Richard MossThis is my second interview with Dr. Richard Moss about his new book entitled “Inside-Out Healing“.  At it’s essence Richard has written a book that is about creating awareness of our presence moment, and in so doing we access all that we need to heal from the Inside-Out.

As Richard states” All suffering, even physical suffering, has a mental component.  Inside-out healing is about learning to free yourself of that mental component: the emotional unhappiness created by your own thinking.  It is about learning how to live in the Now, where egoic thinking is witnessed and gives way to awareness.  In other words, it’s about wisdom.  Inside-out healing is for everyone because it’s ultimately about your relationship to yourself moment by moment.

If suffering is the problem and that suffering primarily comes from your thinking, then you are not going to relieve your pain or solve other problems if you remain at your current level of thinking.  It doesn’t matter that you decide to think positively; you will keep swinging like a pendulum to the negative thoughts sooner or later.  The issue is not what you think is wrong with you to someone else; you are going to have to shift levels, to move from thinking to awareness of your thinking.  This is the fundamental relationship: the relationship of your aware self to your own thoughts, emotions and feelings.

“Presence is the greatest power any of us have”.  As we learn to relax into the present moment, body and soul respond.  We spontaneously tap into our own intuitive wisdom and gain insight that can resolve even old and seemingly intractable emotional wounds.

I encourage you to listen to this great interview with Dr. Richard Moss the author of ” Inside-Out Healing“, you will learn how to access and become aware of the present moment—the most valuable tool you will need to heal and become whole.
If you would like more information about Dr. Richard Moss, and his courses and video content please click here to be directed to his website.  Enjoy the podcast.

Darren LittlejohnIn my recent interview with Darren LittleJohn the author of “The 12 Step Buddhist” we speak about his personal bouts with addiction as well as how he has learned to cope by utilizing his practices in the Buddhist philosophy.

Darren’s program is designed to augment the AA program, but is not intended to replace AA.  His states that Buddhism isn’t a substitute for the 12 Steps.   I don’t care how devout you are, whether your’ve meditated with the Dali Lama or had an audience with the pope states Darren.   The book is his personal story, his critical analysis of treatment methods, and practical advice on how to integrate Buddhism with a 12-Step recovery program.

In our interview together Darren addresses the Buddhist concept of attachment.  We’re all attached to something else: concepts. Our concepts form our identities, our selective, distorted memories, personalities, goals, dreams, complaints, and fears. And we love to have them.  When we look at attachment from this angle, it’s obvious that we’re addicted to our thoughts.  We’re willing to go to the mat for our right to believe them, especially the ones that we think define who we are.

The bigger questions we should really ask from a Buddhist perspective is ” Who are we?”  When an addict ( or anyone for that matter) asks this question, he or she can really understand at a very deep level this concept of  attachement. At this level of awareness we understand we are spiritual beings having a human experience, allowing us to let go of many of the addictions and attachements and this can be our awakening to a new life of sobriety.

If you are dealing with addiction and are looking to find alternative methods to supplement your current treatment program, then I would recommend reading Darren’s book “The 12-Step Buddhist“.  Darrens’ book is a great guide to alternative practices such as meditation which can really have an effect on both the physical and spiritual aspects of addiction.
Please visit Darren’s website by clicking here for more information as well as informative video of Darren speaking about the practices of Buddhism and their positive effects on addiction.

Elise BallardI recently had the pleasure of interviewing Elise Ballard the author of a new book entitled “Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage and Transform“.  I believe that all of us have had an epiphany in our life at one time or another, the question is have we had the courage to tell someone about our epiphany?

So what is the definition of  epiphany: ” a moment of great sudden revelation; an intuitive grasp of reality through something usually simple and striking; an illuminating discovery, realization or disclosure”.  Elise emphasizes that our epiphanies change not just us, but others in our lives and frequently the world.

In her new book Elise interviews over 50 well noted actors, and leaders in her attempt to explore how their personal epiphanies changed their lives.  These stories are truly moving, and provide the reader with a sense of just how powerful their epiphanies were in changing their lives.

