from Mary Manin Morrissey.  ”True abundance is not gathering more things, it’s about touching the place in us that is connected to the divine source of abundance, so that we know what we need in the moment will be provided.”  

As we all enter the New Year, “The Grateful Table” is a way for us to all remember our many blessings, and abundance that is all around us.    

I hope you enjoy this podcast with Brenda, and that your New Year is filled with gratefulness, joy, abundance and love. 

Bruce Poon Tip the author of “Looptail-How One Company Changed The World by Reinventing Business” is one of the most passionate people I have had the pleasure of interviewing.  

In his new book ” Looptail” he weaves in his personal story of struggles to success in business, along with much of his personal and business philosophy.

Bruce has  successfully grown his company “G Adventures” into one of the most sustainable and socially responsible organizations providing travel adventures for their clients worldwide.  He has almost 2,000 employees in more than 100 countries and 30 offices around the world. 

Bruce literally reinvented not only the travel business, but every element of how he runs his business and engages with his employees.  He eliminated his human resources department, and that is quite an accomplishment in an organization which is pushing  2,000 employees.  Bruce built his own philosophy on “the looptail”—a three-pronged full-circle approach that can guide any business to transcend their product and focus on passion and purpose in order to inspire freedom, happiness and community. It’s so named because everything you put into it, you get back in spades contends Bruce, in the form of profitability, growth and employee loyalty.  

I encourage you to listen to our interview together and embrace an author that is on the bleeding edge of reinventing how most leaders should consider conducting business.  It certainly is not business as usual for Bruce—he is always striving to improve both the employee and client experience.

To learn more about G Adventures and Bruce Poon Tip just click on the links listed below, or watch a wonderful short video about G Adventures—G Project.  

I hope your enjoy our interview. 

G Adventures Facebook PageG Adventures Youtube ChannelLooptail Book SiteG Adventures Google + Page. 

I just conducted a great interview with Allyson Lewis the author of “The 7 Minute Solution.”  

Allyson believes in developing the fundamentals of knowing your purpose, vision and values. Having your purpose defined means you will be working on what is important, doing the right things that are in alignment with their heartfelt work.  As a result you are more productive  have less confusion and distraction in your life.  

The foundation of Allyson’s book is based on the fact that most American’s only have an attention span of seven minutes.  Throughout “The Seven Minute Solution” Allyson provides great tips and techniques to optimize our time to get more done of what aligns with our values.  She also stress the importance of saying motivated, and provides seven characteristics of staying motivated and focused.  

I hope you enjoy this great interview with author and Life Management expert Allyson Lewis.  You can watch a great video below as well as connect with her through her website, Facebook or Google+.  

I recently attended a meeting for a company called Velara Global in Newport Beach, CA.  I happen to hear Dr. Dennis Black speak about health, nutrition and the American diet.  I was so impressed with his presentation that I invited him to be a guest on Inside Personal Growth. 

In my interview with Dr. Black we discuss how our bodies set homeostasis, and ways that we can reset the default both in our brains and through our bodies.  We also speak about the excessive ingestion of sugars and carbohydrates that American’s consume, and effective way to reduce and or eliminate our cravings for sugars in our diets.  

Dr. Black is a huge advocate of paying attention to our digestive tract—it is the largest organ in our body and when our colon becomes unhealthy through eating a diet rich in fats, meats and refined sugars we need to cleanse the colon and eliminate the undigested foods. 

In our interview you will hear us discuss the use of alkaline water as a way to keep our bodies toxic free and as a mechanism to  help prevent and reduce the acidity in our bodies through which cancer thrive. 

I hope you enjoy this interview with Dr. Dennis Black, if you want to learn more please click here to be directed to his website.  You can also check out his Facebook page by clicking here