Podcast 247: Be Love Now with Ram Dass & Rameshwar Das

Ram Dass & Rameshwar DasIf you are a fan of Ram Dass then I would recommend that you read the most recent book released entitled “Be Love Now“.  I recently had the pleasure and was introduced to Rameshwar Das the co-author of “Be Love Now” and we had a great time doing this podcast together.

Many of you know that Ram Dass over 40 years ago sparked a revolution and inspired generations to see the world in a different light, and to open their eyes to a brand new spiritual path. Now reaching out to a new generation of readers, Ram Dass brings the world a powerful message of love and awakening.

In my with Rameshwar Das we discuss his journey that started in 1967 when he first met Ram Dass at a lecture on Wesleyan University campus, and the rest is  history as they say.  Rameshwar followed Ram Dass to India and learned from many of the same spiritual teachers with Ram Dass.

Much of this book is about the journey that Ram Dass has taken, and the Saints that he has encountered and learned from during this first and subsequent visits to India.  There are many lesson to be learned from reading “Be Love Now” but the emphasis is that “Love is a stat of being, not a trip from here to there“. The truth of this path of the heart is that there is not path. There is only the heart and the love.

Surrender to Love-In the west surrender implies giving up power.  But surrendering to a guru or the Beloved doesn’t mean giving up power to another human being–its letting go of the stuff that keeps you sperate.   Rameshwar and I dialogue about this idea of surrendering to love, giving up the stuff and the ego that wants to keep you sperate from everything.  Remember if you are separate and your ego has you believing you are right, you are going to be challenged in surrendering to love.  Love is a state of being, not something that you do.

As you pass through life on the way to God, what’s important is not what you experience, but how you identify with or cling to what you experience.  If you want to learn more about how you can experience more love in all aspects of your life, then I would recommend that you read “Be Love Now“.
Listen carefully to this interview with Rameshwar Das, and visit Ram Dass’s website by clicking here for more insight, and wisdom from one of the best spiritual teachers of our modern time.  I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did conducting it with Rameshwar Das.

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