I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the foremost authority on crop circles and paranormal activity, Colin Andrews.

He co-authored ” On The Edge of Reality”  with his wife Synthia Andrews.  This book will certainly expand your consciousness on many different subjects including hidden technology, quantum physics, paranormal phenomena, orbs, UFO’s, crop circles, harmonic transmissions and much more.

In my interview with Colin we discuss his extensive research work in the field of crop circles which is how Colin was first exposed to to the paranormal activities in the seventies.  In our interview Colin refers to theses ”high strangeness” events and many others which have had a profound impact on his life and his commitment to exposing the general public to the phenomena.

“We are on the brink of a paradigm shift. Everything we currently understand to be true is changing.”  We are in unprecedented times, but not unexpected states Colin.

If you interested in learning more about being on the edge of reality, then I encourage you to listen to this wonderful interview with a leading authority, Colin Andrews.

You can also click here to be directed to Colin’s website

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