Ben NewmanIf you have a sympathetic bone in your body, then you will appreciate my interview with author Ben Newman about his new book entitled “Fight The Good Fight-A Mothers Legacy Lives On“.  His book is a tribute to his mother who died eleven days prior to Ben’s eighth birthday.   It is also about the lessons and wisdom that a mother imparts upon her sons during some very challenging years that lead up to her death as she fought a rare disease called primary amyloidosis.

Ben’s mother Janet Fisher Newman kept a journal of her personal journey  and suffering knowing she only had a short time left with her sons.  Though the journal was a personal record kept during his mother’s medical ordeal and not a memoir written to be read by Ben or his brother, it was surprisingly full of wisdom . In my interview with Ben we discuss his mothers journal and the passages that had such a significant impact on his life, and now on the lives of so many who have read “Fight the Good Fight“.

Ben starts each chapter of “Fight the Good Fight” with a paragraph out of his mothers journal then proceeds to discuss his personal life journey, insights and wisdom learned from this experience.  As Ben states ” I believe that everything we take on in life, both personally and professionally, is influenced by an unconscious internal timing.  Though we many not be aware of doing so, we instinctively scan issues that come into our realm according to our readiness to take them on. We unconsciously sense whether we have the discipline to deal with a proposed challenge, or the emotional depth to face the intense feelings it may arouse.  We might intuitively know there is a huge opportunity before us, but we may not yet have the wisdom to understand it and take it on. ”

Fight the Good Fight is a book that will not only take you on a journey, but it will encourage you to observe what  personally needs more in-depth consideration, contemplation and potentially change for the better.  Ben has very thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter designed to garner the attention of the reader.  If one would take the time to review, ponder and answer these questions I believe their life would be altered positively.
If you would like to learn more about “The Ben Newman Companies” and the workshops and seminars that Ben facilitates around the country please visit Ben’s website by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy my interview with author Ben Newman.

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