Brian VaszilyI had a wonderful interview with author Brian Vaszily about his new book entitled ” The 9 Intense Experiences“.   Brian has a very interesting personal story of struggle and adversity, and this story allows him to convey the meaning behind the “The 9 Intense Experiences” so authentically.

Brian asks the question-” If you could abandon your fears, stresses and frustrations and finally achieve the happiness and success you know you are meant to, would you take the next steps to do so.?” This is a very powerful question, and one that deserves some deep consideration and thought, for many the next steps are what we find so challenging to determine.

The 9 Intense Experiences guides the reader into doing what Brian refers to as some very unorthodox exercises, such as host a dinner party where no utensils are allowed and serve spaghetti, talk to dead people, hug a tree and tell it a secret. These exercises are designed to get you to grow and transform, while they may seem uncomfortable at first it will get you out of old patterns so that you can receive the transformative power of the experiences.

Brian believes that the biggest issue facing the world today is a growing sense of individual insignificance and disconnect from self-awareness, true purpose, empathy, joy and wonder.  Despite endless opportunities for “Intense Experiences”, people are instead settling for success-sabotaging, health depleting, and happiness numbing pattern of mediocre to toxic experiences.  The 9 Intense Experiences is uniquely rich in providing highly transformative actions that you can take right now, using what’s around you every single day , to change your life rapidly.
I hope that you enjoy this great podcast with author Brian Vaszily.  If you would like more information about Brian and his coaching programs please visit his website by clicking here.

Evelyn BrooksCan one really have complete happiness and bliss in their life almost all of the time.?  Well according to author Evelyn Brook it is possible.  I interview Evelyn about her new book entitled “Get Happy Today“.  In our interview together we discuss the characteristics of what makes a person happy.

Happiness is not a matter of chance but rather a deliberate decision combined with the right action taken every day.  It is truly an inside job, and something that can be cultivated-I love this quote from Evelyn’s book by Abraham Lincoln “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Isn’t that the truth!!

One truly great bit of advice that is so important, is letting go of desired results.  When you already have your mind set on a specific outcome, you are living in the future.  And if you are dissatisfied with the present, you probably spend a lot of energy telling yourself things such as, “I can’t bear this! I cannot stand another minute of this!”

If you want paradise on Earth, then decide to have an attitude of happiness-it’s an inside job.

Clarify your purposes in life and avoid feeling discouraged by seeming failures.  These are lessons for you to learn.

Deal with your stress overload so it doesn’t bog you down.

Let go of your desired outcomes and the results you are hoping for.  Eliminate wishful thinking. Concentrate on doing the necessary work in front of you to the best of your ability.

Focus on today and this moment in time. Leave the past alone, and stop worrying about the future.  You’ll be able to handle your life much more easily when you are mentally grounded in the present.

If you are seeking happiness, and would like to clarify your intentions about having a life filled with bliss and happiness then choose happiness over worry, doubt, fear and frustration.
I hope you enjoy this great interview with author Evelyn Brooks, and please visit her Facebook page by clicking here.

Richard MossThis is my second interview with Dr. Richard Moss about his new book entitled “Inside-Out Healing“.  At it’s essence Richard has written a book that is about creating awareness of our presence moment, and in so doing we access all that we need to heal from the Inside-Out.

As Richard states” All suffering, even physical suffering, has a mental component.  Inside-out healing is about learning to free yourself of that mental component: the emotional unhappiness created by your own thinking.  It is about learning how to live in the Now, where egoic thinking is witnessed and gives way to awareness.  In other words, it’s about wisdom.  Inside-out healing is for everyone because it’s ultimately about your relationship to yourself moment by moment.

If suffering is the problem and that suffering primarily comes from your thinking, then you are not going to relieve your pain or solve other problems if you remain at your current level of thinking.  It doesn’t matter that you decide to think positively; you will keep swinging like a pendulum to the negative thoughts sooner or later.  The issue is not what you think is wrong with you to someone else; you are going to have to shift levels, to move from thinking to awareness of your thinking.  This is the fundamental relationship: the relationship of your aware self to your own thoughts, emotions and feelings.

“Presence is the greatest power any of us have”.  As we learn to relax into the present moment, body and soul respond.  We spontaneously tap into our own intuitive wisdom and gain insight that can resolve even old and seemingly intractable emotional wounds.

I encourage you to listen to this great interview with Dr. Richard Moss the author of ” Inside-Out Healing“, you will learn how to access and become aware of the present moment—the most valuable tool you will need to heal and become whole.
If you would like more information about Dr. Richard Moss, and his courses and video content please click here to be directed to his website.  Enjoy the podcast.

Dean DrawbaughI recently had the privileged of interviewing author Dean Drawbaugh.  Dean has a great new easy to read book entitled “The Art of Making Things Happen In Your Life“.   The essence of this book is to provide the reader with self-assessment and reflections on ways to manifest their desired outcomes and goals.   At the end of each chapter Dean provides thought provoking questions and short assessment as a tool to assist the reader in determining where they are now,  and what they can do to change the current situation for a more positive outcome .