Elise discovered some commonalities about epiphanies–Listening:Whether they were calmly contemplating the sky, meditating or praying, clinging to hope in a crisis, desperate to heal or searching for an answer, people were listening or paying attention to signs and what was going on around them. Belief: Whenever people have an epiphany, they never doubted for an instant whatever happened for them was real.  They had absolute faith and trust in the experience. Action: Every single person who epiphany positively changed his or her life took action. Serendipity:   After people began to take action on their epiphanies, circumstances seemed to fall into place so that they could take the next steps.

So I had to ask Elise if she believed epiphanies were a spiritual occurrence, and were the people she interviewed involved in some practices that would help to create the epiphany experience.  While she would not confirm my ideas about the spiritual connection of epiphanies, she certainly did not deny it.  She did note that many of our epiphanies can occur during times of extreme stress or challenges in our lives, as if a higher power was providing us with guidance and direction.
Whatever your personal belief is about epiphanies, I would highly recommend that you read Elise Ballard’s new book “Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage, and Transform“.  I would also encourage you to visit Elise’s website by clicking here, it is a wonderful website and she provides you an opportunity to record your epiphany as well as watch many video interviews she conducted with the people profiled in her book.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with someone who had dedicated their live to exploring and understanding our epiphanies in life.

Gary MalkinI have had the honor of knowing Gary Malkin for a number of years.   I was originally introduced to his beautiful work through my son Sean.  Eight years ago when my son was diagnosed with Leukemia, Christmas morning under our tree was an amazing gift from Sean.

The gift was music to the spoken word, produced by Gary Malkin entitled “Graceful Passages“.  If you are not familiar with this particular CD series, I can not speak enough about the moving, touching and transformational work that Gary created. It will touch your soul like nothing else, I listened to these passages over and over again and again until they were etched in my being.

In my interview with Gary for this podcast we speak about his new Wisdom Films creation “Alchemy for the Soul and Beauty of Being“.  What Gary has created utilizing much of his work from Graceful Passages is a magnificent work of artistry and cinematography for you listening and viewing experience…and an amazing experience.

We all live in a very fast paced world, filled with constant change and lots of challenges.  I personally know that I like to take a break from what seems like a non stop lifestyle and practice my morning meditation.  It is this practice that ground me and prepares me for my day.

If you would like to experience a calming, peaceful, pleasant experience then I recommend that you play one of the passages from “Alchemy for the Soul or “The Beauty of Being“, as Gary states it is “inner-taniment” The films provide a unique opportunity to cultivate the “witness within”-that quiet inner-knowing-which can help us to experience equanimity in the midst of any storm. This state, know as “The Relaxation Response”, enhances your overall health while strengthening your capacity for compassion and inner peace.  When you’ve cultivated these qualities, you become a part of the fabric of the world’s solutions, rather than its problems.  This ‘witness within’ experience-over time-can help you, as Gandhi once said ” to become the change you wish to see in the world”.
If you want to treat yourself to a wonderfully calming, peaceful and transformational experience then get a copy of the two (2) set DVD from Wisdom Films.  If you would like more information about the product the Wisdom Films offers, please click here to be directed to their website.  Please enjoy this wonderful interview with a very compassionate artist and author…Gary Malkin.

Jonathan EllerbyI always enjoy my interviews with Jonathan Ellerby.  I recently had the opportunity to interview Jonathan about his new Hay House book entitled “Inspiration Deficit Disorder“.

In my interview with Jonathan we speak about awareness being the first step in understanding yourself and others in a way that will empower you to experience change.   His new book is designed as a handbook for the human journey.

It presents simple ways to understand the essential elements of life: strees, habits, health, energy, addiction, sex, communications, aspiration, expectation, manifestation, disappointment, emotion, psychology, spirituality, family service, success, happiness, purpose, vitality, God and even enlightenment.  Jonathan states that the first step to reclaiming your power and potential is to fully realize where you are right now and how you got there.  Knowing this will help you identify the limiting beliefs, emotions, and energies that are actually working against you–even when you intentions are good.  From awareness comes choice, and knowing that we have choices is the most liberating experience of all.

