Michael McCaffertyIn this podcast I  interview a very good friend, and someone that I admire, author and adventurer Michael McCafferty . His new book entitled ” The Spirit of Adventure”  is about his amazing adventure  in a Waco bi-plane around Europe, and while in this interview we speak about Michael’s adventures we also speak about life as a entrepreneur  and father.

Every since I have known Michael he as had a thing for planes and fast cars, not a bad thing to have a fascination with. I remember going to a party at his home in Borrego Springs, CA many years back and his home was a hanger (literally) and the plane was in the living room.

In our interview together we discuss not only the planning it took to coordinate the transportation of his Waco bi-plane to Europe, but the ensuing 96 day adventure throughout the incredibly breathtaking countryside of  Europe.  Michael has lots of great stories from his adventure, and most of them are articulated in the book which is a series of emails that he was sending back to friends and family who were following him on his wonderful adventure.  For three months during the summer of 1997 he “went flying, low and slow, exploring Europe’s coastline, islands, Alps, big-cities and tiny villages.   As Michael recounts in our interview this was the greatest experience of his life”.

A very large part of this adventure has to do with Michael’s son Mike.  You see Mike broke his back in a plane accident in March of 1993 and was paralyzed from the waist down.  Michael stated that his son never once complained during extended rehabilitation and hospitalization, and he persevered.  He is and always will be his father’s hero.

As we discuss in our interview Michael had to decide if he would fly again.  He lamented as you can imagine, but as he states he would have sent the wrong message to Mike that it is OK to quit when things don’t come out as planned if he did not proceed with his bi-plane adventure.  If he had not flown again,  he would have backed away from a great personal goal, so he had on choice and, and the big adventure began.
If you are interested in learning more about Michael McCafferty and “The Spirit of Adventure” I highly recommend reading his book.  100% of the profits from this book go to research to find a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries as currently being done by Rutgers University’s Keck Center for Collaborative Nuroscience-Spinal Cord Injury Project.  Please enjoy this great interview with a wonderful man with a big adventure.  If you would like to visit his website just click here, and read the many adventures of Michael Mc Cafferty.

Andrew HolecekA good friend recently recommended that I interview Andrew Holecek, and I am certainly glad that I did.  Andrew’s new book entitled “The Power and the Pain: Transforming Spiritual Hardship into Joy” is a gift to all that read it.

In his book, Andrew directs or attention to the two key points of the Buddhist spiritual journey: suffering and the obstacles and opportunities that suffering presents us with as we try to understand and transcend it.  Essentially, it is a book about the hardships of the journey that sometime takes us by surprise, and wear us down, or even discourage us from continuing. We all have been in this position, and sometimes it seems like we will never emerge from the hardship.  But somehow with persistence and belief, we do.

In my interview with Andrew we discuss the the Four Nobel Truths that are articulated so clearly in the Buddhist philosophy: 1) Life means suffering 2) The origin of suffering is attachment 3) The cessation of suffering is attainable  4) The path to the cessation of suffering.

If you understand these basic truths, then you will understand that we are all going to suffer and that much of our personal suffering is due to our attachment to the material world and our beliefs about it.  What is clearly available to us, but frequently we are blinded to the truth is that their is a path to the cessation of suffering.

The Buddha summarized them thus: ” I teach one thing and one thing only: suffering and the end of suffering.” Suffering is not only the overt hardship of things like disease and disaster but also the everyday experiences of dissatisfaction, anxiety, and unhappiness.  If we simply open our eyes and acknowledge what we see and feel, we will discover the truth of suffering in its many guises.
If you are interested in reading a wonderfully well written book on the philosophy and paths to the end of suffering, then Andrew’s new book “The Power and the Pain” is a wonderful read.  The depth of his work is transformational as well as easy to read and understand.  If you would like more information about Andrew and his work, please visit his website by clicking here.  Please enjoy this wonderful interview with a great author.

Jim DonovanI always enjoy my interviews with the Tremendous Life Book authors, and Jim Donovan was no exception.  His new book entitled “52 Ways to a Happier Life” is filled with great advice and wisdom.

I found author Jim Donovan to be with one of the most authentic people I have spoken with in quite sometime.  His authenticity and “realness’ just exude during our to dialogue together.  Jim is the real deal. He had a very challenging young adulthood which helped to shape him into the person he is today.   His new book “52 Ways to a Happier Life” is a short read, but filled with practical and applicable suggestions to really live the life you were born to live.