I love the story that Dean tells in the book and in our interview about the two wolves that live inside of us.   One evening a warrior in a remote village began to prepare his son to face life as an adult with the inevitable afflictions and adversities he would face.  The warrior told his son that all challenges ultimately are fought first between the two wolves inside him.  One is the wolf of fear which takes control of emotions and masquerades as lies, regret, feelings of inferiority, self-pity, envy and anger.  The other wolf is faith, consisting of trust, hope, joy, peace, humility, power and love.  The son thought about the scenario for a few minutes–of the two wolves battling against each other in his mind.  He asked, “Which one wins, Dad?” The wise father simply said, “The one you feed.”
How true this story is, and what a great way to illustrate a point.  We are what we think about, and if we can change our thinking we can change what we become.  Dean’s book “The Art of Making Things Happen In Your Life” is truly about observing what is happening now, and with some shifts in our thinking and our actions creating a better life.

I highly recommend this great little book, packed with practical advice on how to make things happen in your life.  If you would like to learn more about Dean Drawbaugh you can click here to be directed to his website.

I hope you enjoy this interview with author Dean Drawbaugh.

Gail VoisinIt was a pleasure speaking with author Gail Voisin about her new book entitled ” All Together Now – Vision, Leadership and Wellness“.  I can’t remember exactly how Gail and I met, but we have been speaking about the birth of her new book over the last year, and I am proud to bring you this wonderful podcast with Gail.

As Gail states “Achieving outstanding personal and organizational success in our busy, competitive, chaotic world requires a unique, leading-edge set of skills for the twenty-first century executive and leaders.  It is critical to have the knowledge and ability to align the three key areas of vision, leadership and wellness to measure and sustain high performance levels.  In my interview with Gail, we speak about her ” All Together Now Advantage Model“.  It is designed to guide the busy executive in defining both their personal and organizational vision, leadership and wellness goals.   It is truly an integrated approach to creating a balanced lifestyle.  For most corporate executives, every day is a constant challenge to balance the many facets of life – career, family, friends and personal goals.

Gail states that balancing our lives does not have to be a daily struggle.  When you understand the importance of integrating your personal and organization vision, leadership and wellness, you will have the foundation to achieve extraordinary success in your personal and work life.   Personal vision is the anchor, and I could not agree more with Gail.  When you have developed your personal vision and can articulate it easily, it becomes that anchor that keeps you on track for what matter most.  Personal vision is a special and unique combination of desire and talent that is exclusive only to you.

You know the old saying that your health is your wealth.  Well this is so true, and Gail devotes a section of the book to wellness and the benefits from staying healthy– psychologically, physically, and emotionally. This plays a big role in our overall health.

Gail defines wellness as maintaining a healthy mind and body that can consistently sustain the energy reserves you need to meet exceptional circumstances beyond your control, both in business and family life.  Wellness and the focus on it is certainly in the headlines of our newspapers, and it is such an important aspect in being able to perform on and off the job with excess energy and enthusiasm.  Gail provides wonderful advice and direction for the busy executive who might feel they have neglected this very important part of their life.
All Together Now” is a wonderful read for anyone who is seeking balance and harmony in their life.  I highly recommend reading this book if you are on the fast track and want to take a few minutes to step back and reevaluate what is important.

Enjoy this great interview with author Gail Voisin, and if you want more information about Gail please click here to be directed to her website.


Dan Millman I first interviewed Dan Millman over three years ago when I started Inside Personal Growth.  As a matter of fact when my son Sean and I were in the Bay area we had the opportunity to meet Dan, and it was quite a treat.

His new book entitled ” The Four Purposes of Life” sets out to help the reader find meaning and direction in our ever changing world.   Dan states in the introduction ” With the pace of life accelerating, in a world of change, it’s not easy to maintain our balance and sense of direction.  Yet we strive to do so, because a sense of direction, toward a meaningful goal, may be a better part of happiness.

The Four Purposes Of Life  as Dan state are–learning life’s lessons, finding your career and calling, discovering your life path, and attending to this arising moment.  We are reminded that “lessons repeat themselves until we learn them.  If we don’t learn the easier lessons, they get harder. We learn and grow through challenges, and every adversity has hidden gifts.  Now if you believe this bit of advice that Dan is doling out is just a little to simple, I highly recommend that you read and take note of “life’s lessons” they are truly one of the areas where you can propel you life forward in a positive way if you are “learning daily from the lessons”

Dan make a distinction in the book between our career and our calling.  I like this, because our career is not our calling.  His distinction reminds us that our calling refers to a personal interest, attraction, inclination, drive or passion that is usually of higher order.  It isn’t  just something you want to do, but rather something you need to do, something that captures your imagination, touches you deeply and absorbs you, whether or not you can explain why.

