Eric Pearl Ph.D.I had a fascinating interview with Dr. Eric Pearl, author of “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself”. Dr. Pearl is an internationally recognized healer that has been on numerous television programs in the U.S. and around the world, has spoken by invitation at the United Nations, spoke to a full house at Madison Square Gardens, interviewed in various publications including the New York Times, and recently appeared in the movie “The Living Matrix”.  Dr. Pearl ran a successful Chiropractic office for 12 years until he was told by his patients that they could feel his hands on him when he hadn’t touched them.

Eric found his way to healing others through his energy, after he met a lady on the beach that read his cards. His card reading was nothing special but she offered him a chance to work with her on healing himself by aligning the lines in his body with the stars and the planets to tie him back into a spiritual, new age hook up. After this experience, his patients started to tell him that they felt his hands on them when he wasn’t touching them. He had patients reporting all types of healing and he realized that “Once we began to recognize when we interact with the energy healing spectrum that allows us to transcend all of the detail, the complexity, and fear based superstitions of our energy healing techniques, we seem tostep into fuller, more comprehension of who we are as humanity”.
Dr. Eric Pearl does seminars all over the world where he will teach “how to heal others, yourself, and your loved ones by engaging with scientifically measurable new frequencies that are only now integrating onto the Earth”. You can learn more about Dr. Eric Pearl and his seminars in this podcast about his book “The Reconnection: Heal Yourself, Heal Others”.

Patrick Ryan It is always a pleasure having author Patrick Ryan on our show.  This is Patrick’s second visit to Inside Personal Growth, and in this podcast we take a deeper dive into his book entitled “Awakened Wisdom“.

In my interview with Patrick we discuss the eight (8) states of an Awakened Life.  Patrick covers in depth two of the eight (8) states of being: A Good State of Being, and A Good State of Effort.  As Patrick states in his book, a good state of being is to be in relationship with all that there is.  To be without any sense of separation from each other, the plants, animals, and even the rocks and all the other things and beings that exist.  Any sense of me versus you or we versus them or I versus it is separation.  We must relearn and find out way back to our knowing of this fundamental truth.   So in essence, he is speaking about the oneness of us–all of us.  If can can learn to live in this state of consciousness our lives will be more fulfilled and blissful.

The other state of an Awakened Life is ” A State of Effort” as Patrick refers to it.  Moving through the world in a Good State of Effort will have the most profound impact on your life if practiced well.  You have no doubt heard the expression that life is about the journey, not the destination.  That’s at the center of a Good State of Effort.  It is important to be present as you move through each moment and each task of your day.  When you move with presence you are aware of the quality of the moment that you are in while moving forward with the objective in mind. Both of these ideas must be present at the same time in order to be and remain in a Good State of Effort.  Be in the present moment and be aware of the effort that you are putting forth.

I believe that the states of being that Patrick articulates in his book ” Awakened Wisdom” are something that everyone should learn to apply in life.  They should become as natural as breathing!.  If you are interested in learning more about the “Awakened Life Programs” please click here to be directed to Patrick’s website.  He has lots of resources that you can avail yourself of at no charge.

Please take advantage of this website, it is a wonderful resource for anyone on the path of enlightenment!!!

Roger Walsh M.D.

I am always impressed by Dr. Roger Walsh and his vast knowledge and wisdom.  This is my second interview with Roger and I know you are going to thoroughly enjoy this podcast about his book entitled, “Paths Beyond Ego-The Transpersonal Vision

Roger compiled fifty essays from some of the top thinkers in the areas of transpersonal psychology,  spirituality, and cosmology.  Some of the authors that have contributed to “Paths Beyond Ego” are:  Ken Wilber, Daniel Goldman, Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, The Dalai Lama and many others.  Roger and I discuss the tools and practices that can be practiced in assisting us in reaching more of our human potential. Many of the practices are associated with developing our own deep personal spiritual journey.

As is stated in the introduction of “Paths Beyond Ego” we are astoundingly ingenious creatures.  We have gone to the moon, split the atom, unraveled the genetic code, and probed the birth of the universe.  Indeed, modern civilization stands as a monument to boundless creativity of the human intellect.  Yet, while evidence of our intellectual and technological genius is all around us, there is growing concern that in other ways we have seriously underestimated ourselves. In part because of the blinding brilliance of our technological triumphs, we have distracted and dissociated ourselves from our inner world, sought outside for answers that can only be found within, denied the subjective and the sacred, overlooked latent capacities of mind, imperiled our planet and lived in a collective trance–a contracted, distorted state of mind that goes unrecognized because we share it and take it to be “normality”

I highly encourage you to listen to my podcast with Dr. Roger Walsh as we explore how to elevate our own consciousness through the spiritual practices that are available to anyone on a path of spiritual inquiry.

