Micheline Nader is an author on a mission, in her new book entitled ” The Dolphin’s Dance” she explains the importance of the power of conscious awareness.  Now while you might be saying to yourself, what is new about that–it is one thing to talk about and another to really be consciously aware and in the now every moment.  This might seem unattainable to many, Micheline offers a five step journey into becoming more self aware and make the big principles accessible.

Throughout the “The Dolphin’s Dance” Micheline weaves in her personal story and experiences, which are quite compelling.  The exercises in the book help the reader explore their inner world and expand their understanding of their emotions, beliefs and patterns that govern their behaviors and shape your identity. This is a book of practice and self -inquiry designed to transform your thoughts, beliefs that are shaping your current perception and reality of your world.  Learn about what Micheline refers to as your “Identity Signature” which obscures your true self, and through bringing it into conscious awareness, you will be able to rediscover who you really are and allow your light to shine into the world, unobstructed.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Madeline Nader about her new book ” The Dolphin’s Dance“.  If you want to learn more about her please click here to go to the book landing page, you can also connect with her via Facebook by clicking here.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Frederic Laloux the author of a new book entitled ” Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness”.

I must admit Frederic’s book is a phenomenal look into the extremely profound changes into consciousness, culture and social systems that we are seeing emerge in increasing numbers at this point in human history. Frederic tests all the current organizational models and explores with the reader organizations that are bending the curve and exploring new ways of being.

As Frederic states ” Many people sense that the current way we run organizations has stretched to its limits. We are increasingly disillusioned by organizational life.” We are at the lowest levels of employee engagement in US history, and the trends don’t seem to be shifting. So what is next?

Frederic utilizes a color code system to help identify the characteristics of organizations. He states that the organization will evolve into will be what he refers to as “evolutionary teal” organizations.

These organizations are characterized by 1) Living entity with its own evolutionary purpose 2) Strategy emerges organically from the collective intelligence of self-managing employees 3) The concept of competition is irrelevant 4) Growth is significant only inasmuch as they help achieve the purpose. 5) Profit is a lagging indicator: will come naturally when doing the right thing.

Just these few characteristics of the evolutionary teal organization are so foreign to the way we are currently doing business in many of our organizations today. I am so encouraged by the practices and organizational dynamics of the twelve businesses that Frederic studied and cited in the book.  He truly show how business an evolve, and become more conscious, spiritual and human. 

If you are in middle or upper management of an organization, then “Reinventing Organizations” is a must read. If you want to learn more please click here to be directed to the book website where you can download the book, or click here to be directed to the books Facebook page.

Enjoy this great interview with author Frederic Laloux.