Jonathan EllerbyI always enjoy my interviews with Jonathan Ellerby.  I recently had the opportunity to interview Jonathan about his new Hay House book entitled “Inspiration Deficit Disorder“.

In my interview with Jonathan we speak about awareness being the first step in understanding yourself and others in a way that will empower you to experience change.   His new book is designed as a handbook for the human journey.

It presents simple ways to understand the essential elements of life: strees, habits, health, energy, addiction, sex, communications, aspiration, expectation, manifestation, disappointment, emotion, psychology, spirituality, family service, success, happiness, purpose, vitality, God and even enlightenment.  Jonathan states that the first step to reclaiming your power and potential is to fully realize where you are right now and how you got there.  Knowing this will help you identify the limiting beliefs, emotions, and energies that are actually working against you–even when you intentions are good.  From awareness comes choice, and knowing that we have choices is the most liberating experience of all.

I love what Jonathan says about beliefs, they are like bridges.  They can be helpful for short periods and can make all the difference in a journey.  A belief can carry you across a raging river of change, but in the end, you can’t live on one.  Your greatest life won’t come from simply believing in something.  To say “I believe” is to say ” I hope it is true.” If  you want to understand the ideas and practices in “Inspiration Deficit Disorder” you need to try them for yourself. Then you will know.

Jonathan points out that each and everyone of is is extraordinary.  Millions of choices have led you to this moment…you are part of something much greater.  Now matter what you’re experiencing right now, one thing is absolutely certain: you are an essential thread in the extraordinary fabric of life.  If you want to explore the shift in thinking and consciousness that you might want to make to maintain your inspiration, then I recommend you reading Jonathan’s book “Inspiration Deficit Disorder“.
If you want to visit Jonathan’s website please click here for more information and video clips about the book.  Enjoy my interview with Jonathan Ellerby—get inspired!!!!

Dzogchen Ponlop RinpocheThis is my second interview with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, and it is alway an insightful experience.  Rinpoche has a new book that has been released by Shambhala Publications entitled “Rebel Buddha-On The Road to Freedom”

In our interview together we have an opportunity to explore the concepts of true freedom and liberation.  Rebel Buddha is an exploration of what it means to be free and how we can become free.  As Rinpoche explains “There’s something of a rebellious streak in all of us. Usually it’s dormant, but sometime it’s provoked into expression. If nurtured and guided with wisdom and compassion it can be a positive force that frees us from fear and ignorance.

Rinpoche states in the book, according to Buddha our freedom is never in question. We’re born free.  The true nature of the mind is enlightened wisdom and compassion.  Our mind is always brilliantly wake and aware. Nevertheless, we’re often plagued by painful thoughts and the emotional unrest that goes with them.  We live in state of confusion and fear from which we see no escape.

In our interview, we discuss the concept of emptiness which is a very important Buddhist concept.  Rinpoche states that the concept is very misunderstood, and that it really means being more open, aware and expansive and to see beyond our current states of belief.  Emptiness get us to see the true reality of our existence , which helps us to find our spiritual path.

He mentions that the ego is actually rebelling against itself because it is not happy in its current state, and that we should attempt to move to egolessness or emptiness to gain our happiness, bliss and freedom from it grasp.   It is in this state that we experience the awakened mind.

We are all seeking freedom from our own suffering and pain.  If you are looking for answers from this suffering and to find  freedom, then I would recommend that you listen to and definitely read “Rebel Buddha“.  This is a wonderful book that will stur and awaken your spiritual force, and help guide you to the answers you are probably seek which are right before your belief.
Please visit Rinpoche’s website by clicking here for more teachings about Buddhism. Enjoy this wonderful interview with an insightful man with tremendous compassion and wisdom!!!!!

Andreas MoritzI was recently introduced to Andreas Moritz the author of “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”  and was thoroughly amazed at not only his depth of knowledge, but the detail that he includes in his book about the various ailments and diseases and how to treat them.

As Andreas writes in his introduction “Timeless Secrets to Health and Rejuvenation” can help the tremendous power of healing that lies dormant within you and restore balance on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit.  Using your own healing powers establishes a permanent comfort zone or continuous sense of satisfaction which forms the basis for a creative, successful and rewarding life.

In my interview with Andreas we discuss the challenges associated with attempting to find a quick fix to our deteriorating health, and that each time we attempt to find the quick fix we truly are not treating the symptoms that are causing the disease in the first place.  As Andreas points out many of the diseases can be associated to emotional upsets in our lives or prior emotional issues that have never been addressed.

Most diseases can be distilled down to issues of lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise, daily routine, and exposure to sunlight.  Andreas utilized the ancient form of Ayurvedic Medicine to help him in the diagnoses of many of the challenges that his patients are faced with as well as recommended natural remedies.  His book is like the encyclopedia of health and nutrition with in excess of 500 pages of reference information on causes and treatments of the aliments.  Andreas’ new book is a must reference book for anyone who from time to time deals with challenging medical conditions.  We are all aware that our physical health is a mind, body, soul and spirit connection, and “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” does an amazing job of providing the reader with the necessary information to address and resolve many of the common physical ailments we deal with.
Please go to Andreas’s website by clicking here to get more information on his new book as well as the many other titles that he has authored.  He also has several videos you can watch that will provide you with additional information.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with a great teacher and wise guidance counselor regarding your health.

