Rick Hanson Ph.D.Hanson is a wonderful author, and expert in the field of neuroscience. I have interviewed Rick in a previous podcast #137 entitled Buddha’s Brain, I would recommend that you take a listen to this podcast as well.

In my interview with him we discuss a new CD release by Sounds True entitled ” Meditations to Change Your Brain“.

Much of our dialogue together revolves around practical techniques that one can practice to re-route the nuro pathways of the mind for improved creativity, greater focus and overall clarity of mind.

It is probably no surprise that meditation has been studied the most, and has proven to be the most powerful technique/practice to assist in creating joy, peace and life balance.  In this CD series Rick and his partner Richard Mendius MD discuss the topics of: steadying your mind, to tap the full creative power of your attention, taking in the good to maintain a positive emotional landscape, antidotes to stress, a conscious way to activate your body’s relaxation response, and healing painful experiences to free yourself from the charge of negative emotions.

As Rick states, “science has proven what contemplative traditions have taught for centuries: meditation holds a key to a life of balance, peace and joy.  Whether your’re discovering meditation for the first time or looking for a way to deepen an existing practice, with Rick’s new series entitled “Meditations to Change Your Brain” you have a full spectrum of techniques to make your brain your greatest ally on the path to personal fulfillment.


If you would like to take a deeper dive into Rick’s work, then I would highly recommend that you visit his website by clicking here.  He has a vast array of resources and most of them are free of charge.  Rich Hanson is truly one of the most knowledgeable authors that I have interviewed about the connection of neuroscience and how meditation effects our brain positively.  Enjoy this great interview with a wonderful author and thought leader in his field.

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