Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen · Podcast 817: Think and Grow Through Art and Music with Randey Faulkner My guest author for this podcast

I have a wonderful friend who is a gifted musician, composer and artist by the name of Gary Malkin.  Gary is in a partnership with Bruce Cryer the prior CEO of HeartMath.  They are involved in developing a beautiful project called “What Makes Your Heart Sing”.

In my interview with Bruce we engage in dialogue not only about “What Makes Your Heart Sing” but we discuss the book he co-authored with Doc Childre entitled “From Chaos to Coherence”.   You will certainly see the link between the two as our discussion weaves around utilizing the power of story and music to heal our souls.

Bruce and Gary are committed to helping people explore and live from a place that is based in authenticity.  They have a great credo they developed around the training and music called “The Essential Catalysts for Inspired Living.”

I hope your enjoy this interview with author Bruce Cryer. If you want to learn more about the “What Makes Your Heart Sing” you can watch the video below or click here to be directed to the “What Makes Your Heart Sing” website.