Gwilda Wiyaka is the author of a new book entitled “Still Here, Now What.” I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Gwilda for Inside Personal Growth.

In our interview together we discuss not only her interesting background as a shamanic teacher, but how she see our world changing and our new role in the evolution of our species.

Gwilda speaks with me at length about the shift from the fourth world energies to the fifth. This is our movement as a society from a world of polarization and exploitation causing restriction in the available frequency or light to a world denoted as the fifth world which is one of unity, synergy and an evolution in consciousness and personal power.

Gwilda’s new book is extremely diverse covering topics from astrology to chakras all focused on our personal empowerment. I hope you enjoy our interview, and that you find the dialogue stimulating and transformational.

If you would like to connect with Gwilda you can check out her website by clicking here or she can be reached through Facebook, just click here.

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