So if you are seeking more clarity about your purpose and passion in life, then Dan Millman’s new book ” The Four Purposes of Life” is for you.  He has done an excellent job of guiding the reader understanding of the four purposes of life.  Also I highly recommend that you visit his website and enter you birthdate into the  “Life Purpose Caculator“.  Please look at the results, they were quite revealing for me and probably will be for you as well.
Enjoy my interview with a wonderful author and teacher, Dan Millman.

Jan PhillipsI love how author Jan Phillips writes, she is articulate and always has something inspirational to say.  Her new book entitled “No Ordinary Time-The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence and Evolutionary Creativity“.  Is about awakening and honoring the creator within all of us. It is a calling to stop, listen and take the necessary time to reconnect with a higher spiritual power that exist and is in service to us all.

These are “No Ordinary Times”  as Jan states. We are are witnessing and participating in an evolutionary leap unlike anything in our history.  There is evidence in the human family of an upward shift in consciousness, and maturing spirituality, a connectedness that grows more intimate and global by the day.  And that uplift is countered by the dissolution of myths that no longer serve us and demise of institutions that have under-pinned our culture since the beginning of history.

This book is a call to mindfulness, a reminder that evolutionary action begins with stillness, that visionary ideas arise from spiritual practice.  It is a book for people conscious in their power and ready to co-create new sacraments and ceremonies to celebrate the Divine dwelling within us.

The books form is based on the medieval “Book of Hours” and is designed to get the reader to read, reflect and make a deep spiritual connection to the higher power.  There are stories, poems and contemplative questions to ponder as one journeys through the text.  This truly is a book that will wake you up, and start you thinking about your patterns and thinking that have gotten where you are, as well as help you rise above your current beliefs and test new ground for conscious evolution.
I hope you enjoy my interview with author and thought leader Jan Phillips.  Her new book “No Ordinary Times” is a wonderful read and hopefully a book that will help you to see your life in a whole new light.  If you would like to learn more about author Jan Phillips please click here to be directed to her website.

John Di BattistaI had the pleasure of meeting John DiBattista at a weekend retreat that my good friend Larry Wilson was conducting.  I immediately was taken by John’s presence and his wonderful demeanor and gravitated toward wanting to get to know him better.   I received a call from him some months later as a result of our mutual friend recommending that John be interviewed for Inside Personal Growth.

John’s new book entitled ” Tell Them That I Love Them” is truly about an amazing personal spiritual experience that changed his life forever.  John believes that each of us has come into this world with a purpose, and that we were given the tools to fulfill that purpose.  We are created in God’s image as John states and gifted by our creator to represent him in some manner, small or great.

While on our life’s journey our true life’s purpose unfolds–the rebirthing process allows us to rediscover our individual purpose.  Our lives gets reoriented through the process of belief, faith, repentance, baptism and the receipt of the Holy Spirit as John states in his statement of philosophy in the book.

If you are interested in learning how the personal experience of John giving his life to Christ absolutely changed him forever,  and the message that Jesus told him to share with the world then I recommend that you listen to this amazing interview with author John DiBattista.  His encounter and epiphany as a result of an encounter with Jesus during an out of body experience is quite compelling and very heartfelt.  It does not matter what religion you embrace or how spiritual you are t
his story is for anyone who has a belief in a higher power.

Enjoy this wonderful interview with an inspiring and God centered author, who truly just wants to share a wonderful message “Tell Them That I Love Them”.

Roger ConnorsI recently interviewed author Roger Conners, and was so intrigued with the message that I invited him back to discuss another one of his other successful books entitled ” The Oz Principle“.

Many of us who are involved in the personal growth and human potential fields know that one of the first things we learn is personal responsibility.  This concept is at the cornerstone of being in integrety, and living a life of authenticy.  In my interview with Roger we discuss the “Oz Principle”  which by the way is borrowed from the characters in the Wizard of Oz.   I know everyone remembers the journey of Dorothy and her cast, the Tin Man, The Scarecrow, and the Lion.  And if you remember all of them were seeking something to make them whole, and they all were victims.

One of the most challenging situations for individuals and organizations is when they get into the cycle of being a victim as Roger explains it.   In this book Roger explains how the attitude of victimization has captured businesses everywhere in a chocking stranglehold.   In the book Roger explains why people in organizations must avoid the debilitating effects of the victim cycle in order to achieve results.  Also revealed are the “Steps to Accountability” as the key to obtaining what you desire, or yourself, your team and your organization.

If you are at all interested in creating personal accountability in conjunction with organizational accountability, then I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of “The Oz Principle“.  It is a must read for any person in management seeking to improve the performance of their organization, and create a happier, healthier and more creative organizational culture.  If you would like more information about the “The Oz Principle” please click here to be directed to the Partners In Leadership website.
I hope you enjoy this interview with a very knowledgeable change agent Roger Conners.