Dan Millman I first interviewed Dan Millman over three years ago when I started Inside Personal Growth.  As a matter of fact when my son Sean and I were in the Bay area we had the opportunity to meet Dan, and it was quite a treat.

His new book entitled ” The Four Purposes of Life” sets out to help the reader find meaning and direction in our ever changing world.   Dan states in the introduction ” With the pace of life accelerating, in a world of change, it’s not easy to maintain our balance and sense of direction.  Yet we strive to do so, because a sense of direction, toward a meaningful goal, may be a better part of happiness.

The Four Purposes Of Life  as Dan state are–learning life’s lessons, finding your career and calling, discovering your life path, and attending to this arising moment.  We are reminded that “lessons repeat themselves until we learn them.  If we don’t learn the easier lessons, they get harder. We learn and grow through challenges, and every adversity has hidden gifts.  Now if you believe this bit of advice that Dan is doling out is just a little to simple, I highly recommend that you read and take note of “life’s lessons” they are truly one of the areas where you can propel you life forward in a positive way if you are “learning daily from the lessons”

Dan make a distinction in the book between our career and our calling.  I like this, because our career is not our calling.  His distinction reminds us that our calling refers to a personal interest, attraction, inclination, drive or passion that is usually of higher order.  It isn’t  just something you want to do, but rather something you need to do, something that captures your imagination, touches you deeply and absorbs you, whether or not you can explain why.

So if you are seeking more clarity about your purpose and passion in life, then Dan Millman’s new book ” The Four Purposes of Life” is for you.  He has done an excellent job of guiding the reader understanding of the four purposes of life.  Also I highly recommend that you visit his website and enter you birthdate into the  “Life Purpose Caculator“.  Please look at the results, they were quite revealing for me and probably will be for you as well.
Enjoy my interview with a wonderful author and teacher, Dan Millman.

Dan Millman About two weeks ago I had the good fortune to meet Dan Millman, the author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” I had twice seen the autobiographical movie “Peaceful Warrior” about Dan’s life and was really excited to meet him. Prior to our meeting Dan sent me a copy of a book he wrote entitled “The Laws of Spirit: A Tale of Transformation.” This a short read but it is full of wisdom and guidance.

In the Laws of Spirit, Dan articulates the 12 Laws of Spirit that he learns from an encounter with a mysterious mountain sage. One of the Laws of Spirit focuses on balance and was particularly revealingly to me at this juncture in my life. The mountain sage uses a stick balanced on her hand and discussed the pull of desire and the push of fear as an analogy to get the reader to understand the concept of balance.

Think about it: We are either pulled by desire or pushed by fear. What happens if we don’t understand how to balance these two emotions? Frequently it can be paralyzing. If fear gets the best of us we freeze and don’t take any action. On the other hand if we become too focused on our desires and wants we acquire more stuff and get addicted to the stuff in our lives. Finding the balance between the fear and desire is so important to lead a healthy life.
I encourage you to read “The Laws of Spirit” and purchase or rent “Peaceful Warrior.” This is a wonderful movie about Dan’s spiritual journey, and a life changing event that forever alters the course of his life. It is an inspiring film that should leave you with many questions about your own life, and how to shift your perspective so that you might see this wonderfully magnificent world full of opportunity to overcome obstacles and achieve happiness along your path.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Dan Millman.

Again, I apologize for the lack of sound quality in this podcast. The upcoming podcasts that I’m working on in the next few weeks will feature vastly improved sound quality.