I love the quote from the book by Patanjali, who compiled the classic text of yoga: “The mind does not shine by its own light. It too is an object, illumined by the Self–But the Self is boundless. It is the pure Consciousness that illumines the contents of the mind…Egoism, the limiting sense of “I ” results from the individual intellect’s attributing the power of consciousness to self.”
If you would like more information about Dr. Roger Walsh and his many books, I welcome you to visit his website by clicking here.

Paul ScheeleI always enjoy interviewing Paul Scheele because his wisdom and knowledge is so deep, and the message is something that we all need to be reminded of.  In Paul’s new e-book, “Drop into Genius,” he speaks about our natural internal resources of unbridled enthusiasm, curiosity, inspired creativity, intuition, healing, rapid learning, emotional freedom, inner peace that all fall victim of subtle, ongoing discouragement by society.

I know that at one point or another in our lives we have all had a great idea, but because we asked someone or wanted confirmation that it was a good idea from our friends, family or  co-workers they have a tendency to discourage us from pursuing it.   Then we find out several years later that someone else capitalized on our idea–how many of you have had this happen?

If this just might be the case for you, and you want to “Drop Into Genius” and follow through on your intuition then Paul’s book is for you.  As Paul states there is a powerful nonconscious mind within that determines the results you create in life. It is more capable, fast, efficient, and infinitely more intelligent that your limited conscious mind, it is your nonconscious through which your “genius potential is expressed.

When we do make mistakes or fail to learn, the emotional and psychological wounds can go deep.  If we fail to learn, we often learn to fail most successfully. We learn to repeat our failure to learn in spite of anyone’s attempt to help.  For many people it becomes “safer” to be a failure at something than to engage in the messy business of learning.  Paul teaches that we need to pass through stages of confusion and not knowing how to do something.  It is at this point where we make the breakthroughs and new patterns of learning are developed.

If you are ready for a tremendous breakthrough in your learning and personal development then “Drop into Genius” is a must read.  Paul is a genius himself, and the book is an easy read filled with exercises that will help you become aware of your limitations and go beyond them and reach your true potential.  If you would like more information and want to download “Drop into Genius” please click here to be linked to Paul’s website.

Please enjoy my  interview with a very centered, spiritual and knowledgeable author who can teach you a lot about your human potential.

Brenda Shoshanna Ph.D.Dr. Brenda Shoshanna is a fascinating and engaging author, and her new book entitled “Fearless-The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind” is a must read for anyone who is currently experiencing anxiety, stress or fear over circumstances and events in their lives.  In the world in which we live today, if you are human it is almost impossible to not be exposed to events and circumstances that produce the emotion of fear within.

Dr. Shoshanna in her new book “Fearless” has created a unique guide to understanding how fear works.  She blends the teachings of the East and West, and includes real-life anecdotes and practical exercises which provide the psychological, spiritual, and practical guidance for attaining a life of growth, fulfillment, creativity  and well-being.  No matter what your fears might be Dr Shoshanna shows how to convert this constant sense of dread into peace of mind.

In each chapter, Dr. Shoshanna explores one of seven principles of peace of mind and teaches us how to dissolve a related form of fear, transforming it into a source of courage and strength.  In my interview with Dr. Shoshanna we explore the seven principles of creating a peace of mind.

As Dr. Shoshanna articulates, fear is a great deceiver.  When you buy into the lies it sells, it takes your time, hope, and life force from you.  In exchange for the false sense of well-being fear offers, you give away your birthright.  If you want to learn how to take back your courage and face your fears head on, then I recommend that you read “Fearless-The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind“.  This is a wonderful book loaded with exercises and practices that will allow you to regain your strength, courage and fearless attitude.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Shoshanna and other books please click here to be linked to her website.  I know you are going to enjoy this interview with a very knowledgeable psychologist helping people over come fear and regain their authentic selves.

Roger Walsh M.D.It was a pleasure to have interviewed Roger Walsh about his book entitled, “Essential Spirituality“.  This book was originally recommended to me by a very good friend, and I am so glad that I made the effort to reach out to Roger and conduct this interview.

Roger Walsh is one of the foremost scholars on spirituality and psychology, his wisdom became so apparent as we dialogued about his book, “Essential Spirituality“,  that I could have engaged in a much longer dialogue with Roger.  I have invited him to return to do additional interviews-so stay tuned for a series of interviews with this wonderful man.

Rogers book is about the deep practices that each of us should cultivate and maintain in our life to reach a deeper connection to the Divine.  Roger has done extensive research into the various religious and spiritual practices that for centuries have assisted us in cultivating a deep spiritual connection.  He makes a point to differentiate between religion and spirituality, which I believe is important. The word religion has many meanings; in particular it implies a concern with the sacred and supreme values of life.  The term spirituality, on the other hand refers to direct experience of the sacred.  Spiritual practices are those that help us experience the sacred–that which is most central and essential to our lives–for ourselves.