Rick Hanson Ph.D.Hanson is a wonderful author, and expert in the field of neuroscience. I have interviewed Rick in a previous podcast #137 entitled Buddha’s Brain, I would recommend that you take a listen to this podcast as well.

In my interview with him we discuss a new CD release by Sounds True entitled ” Meditations to Change Your Brain“.

Much of our dialogue together revolves around practical techniques that one can practice to re-route the nuro pathways of the mind for improved creativity, greater focus and overall clarity of mind.

It is probably no surprise that meditation has been studied the most, and has proven to be the most powerful technique/practice to assist in creating joy, peace and life balance.  In this CD series Rick and his partner Richard Mendius MD discuss the topics of: steadying your mind, to tap the full creative power of your attention, taking in the good to maintain a positive emotional landscape, antidotes to stress, a conscious way to activate your body’s relaxation response, and healing painful experiences to free yourself from the charge of negative emotions.

As Rick states, “science has proven what contemplative traditions have taught for centuries: meditation holds a key to a life of balance, peace and joy.  Whether your’re discovering meditation for the first time or looking for a way to deepen an existing practice, with Rick’s new series entitled “Meditations to Change Your Brain” you have a full spectrum of techniques to make your brain your greatest ally on the path to personal fulfillment.


If you would like to take a deeper dive into Rick’s work, then I would highly recommend that you visit his website by clicking here.  He has a vast array of resources and most of them are free of charge.  Rich Hanson is truly one of the most knowledgeable authors that I have interviewed about the connection of neuroscience and how meditation effects our brain positively.  Enjoy this great interview with a wonderful author and thought leader in his field.

Bodhipaksa I had the distinct pleasure of recently interviewing Bodhipaksa who recently published a new book through Sounds True publishing entitled “Living as a River“.  In our interview together we discuss the constant change we are living in as well as our impermanence as human beings on this planet.

Something that Bodhipaksa points out is that sometimes the things we think will make us miserable actually make us happier.  He points out a study done at Kent State University where they studied a group of people who imagined the death of their partner, and they reported feeling more positive about their relationship and less troubled and annoyed by the quirks or odd behaviors that may have troubled them prior to this exercise.

The point Bodhipaksa is making by referencing this study is that we are all going to die at some point and our life here on this earth is impermanent and the sooner we realize this the sooner our perspective about how we live our life will shift for the better.

He speaks at length in his book “Living as a River” about letting go of our self-definitions to become more liberated and free.   In the Six-Element practice that Bodhipaksa teaches he challenges our assumptions about the body and the mind, the two things we take to be the locus of our core self.  We observe how everything that we identify with as being ourselves is in fact what comes from outside ourselves.  We note that everything we identify with as being ourselves will eventually no longer be part of ourselves. Because everything that constitutes us is in fact a process, rather that a thing or object, we realize that there is in fact nothing to grasp onto, any more than we could hold onto water flowing through our fingers-thus “Living  as a River
Bodhipaksa’s book is very well written, and for anyone who is interested in learning how to let go of what we perceive as self, and be liberated to live a life with more joy, bliss, love and happiness.  Then you will want to read this book.  Bodhipaksa has a website that is full of resources.  I would recommend that you click here to gain access to this wonderfully rich resource.

Enjoy this interview with a great author and Buddhist teacher. If you would like to know more about Bodhipaksa, then go here.

Mingtong Gu

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be introduced to Mingtong Gu, a Qigong master from the San Fransisco Bay area, who has has his training directly from the Grandmasters in China.  Mingtong is a very humble man, my intuition told me as we delved deeper into the interview, that he is extremely balanced, and has a very deep spiritual connection.  It is articulated through his voice and in the  deliberateness of the language he uses in explaining the concepts of Qigong.

Some of you might be aware of what Qigong is, but when you hear the amazing stories that Mingtong tells me about healing, as well as watch the video testimonials at his website,  it is a real testament to the practice of Qigong, this ancient form of connecting to the energies of the Universe.

Mingtong explains that as we go through the movements of Qigong and align our energy with that of the Universal source, we will experience personal healing at all levels.  Qigong can be used as a practice to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies for improved levels of  healing.

Qi (Chi) means “life energy” and gong means “cultivation and its benefits.” Qigong, an ancient technology and revitalized science of energy healing, has developed through more than 5000 years of Chinese history. Through gentle movement, visualization, sound, breathing and conscious intention, the ancient practice of Qigong energy healing dynamically restores the life energy and creative power within oneself. As the underlying causes of life’s challenges are released, you reconnect with the universal source and bring new and vital energy streams into the flow of life. With this practice, you amplify a web of positive changes for you, your loved ones, and planet Earth.

If like most people in our fast paced world of today, you are looking for a way to reconnect, slow down and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit, then utilizing the practice of Qigong would be a wonderful way to get started.

I recommend that you listen to and visit Mingtong’s website “The Chi Center“.  His website is loaded with video’s and will provide you with a deeper insight into the many benefits of Qigong.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with Mingtong Gu.