Podcast 835: The Myth of Multitasking – How Doing It All Gets Nothing Done with Dave Crenshaw

We all multitask and the reality is that none of us is going to win or get more done, especially if we believe that this is the best way to be efficient. The research proves neurologically that the brain cannot effectively do two things at once.

Our guest author for this podcast is an author and leading expert on efficiency Dave Crenshaw who has been teaching people in business for years about “The Myth of Multitasking-How Doing It All Gets Nothing Done.”  This is the second edition of his book, the title of his prior book is exactly the same, just not the second edition.

In my interview with Dave, we discuss his new book which is a fictional story that exemplifies the challenges that most employees and executives face, and that is the issue of switch tasking.  Dave effectively uses a series of characters in this story to inform the reader about the myth of multitasking and how this disrupts not only our productivity but erodes our most important relationships.

When someone is switch tasking moving task to task such as texting, then emailing and someone is attempting to get your attention to speak with you, this behavior leads to an erosion in the relationship with the individual attempting to get your attention and they become dismayed and looses interest because you are not paying attention–sound familiar, I know this behavior happens to me frequently–but the advice that Dave provides in his new book “The Myth of Multitasking-How Doing It All Gets Nothing Done” is a game-changer.

Join Dave and me as we explore many of the behavioral changes you can make to eliminate this challenge.  You can also obtain more information and free downloadable worksheets from Dave’s website by clicking here.

I know you are going to enjoy, learn, and have your eyes opened about how switch tasking is negatively impacting so listen to this interview, and please make some behavior changes.

Thanks for listening.

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