We are all aware of the aging baby boomer population–thousands are turning 65 every day, and the numbers of the aging is not going to diminish.  The sad statistic is that a hugh portion of this population has the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  People’s cognitive abilities are diminishing at alarming rates, and it has been proven that this can be reversed by our diet.

In my interview with nutritionist Maggie Moon and the author of a new book entitled ” The Mind Diet” we discuss the food to eat and the foods to avoid to help prevent from early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You will not be surprised to learn that a good portion of the diet is green leafy vegetables and fruits and nuts.   That is not to say you can not eat fish, chicken and meat but in much smaller portions that the American diet consumes this protein today.

The Mind Diet has been proven to reduce hypertension and heart disease as well.   During our interview Maggie discussed the correct food groups and the foods to avoid.  We also get into the menus and recipes that she recommends.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with an expert in the Mind Diet.

To get more information and connect with Maggie please click here to visit her website, or click here to be linked to her Twitter, or here to be directed to her Facebook page.

As they say you are what you eat, and you really want to pay attention to what Maggie has to say about the Mind Diet.


I recently conducted a great interview with James Colquhoun the co-author of the book “Hungry for Change” as well as the movie by the same title.

In our interview together we discuss the challenges that our population is faced with as it relates to manufactured foods, diets, nutrition and even the politics of nutrition in America.

As James states in the book “Why do we believe that we can feed our bodies manufactured, nutrient-depleted, food-like substances, empty of all life , and yet remain healthy?.  How did we come to believe that industrial chemicals and processing could replace what nature products?  The answer is it can’t.

The food industry—which is the second-largest employer in the United States, after the federal government, and which heavily influence both the media and the government agencies that regulate it—intentionally confuses and confounds us.   These foods are full of chemicals, and believe me they are not good for us.

If you want to learn what type of foods to eat, and eliminate of diets that don’t work then I recommend that you listen to this interview with James Calquhoun.

You can also learn more about the amazing movement that James and his wife Laurentine have created by going to their website by clicking here.

You can also watch a great video trailer below.