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We are all affected by energy, and none more so than the negative energies that bombard our bodies, minds and spirits daily.

My good friend and author Paula Shaw has worked helping people unblock the energies of our chakras. In her new book ” Chakras-The Magnificent Seven Pathways to Higher Energy Happiness and Health”. Paula provides her readers support, guidance and methods on how to remove blocked energy.

Chakras become imbalanced as a result of many factors such as the toxic relationship we might be in, or the many addictions that our society and the people in it have embraced. The role of an energy psychologist like Paula is to tune into your situation through questioning, then utilize, sound and music, colors, tuning forks and crystals to start to move the energy. Paulas approach is quite unique, and her new book “The Magnificent Seven” allow the reader to understand the power of the chakras while using techniques to self treat their particular issues.

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing work Paula is doing, then I highly recommend that you listen to our podcast. You can also link into her website by clicking here or find her on Facebook by clicking the word Facebook.

Enjoy this wonderful interview with a great author and energy psychologists Paula Shaw, CADC, DCEP.