I love what Jonathan says about beliefs, they are like bridges.  They can be helpful for short periods and can make all the difference in a journey.  A belief can carry you across a raging river of change, but in the end, you can’t live on one.  Your greatest life won’t come from simply believing in something.  To say “I believe” is to say ” I hope it is true.” If  you want to understand the ideas and practices in “Inspiration Deficit Disorder” you need to try them for yourself. Then you will know.

Jonathan points out that each and everyone of is is extraordinary.  Millions of choices have led you to this moment…you are part of something much greater.  Now matter what you’re experiencing right now, one thing is absolutely certain: you are an essential thread in the extraordinary fabric of life.  If you want to explore the shift in thinking and consciousness that you might want to make to maintain your inspiration, then I recommend you reading Jonathan’s book “Inspiration Deficit Disorder“.
If you want to visit Jonathan’s website please click here for more information and video clips about the book.  Enjoy my interview with Jonathan Ellerby—get inspired!!!!

Andreas MoritzI was recently introduced to Andreas Moritz the author of “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”  and was thoroughly amazed at not only his depth of knowledge, but the detail that he includes in his book about the various ailments and diseases and how to treat them.

As Andreas writes in his introduction “Timeless Secrets to Health and Rejuvenation” can help the tremendous power of healing that lies dormant within you and restore balance on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit.  Using your own healing powers establishes a permanent comfort zone or continuous sense of satisfaction which forms the basis for a creative, successful and rewarding life.

In my interview with Andreas we discuss the challenges associated with attempting to find a quick fix to our deteriorating health, and that each time we attempt to find the quick fix we truly are not treating the symptoms that are causing the disease in the first place.  As Andreas points out many of the diseases can be associated to emotional upsets in our lives or prior emotional issues that have never been addressed.

Most diseases can be distilled down to issues of lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise, daily routine, and exposure to sunlight.  Andreas utilized the ancient form of Ayurvedic Medicine to help him in the diagnoses of many of the challenges that his patients are faced with as well as recommended natural remedies.  His book is like the encyclopedia of health and nutrition with in excess of 500 pages of reference information on causes and treatments of the aliments.  Andreas’ new book is a must reference book for anyone who from time to time deals with challenging medical conditions.  We are all aware that our physical health is a mind, body, soul and spirit connection, and “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” does an amazing job of providing the reader with the necessary information to address and resolve many of the common physical ailments we deal with.
Please go to Andreas’s website by clicking here to get more information on his new book as well as the many other titles that he has authored.  He also has several videos you can watch that will provide you with additional information.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with a great teacher and wise guidance counselor regarding your health.

Rick Hanson Ph.D.Hanson is a wonderful author, and expert in the field of neuroscience. I have interviewed Rick in a previous podcast #137 entitled Buddha’s Brain, I would recommend that you take a listen to this podcast as well.

In my interview with him we discuss a new CD release by Sounds True entitled ” Meditations to Change Your Brain“.

Much of our dialogue together revolves around practical techniques that one can practice to re-route the nuro pathways of the mind for improved creativity, greater focus and overall clarity of mind.

It is probably no surprise that meditation has been studied the most, and has proven to be the most powerful technique/practice to assist in creating joy, peace and life balance.  In this CD series Rick and his partner Richard Mendius MD discuss the topics of: steadying your mind, to tap the full creative power of your attention, taking in the good to maintain a positive emotional landscape, antidotes to stress, a conscious way to activate your body’s relaxation response, and healing painful experiences to free yourself from the charge of negative emotions.

As Rick states, “science has proven what contemplative traditions have taught for centuries: meditation holds a key to a life of balance, peace and joy.  Whether your’re discovering meditation for the first time or looking for a way to deepen an existing practice, with Rick’s new series entitled “Meditations to Change Your Brain” you have a full spectrum of techniques to make your brain your greatest ally on the path to personal fulfillment.