How many of us remember to congratulate ourselves?  Sounds simple doesn’t it, but how many of us really take the time to acknowledge our accomplishment daily.  I bet not many of us.  The question we should be asking is why not?  Why don’t we take the time to acknowledge our accomplishments?  It is usually because our EGO is to busy telling us that we could do more, be more and have more so we just don’t have the time because of our busyness and focus on the material world.  Jim’s advice would be to quiet the inner critic and take the time to go inside and reconnect at a soul level. I know we  will be happier if we completed this act of self-kindness.

Jim dedicates several chapters to the importance of goal setting and planning.  He cites a statistic which thought was just astounding,  that over 97% of the worlds population does not take the time to write and set goals for themselves.  I had not idea that the numbers were so high.

So just what does goal setting do for you?  It provides one with a direction, a purpose and an opportunity to explore their personal passion.  Once you ignite this spark within the skys the limit.  It is really not so important if you don’t reach the goal, but it is important to put them in your subconscious and written goals are good reinforcing the subconscious.

I know you are going to love this book, and the wise advice from a man who walks his talk.  Please listen to this great podcast, for it is a wonderful way to start your New Year.  I also recommend that you visit Jim’s website and listen and watch his videos, you will be glad that you did.  Practical advice from a practical author and wise person.
Please click here to be directed to his website, and to purchase a copy of the book click here.

Elise BallardI recently had the pleasure of interviewing Elise Ballard the author of a new book entitled “Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage and Transform“.  I believe that all of us have had an epiphany in our life at one time or another, the question is have we had the courage to tell someone about our epiphany?

So what is the definition of  epiphany: ” a moment of great sudden revelation; an intuitive grasp of reality through something usually simple and striking; an illuminating discovery, realization or disclosure”.  Elise emphasizes that our epiphanies change not just us, but others in our lives and frequently the world.

In her new book Elise interviews over 50 well noted actors, and leaders in her attempt to explore how their personal epiphanies changed their lives.  These stories are truly moving, and provide the reader with a sense of just how powerful their epiphanies were in changing their lives.

Elise discovered some commonalities about epiphanies–Listening:Whether they were calmly contemplating the sky, meditating or praying, clinging to hope in a crisis, desperate to heal or searching for an answer, people were listening or paying attention to signs and what was going on around them. Belief: Whenever people have an epiphany, they never doubted for an instant whatever happened for them was real.  They had absolute faith and trust in the experience. Action: Every single person who epiphany positively changed his or her life took action. Serendipity:   After people began to take action on their epiphanies, circumstances seemed to fall into place so that they could take the next steps.

So I had to ask Elise if she believed epiphanies were a spiritual occurrence, and were the people she interviewed involved in some practices that would help to create the epiphany experience.  While she would not confirm my ideas about the spiritual connection of epiphanies, she certainly did not deny it.  She did note that many of our epiphanies can occur during times of extreme stress or challenges in our lives, as if a higher power was providing us with guidance and direction.
Whatever your personal belief is about epiphanies, I would highly recommend that you read Elise Ballard’s new book “Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage, and Transform“.  I would also encourage you to visit Elise’s website by clicking here, it is a wonderful website and she provides you an opportunity to record your epiphany as well as watch many video interviews she conducted with the people profiled in her book.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with someone who had dedicated their live to exploring and understanding our epiphanies in life.

Sandra IngermanThis is my second interview with Sandra Ingerman, and during this podcast we will speak about her book entitled “How to Thrive in Changing Times“.  We have all experienced challenges in our life at one point or another, and Sandra provides some simple tools to create true health, wealth, peace and joy.  This is certainly something we call all use a dose of as we bring in this New Year.

I know that everyone has heard this before, and Sandra makes a point to remind us.  One has to do with how our thoughts and words create the world we live in, and the other has to do with what we now know through science about how we can change our thought patterns.

As we navigate through 2011  I don’t think that their could be anything more important that re-framing how we speak to ourselves and to others.  Sandra is right on with her wisdom and advice in that this simple behavior shapes our world.  Just set your intentions to be more positive, and to give  yourself more self-love.   In most spiritual practices there is the teaching of as above, so below; as within, so without.  What we see in our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner state of consciousness.

Sandra asks the question in her book “How to Thrive in Changing Times”, “Are we holding on to the vision that we would like to see for our descendants and ourselves?  I would encourage you to ask this questions as you enter this New Year.   As we take a deep look inside, and do the spiritual work to transform ourselves and the world around us, we must work from the inside out states Sandra.  Too many of us only focus on the outer world. When we only focus on what is happening in the outer world, we start to feel like we are on a roller coster ride.  This yo-yoing can go on and on unless we come to the realization that our happiness, peace and joy and wealth lie within.


