Paul ScheeleI always enjoy interviewing Paul Scheele because his wisdom and knowledge is so deep, and the message is something that we all need to be reminded of.  In Paul’s new e-book, “Drop into Genius,” he speaks about our natural internal resources of unbridled enthusiasm, curiosity, inspired creativity, intuition, healing, rapid learning, emotional freedom, inner peace that all fall victim of subtle, ongoing discouragement by society.

I know that at one point or another in our lives we have all had a great idea, but because we asked someone or wanted confirmation that it was a good idea from our friends, family or  co-workers they have a tendency to discourage us from pursuing it.   Then we find out several years later that someone else capitalized on our idea–how many of you have had this happen?

If this just might be the case for you, and you want to “Drop Into Genius” and follow through on your intuition then Paul’s book is for you.  As Paul states there is a powerful nonconscious mind within that determines the results you create in life. It is more capable, fast, efficient, and infinitely more intelligent that your limited conscious mind, it is your nonconscious through which your “genius potential is expressed.

When we do make mistakes or fail to learn, the emotional and psychological wounds can go deep.  If we fail to learn, we often learn to fail most successfully. We learn to repeat our failure to learn in spite of anyone’s attempt to help.  For many people it becomes “safer” to be a failure at something than to engage in the messy business of learning.  Paul teaches that we need to pass through stages of confusion and not knowing how to do something.  It is at this point where we make the breakthroughs and new patterns of learning are developed.

If you are ready for a tremendous breakthrough in your learning and personal development then “Drop into Genius” is a must read.  Paul is a genius himself, and the book is an easy read filled with exercises that will help you become aware of your limitations and go beyond them and reach your true potential.  If you would like more information and want to download “Drop into Genius” please click here to be linked to Paul’s website.

Please enjoy my  interview with a very centered, spiritual and knowledgeable author who can teach you a lot about your human potential.

Paul ScheeleWhat a pleasure this interview was with Paul Scheele.  His new audio CD series, “Meditate with the Himalayan Masters“,  is wonderful, and he is bringing to the world the practices of meditation at a time when we are all in need of more peace and tranquility in our lives.

Frequently we are running so fast that we forget to breathe.  That may sound weird, but it is the truth.  Deep slow breathing is how we get in touch with our body and ultimately moves us to an altered state of consciousness.  In his new CD series Meditate with the Himalayan Masters with Swami Veda Bharati as your guide, you get to listen to the melodic voice of a master guide you through some incredible meditations.  The four half-hour meditations and their accompanying short meditations are structured so that you can easily integrate meditation into the flow of your busy day.  As you practice these meditations, your days become richer, more serene, and more joyful.

I love this quote from Swami Veda Bharati, “Enjoy the calmness of the mind. Resolve to calm the mind in this way many times during the day.  Whatever you do repeatedly with your mind will become the mind’s habit, and the mind will rediscover it original nature.”

I hope that you will attempt to rediscover your original nature and enjoy more peace and joy in your life by listening to this wonderful interview with Paul Scheele and make sure that you get a copy of the CD series by visiting Paul’s website by clicking here.