I have had the pleasure of interviewing Arjuna Ardagh for a previous book he wrote entitled the “Translucent Revolution”.  The Translucent Revolution  is wonderful, and in my estimation a must read for anyone on the journey to awakening.

Arjuna life’s work is about coaching and helping people to awaken to the wonder of life.   His new book entitled “The Last Laugh” is a novel that is brilliantly written about Matt Thompson and Joe Murphy the ex-Merchant Marine who is Matt’s mentor, guide and savior.

Arjuna takes you on an amazing journey with these characters, and in the process you explore the highs and lows and ups and downs of life, while personally relating and learning.

I know you will love this insightful and funny story. You will probably laugh and cry while learning from the life lessons weaved into the plot.

If you would like to learn more about author Arjuna Ardagh you can click here to be directed to his website.  Or watch the wonderful video below where Arjuna shares a reading from “The Last Laugh”.


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