Brendan BrazierThis is my second interview with author Brendan Brazier.  Every time I interview Brendan I continue to learn more about nutrition and the important role is plays not only in our health, but in how the foods we eat impact our environment.

In Brendan’s new book “Thrive Foods: 200 Plant Based Recipes for Peak Health” Brendan lays out the importance of a plant based diet, and gives the reader great recipes that are nutrient-dense and which have a very low impact on our overall environment.  In my interview with Brendan we speak about what he calls “Nutrient-to-Resource Ratio”.  Brendan refers to this ratio as a proactive form of health insurance and environmental preservation rolled into one.  This ratio reveals the extensive amount of arable land, water, and fossil fuel consumed to produce food, as well as taking into consideration carbon emissions created.

Brendan states that the average American could have a greater impact on the on the environment by switching to the eating suggestions in the book.  That is one person swapped out a Standard American breakfast for a plant-based, nutrient-dense whole food smoothie for one year, it would conserve the same amount of C02 emissions as created by driving a mid-size car from Vancouver to Tijuana, Mexico.  If everyone stopped eating factory farmed beef for one year, it would conserve the equivalent of c02 emissions as over 2 trillion miles being driven in a mid-size car.

Needless to say if we as consumers would think about our choices in food consumption we could have a significant impact on the worlds environment.  A diet based in nutrient-dense, plant based foods not only improves our health but it has a positive impact on our environment.
Brendan’s book is loaded with great recipes that are good and easy to make.  So if you want to improve your diet, loose weight, and help the environment then I highly recommend that you get a copy of Brendan’s new book.  If you would like to learn more about Brendan Brazier please click here to be directed to his website.  He also has a company called Vega that produces plant based products, you can learn more about Vega by clicking here.

Enjoy this great interview with truly a man on a mission to save our environment, as well as increase the life span of millions of people.

Brendan BrazierI was fortunate enough to be referred to Brendan Brazier through a friend, Brian Johnson, who has a great website called Philosophers Notes. Brendan Brazier, the author of, “Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life,” is a vegan, and also just happens to be a professional Ironman Triathlete and the formulator of Vega nutritional foods.

In my interview with him we explore how he found the right formulas for eating nutrient rich foods with less calories, while and at the same time improved his performance as an athlete. He explains that his stress levels decreased, and his recover rates improved significantly. He helps to debunk the myth that professional and amateur athletes need to carbo load before an event, as a matter of fact he has proven just the opposite. That eating nutrient rich foods will actually give you more energy, and your performance and recovery times will improve.

If you really want to learn more about what stress is doing to increase your cortisol levels and increase the fat in your body, listen carefully to how important it is to reduce the stress from the external sources and to improve your performance as an athlete, and in all other areas of your life. Brendan’s, “Thrive Diet” is really more than a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

Brendan states that many, if not al,l of our modern-day health problems are caused by stress. Obesity, fatigue, mental fog, sleep disturbances, digestive problem and prematurely wrinkled skin, depression…and the list goes on. If stress, and therefore cortisol, remains elevated, several problem arise to hamper our body’s smooth functioning. One is that the body shifts fuel sources. Instead of burning fat as fuel, a stressed person’s system will burn carbohydrate in the form of sugar, and the body begins to store the body fat instead of using it for energy.

If you would like to learn more about Brendan’s Thrive Diet, he has a real cool free Thrive in 30 program where he emails to you a brief very well done 4-6 minute video with tips for improving your health and performance as an athlete. If you click here it will take you to the sign up page for this wonderful program. You can also learn more about Brendan’s Vega nutritional supplemental products by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy the great interview with a real guru in the field of professional athletes, and nutrition.
Brendan is the real deal, and I highly recommend his Thrive Diet program as well as his book, “Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life“. Remember you don’t have to be vegan to learn some great tips from Brendan and his incredible book.