I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michael Cofield the co-author of a book on how to create peace of mind in family businesses called ” The Family Business”.  

In my interview with Michael we explore the issues of conflicts in family business, and how the multi-generations of family members have difficulty in effectively expressing their emotions.  These challenge create  negative pinned up emotions that have a tendency to erode issues of trust and openness of communication in family owned businesses.   Keeping peace in a family business requires effective and open communications by all family members.  Michaels book, guides the reader through a process that helps family member learn how to deal effectively with their emotions, feeling and and ultimate actions which can have a negative impact on the other family members. 

If you are the owner of a family business or the heir to a family business, then you are well aware of the issues around effective and open communications within your family business.   

I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast, and check out Michael’s book “The Family Business”.  

You can learn more about Michael and the organizations he is affiliated with by clicking on the links below.  

Re-Generation Partners


I hope you enjoy this interview with author Michael Cofield about his new book entitled “The Family Business”. 

In a recent interview with Dr. Michael Gurian we discussed his new book entitled ” The Wonder of Aging-A New Approach to Embracing Life After Fifty”. 

This book is a must read for anyone who is over fifty, for Michael offers a comprehensive look at the emotional, spiritual and cognitive dimension of life after fifty.  Michael sees the second half of our lives as an enormously fruitful, exciting and fulfilling time.  I know that many in this age group might have a different opinion but after reading Michaels book you will come away with a different viewpoint of life after 50.  

Michael discuss open the issues of sex, and how men and women age differently, effects on the aging of our brains and living with a sense of legacy and purpose.  

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.  For more information about Michael Gurian and the Gurian Institute please click the link above or see the Facebook page link below. 

Gurian Institute Facebook page

(Note: In two small segments of this interview you will hear me yelling at my dog who was barking and creating lots of noise.  I apologize for the yelling I have asked Jean to do another interview, but wanted to get this posted until she complets the re-do.   I thought the mute was on but obviously not. The wonders of recording podcast without having a sound proof room.  Enjoy the interview anyway, she is an amazing woman.)

I recently had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Jean Houston about her new book entitled “The Wizard of Us”.

 Jean provides the reader with lessons that will transform and inspire.  She utilizes the famous heros journey story from the Wizard of Oz as the training ground.  ”The Wizard of Us” offers new understanding of the human condition, and the importance of myth and the critical nature of our role and how we can participate in the creation of a better world.

As Jean states we are living in the most unique time in human history.  Other times in history thought they were it. They were wrong states Jean. This is it.  Often our everyday, local experience is not sufficient for the enormity of the challenges that are laid upon us in this most remarkable of times.

Join author Jean Houston on a journey,  one where you can write a new story about your life and live the life your soul wishes you to live.  ”The Wizard of Us” will take you there through story and myth— find the courage and heart and venture with the Oz characters while you write your new story.  

If you want to learn more about Jean Houston please click here to be directed to her website, or click here to be directed to her Facebook page.  You can also watch a video trailer about the book, below.  

Enjoy our interview together. 

Recently I was speaking with a good friend who was going through some tough emotional times and he recommended that I read a book entitled “When the Past Is Present”  I contacted David Richo the author and he kindly granted me an interview.  

In my interview with David we discuss the topic of transference which I have to admit I was not aware of prior to our interview and reading his book.  I know that many of my listeners will relate to this issue, for our relationships with our parents are frequently played out in our own relationships subconsciously.  

If a parent withheld love we can find that we emulate this behavior in our relationships.  I know for me that being demonstrative and loving has always been emotionally challenging and something that I needed to bring to the greater awareness too and focus on.  In my interview with David we discuss not only the topic of transference  but how David recommends transmitting this emotional challenge.  

I highly recommend David book “When the Past Is Present” if you are unaware of how you treat the people you love, and want to understand the steps you can take to eliminate this subconscious behavior.  

Please take time to listen to our interview and watch the video interview  below.  You can also visit David’s website by clicking here.