Sandra has a simple diagram in her book which is great.  New thoughts–New Behaviors–New Outcomes–New Thoughts.  So my recommendation as you enter this New Year is to listen to this great podcast with Sandra Ingerman as well as read this simple but wise book “How to Thrive in Changing Times.  If you would like more information about Sandra please click here to be directed to her website.  Enjoy your New Year, and set your intentions to re-frame your self-talk, and how you speak to others.

Gary MalkinI have had the honor of knowing Gary Malkin for a number of years.   I was originally introduced to his beautiful work through my son Sean.  Eight years ago when my son was diagnosed with Leukemia, Christmas morning under our tree was an amazing gift from Sean.

The gift was music to the spoken word, produced by Gary Malkin entitled “Graceful Passages“.  If you are not familiar with this particular CD series, I can not speak enough about the moving, touching and transformational work that Gary created. It will touch your soul like nothing else, I listened to these passages over and over again and again until they were etched in my being.

In my interview with Gary for this podcast we speak about his new Wisdom Films creation “Alchemy for the Soul and Beauty of Being“.  What Gary has created utilizing much of his work from Graceful Passages is a magnificent work of artistry and cinematography for you listening and viewing experience…and an amazing experience.

We all live in a very fast paced world, filled with constant change and lots of challenges.  I personally know that I like to take a break from what seems like a non stop lifestyle and practice my morning meditation.  It is this practice that ground me and prepares me for my day.

If you would like to experience a calming, peaceful, pleasant experience then I recommend that you play one of the passages from “Alchemy for the Soul or “The Beauty of Being“, as Gary states it is “inner-taniment” The films provide a unique opportunity to cultivate the “witness within”-that quiet inner-knowing-which can help us to experience equanimity in the midst of any storm. This state, know as “The Relaxation Response”, enhances your overall health while strengthening your capacity for compassion and inner peace.  When you’ve cultivated these qualities, you become a part of the fabric of the world’s solutions, rather than its problems.  This ‘witness within’ experience-over time-can help you, as Gandhi once said ” to become the change you wish to see in the world”.
If you want to treat yourself to a wonderfully calming, peaceful and transformational experience then get a copy of the two (2) set DVD from Wisdom Films.  If you would like more information about the product the Wisdom Films offers, please click here to be directed to their website.  Please enjoy this wonderful interview with a very compassionate artist and author…Gary Malkin.

Andreas MoritzI recently conducted an interview with Andreas Moritz about his book entitled “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, and was so impressed with his other books, and we decided to do another podcast.

In my interview with Andreas we discuss his new book entitled ” Lifting the Veil of Duality“. This topic is certainly something that will be debated, and probably misunderstood but Andreas sheds light on this subject and makes it very easy for us to understand.

As Andreas states in the books “We are all on the same journey of discovery, searching for that special place, the Divine Moment (known as the state of grace) where judgment has no value or meaning, where we are free of fear and resistance, beyond desire and its fulfillment. It is a quiet place: a unified state of silence where opposites meet and merge their differences. Untouched by the turbulence of thoughts and activity, it is here that you can truly be who you are, and be Love. The Divine Moment, which is a field of all possibilities, is not held back by the past and it is not plotted into the future. It is free and ever-present, at each segment of time. In this sacred place, you are at peace with yourself and at peace with your world. The very moment you enter the state of grace, (a state of non-separation) you are complete.

In my interview with Andreas we discuss this concept of separation, and how important understand the role it plays in making our world so disjointed.  It is the concept of separation that leads us to judgment which in turn leads to feeling so anger, resentment and hostility.  All of these emotions leading to a never ending state of dis-ease, which leads to disharmony and illness.

In your truest essence, you are beyond all the images and beliefs of the mind. Now the time has come to honor, respect, and accept the opposing aspects of life, enter a state of willing acceptance and take your first steps into the field of non-judgment where freedom dawns, the freedom to be yourself with all your power and glory.

If you would like to be released from judgement and understand how your mind assists you in creating this endless separation and the duality that we live in, then please read Andreas Moritz new book ” Lifting the Veil of Duality“.  It is possible to live in a state of bliss, happiness, joy and acceptance.  Andreas will assist you in learning how to let go, and become one with all living beings.  For more information please visit Andrea’s website by clicking here.
Enjoy this great interview with a wonderfully wise author and counselor–Andreas Moritz.