If you would like to take a deeper dive into Rick’s work, then I would highly recommend that you visit his website by clicking here.  He has a vast array of resources and most of them are free of charge.  Rich Hanson is truly one of the most knowledgeable authors that I have interviewed about the connection of neuroscience and how meditation effects our brain positively.  Enjoy this great interview with a wonderful author and thought leader in his field.

Lee HoldenI thoroughly enjoyed my recent interview with Lee Holden, the Qi Gong master, who recently created an incredible complete training course entitled ” “Qi Gong for Health & Healing” through Sound True.  This program is about as comprehensive a program as I have ever seen.  Included in the package are 6 CD’s, 5 DVD’s, 34 inspirational cards, and a 127 page workbook.

If you really want to study the art of Qi Gong then I highly recommend this program from Lee Holden.

In my interview with Lee we explore the benefits associated with Qigong as well as the ancient Eastern history associated with the fine art of Qi Gong.  As Lee explains in our interview, Qi is everywhere and the movements that are taught in the practices allow you to connect and activate the Qi that is all around us.  Qi Gong allows one to focus and stay in the now which is associated with the breathing and combined movement bringing in the healing energy, but as importantly getting one to focus and clear the noisy mind.

I also speak with Lee about the acceptance of ourselves as we are, because many of his inspirational cards in the this instructional kit speak to this aspect of self acceptance in the practice.   He mentioned to me that this is a very important element of the Eastern philosophy that Qi Gong.  He also stated that we can transform the stress that everyone has in their daily lives into this wonderful energy, so instead of being rung out and tired we are transformed and enlivened by the movements and breath.

What is so amazing is that if we were all to just spend a few minutes each morning and each evening in the practice  of Qi Gong we would set ourselves up for a day where we would be more energized, focused, and on a purpose.

If you are at all interested in becoming more focused, have mounds of extra energy, and feel more in the zone than you have every felt in your life then join in and listen to this very informative interview with Lee Holden.  He also has a great website with lots of wonderful resources that by clicking here you can access.  You might want to watch this introductory video that will also provide you with more information about Qi Gong, please click here to access this YouTube video.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Lee Holden a very enthusiastic advocate of Qi Gong and other Eastern practices of healing.

Bodhipaksa I had the distinct pleasure of recently interviewing Bodhipaksa who recently published a new book through Sounds True publishing entitled “Living as a River“.  In our interview together we discuss the constant change we are living in as well as our impermanence as human beings on this planet.

Something that Bodhipaksa points out is that sometimes the things we think will make us miserable actually make us happier.  He points out a study done at Kent State University where they studied a group of people who imagined the death of their partner, and they reported feeling more positive about their relationship and less troubled and annoyed by the quirks or odd behaviors that may have troubled them prior to this exercise.

The point Bodhipaksa is making by referencing this study is that we are all going to die at some point and our life here on this earth is impermanent and the sooner we realize this the sooner our perspective about how we live our life will shift for the better.

He speaks at length in his book “Living as a River” about letting go of our self-definitions to become more liberated and free.   In the Six-Element practice that Bodhipaksa teaches he challenges our assumptions about the body and the mind, the two things we take to be the locus of our core self.  We observe how everything that we identify with as being ourselves is in fact what comes from outside ourselves.  We note that everything we identify with as being ourselves will eventually no longer be part of ourselves. Because everything that constitutes us is in fact a process, rather that a thing or object, we realize that there is in fact nothing to grasp onto, any more than we could hold onto water flowing through our fingers-thus “Living  as a River
Bodhipaksa’s book is very well written, and for anyone who is interested in learning how to let go of what we perceive as self, and be liberated to live a life with more joy, bliss, love and happiness.  Then you will want to read this book.  Bodhipaksa has a website that is full of resources.  I would recommend that you click here to gain access to this wonderfully rich resource.

Enjoy this interview with a great author and Buddhist teacher. If you would like to know more about Bodhipaksa, then go here.