The ultimate aim of spiritual practices as our author states ” Is awakening; that is to know our true Self and our relationship to the sacred. However, spiritual practices also offer numerous other gifts along the way. Gradually, the heart begins to open, fear and anger melt, greed and jealousy dwindle, happiness and joy grow, love flowers, peace replaces agitation, concern for other blossoms, wisdom matures, and both psychological and physical heath improve.  Virtually all aspects of our lives touched and transformed in some way.

If you are seeking to cultivate a life of joy, meaning and fulfillment then the spiritual path would be a great place to begin.  Our author Roger Walsh in his book “Essential Spirituality‘ provides the tools and practices that will assist anyone on the path of awakening.  His book is the best book that I have ever read on spiritual practices and the benefits associated with the cultivation of these practices.  I encourage all of my listeners to add this book as a must read if you are exploring the spiritual path.


If you would like to learn more about Roger Walsh, you can visit his website by clicking here or you can watch a short video on YouTube by clicking here.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with a very wise and knowledgeable scholar who speaks the truth to the common man and woman.

Finding True magicI had the pleasure of recently interviewing Jack Elias the author of, “Finding True Magic“.  Our dialogue was really enlightening, and Jack provided me with a new way of seeing my reality.  Actually much of our discussion was based on providing an understanding of how we are really hypnotized, and our job is to wake up and become un-hypnotized.

This book explores the possibilities for recognizing and freeing ourselves from a destructive process of perceiving, thinking, and acting that can be viewed as a pernicious worldwide epidemic.  Unlike other diseases, which we strive to isolate and cure, this insidious fever has a characteristic that make us blind to it presence: we come to identify it’s symptoms as our very own self.   This disease is lovingly referred to as our ego.   Our author prefers to call is “egoic-minding”, because it is a process not a thing.  Egoic-minding is a fragmented, biased way of perceiving and thinking–it is that hypnotic trance that we are in most of the time.

Our author has synthesized insights and techniques of Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology, “Finding True Magic” explores various ways to disperse the feverish trance of egoic-minding, heal the trauma it causes, and wake us up to the sacred magic of our true Self.  As Jack states, “this true inner Self is the well spring of our capacity for cooperation, community building, and the celebration of life.

Jack Elias

Jack’s mind blowing, thought provoking ideas you really need to listen to, and take action on. This interview could truly transform your relationship with yourself, and more importantly everyone you love.

I can highly recommend  Jack’s book “Finding True Magic” Please  listen to this fascinating interview with a true master of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and NLP Certification that will provide you with the insights and knowledge to truly heighten your awareness of the habit patterns we are trapped that help to form our reality, but truly are not our reality.

For more information about Jack Elias and his teachings please visit his website by clicking here.

Dzogchen Ponlop RinpocheIt truly was an honor to be able to interview Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.  His book entitled “Mind Beyond Death” is wonderfully written about the Buddhist culture and the levels of transition we make in preparation to death.  The Rinpoche speaks in this interview about the concept of the “bardo” which is the intermediary state and has become the catchphrase in Buddhist circles.  As the Rinpoche says this book is as much about life as it is about death.

There is a level of existence that is experienced between death and birth, and according to the Buddhist there are three levels: the existence of death, the existence of birth, and the existence  of what lies in between the two.  The Rinpoche encourages the readers to reverse their attachment to the appearances of this life and extract the most meaningful essence from their precious human existence.

I love the examples that the Rinpoche uses in the book, he explains that the moment we step outside our house and close the door, we begin to leave our life behind. We say goodbye to family and friends and to the familiar rooms and routines that we inhabit. We might feel regret mixed with excitement as we climb into the taxi and that will take us to the airport. As our vision of home recedes, we are both sadly parted and joyfully released from all that defines us. The further we go from home the more focused we become on our next destination.  We think less of home and more about where we are going. We begin to look at a new map; we start to think about where we will land, about the new people, new customs and new environment–the new set of experiences to come.
Until we reach our destination, we are in transit–in between two points.  One world has dissolved, like last nights dream, and the next has not yet arisen.  In this space, there is a sense of total freedom: we are free from the business of being our ordinary selves; we are not tied to the day-to-day world and its demands in quite the same way. There is a sense of freshness and appreciation of the present moment.

This interview with Rinpoche is an enlightening dialogue about life, death and the in between.  We discuss our fears, and how to learn to live in the moment without fear of our transition through death.

I know you are going to enjoy my interview with Rinpoche about his book entitled “Mind Beyond Death”  If you would like to learn more about his teaching you can visit the his website by clicking here or you can visit the website of the Nalanda West Center for American Buddhism where he teaches.