Podcast 817: Think and Grow Through Art and Music with Randey Faulkner

My guest author for this podcast is Randey Faulkner the author of a new book entitled “Think and Grow Through Art & Music”  Randey has done a masterful job in this book of combining the principles of Napoleon Hills “Think & Grow Rich”  into this “Think and Grow Through Art & Music” including fascinating stories about musicians who utilized Hill’s principles to attain success.

Randey you quote Napoleon Hill in an essay he wrote on “The Effect of Music on Human Behavior.” “If the truth were known it might disclose the fact that music has been the strongest factor in producing the geniuses of the past.  You do not have to go outside of your own experiences to prove that your most elevating thoughts come to you under the stimulating influence of music”

Music has been one of the wonders of our world that assists people in finding their creativity, inspiration, and drive to do something great, and the principles of Napoleon Hill in conjunction with music is a powerful force to inspire people to greatness.

Randey had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of famous musicians for the book, and many of them came to their success later in life after years of hard work and dedication. Randey cites Les Paul about his vision as a child always wanting to be a musician and he saw himself doing it.  Paul states ” I always had the habit of seeing myself “doing: whatever I longed to do.”  

So if you are interested in taking your music career to a new level and be inspired by the stories and principles of Napoleon Hill then you are going to want to listen to this interview with author Randey Faulkner about his new book: Think and Grow through Art & Music“.

To learn more about Randey and the new book please click here to be directed to his website. I hope you enjoy this engaging interview with author Randey Faulkner.

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