Clint ArthurThis is my second interview with Clint Arthur, and every time I conduct an interview with Clint I am engulfed by his energy.  When you listen to our interview you will understand the enthusiasm for he his about the topic of his book ” The Last Year Of Your Life.”

Just imagine if we all lived our lives as if this were the last year— “impermanence” is just a fact of life.  My questions would be what might you do if you knew for certain this was your last year?  What bold and daring adventures might you take on, who would you give your gratitude and love to that is longing to make a deep connection with you.

Obviously, all of the above questions are valid and our infrequency to pause and  reflect on this subject is the opportunity.  Clint’s new book “The Last Year of Your Life” has been written to engage the reader to reflect on just what is possible.  What can you accomplish, what would you do?

Clint weaves his own compelling story into the book and sprinkles it with video segments that really give an upfront and inside view into what Clint is thinking about and encouraging the reader to act upon.  I must say the video’s are wonderful, Clint is vulnerable, authentic and delivers a message that is so important–what do you want to do with your life?

At once the book is crafted  like a guidebook, encouraging you to take action–while providing you with stories, insights and wisdom that Clint has experienced over the years.  But throughout Clint continues to ask you to take action.  Simple stuff like creating mantras, observing your negative thinking—all wonderful exercises to create a shift in your consciousness.

I would certainly recommend this book for anyone who has deeply pondered their existence on this planet, and  the words of the famous singer Peggy Lee–“Is that All Their Is?” running around in their head.  I am really dating myself!!   It does not matter your ethnic origin, color or sex we are all human and these deep reflective questions are what make our life worth living.


If you are interested in learning more about Clint Arthur, you can click here to be directed to his website or watch a YouTube video about the book by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy this very lively and engaging interview.

Bill CrawfordI recently had the pleasure of speak with author Bill Crawford about his book entitled “Life From The Top of Mind“.  I think we are all aware of the incredible amounts of stress that fills our world, and I found that Bill’s book does a wonderful job of not only explaining how stress effects us, but provides a layman’s explanation of what happens to our bodies and what we can do about it to counter act the stress.

I think that for most of us we want to know what techniques are available to us in learning how to cope with stress.  But what is equally important is to understand what Bill refers to as “The Cycle of Stress/Frustration”.  It truly starts with the “Stressors”, economy, deadlines, customers etc then moves to our “Reactions” frustrated, stressed, anxious, angry etc. I think you got it!!

Bill outlines three ways to change, which are 1) Change the cause 2) Change the effect or 3) Become the cause.  It is the third option which is very unorthodox but is the main point of “Life From The Top Of The Mind“.

Bill is advocating that we look at the three C’s, Clarity, Cconfidence, and Creativity which means living our lives  from the “top of mind”  taking full responsibility for our lives.  Bill states that when you combine what he calls the POWER Model with the three C’s we can begin to see how they support one another.

The POWER model is an acronym for Purpose, Our Past, Wisdom of Serenity, Energy, and Responsibility.  When we become clear about our purpose we become more powerful. When we have more clarity about our past, meaning old habits, learned reactions and preconceptions that are incongruent with our higher purpose we can change the beliefs that are driving these habits. When we become clear about the wisdom of serenity, or value of using serenity as a precursor to accepting what we can’t change so that we have the courage to change those aspects of our live ove which we have the most influence we become more powerful. When we become clear about the type of energy we want to drive this process, and actively choose this energy to motivate our thoughts, emotions and behaviors we become more powerful.  And finally when we are willing to take full responsibility for our ability to respond so that we need nothing to change in order to practice this “Top Of Mind” perspective, we become powerful.

So to sum it up, the more control you are of your emotions, feeling and thoughts the less stress will invade your life.  Bill’s approach is so accurate but requires tremendous practice and diligence to recognize what state of mind we are in.  As he advocates if you can maintain a “Top of Mind” perspective your stress will be reduced substantially.  I highly recommend this book and the approach the author takes to help the reader reduce stress.


If you would like more information about author Bill Crawford please click here to be directed to his website .  Enjoy this wonderful interview with author Bill Crawford.

Nancy AndersonAuthor Nancy Anderson is probably the best career coach that I have every interviewed.  She not only seems to have a special intuition about what one’s career path should be, she has an amazing wise insight into our current career marketplace.  What I love about her book ” Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond” is that it is easy to read and more importantly full of great advice and guidance.

What she conveys in our interview together is that when one reaches midlife the desire to have a vocation that is meaningful and on purpose is heightened.  As she states we have gone through our years of  raising kids, growing our bank accounts and now we want to focus on a vocation that will make a difference.

I would concur with her, for me personally this happened when I turned age 50.  I also have spoken with many of my friends and their seems to be a stirring and uncomfortable feeling that we don’t have much time and we need to change career course with more meaningful work.

Nancy states that change for the better takes place in three (3) stages.  The first stage is when you admit that what your’re doing is not working, and you ask for help if you need it.  Then comes the second and most difficult state, stopping what your’re doing that is not working.  If you persist in your efforts, you reach the third and final state, making choices that work for your.  Now this may all sound simple, but when you are in the middle of a career and considering a choice this can be scary.

Nancy says that identifying and facing our fears is the crucial step in the first stage of change.  She states that in the book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill discribes six basic fears that keep you stuck in the past. These fears are as follows: 1) the fear of poverty 2) the fear of criticism, 3) the fear of loss of love 4) the fear of illness 5) the fear of old age 6) the fear of death.  I would say that about covers them all.

Nancy also recommends that when we are ready to take the next step that we rewrite our life story.  Now this is probably the best advice for anyone wanting to explore their authentic self and the core of their personality.  Going through this exercise is very revealing, and can be life altering–I know for I have completed this exercise and it is extremely empowering.  You see that once you do this exercise this much if revealed from your past, and frequently we are carrying emotional baggage forward into our life today and it is not serving us.

So, if you want to work with passion and live the life you want I think that Nancy Anderson book “Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond” is the perfect reference.  She also is the author of “Work with Passion” which is also a great book on career coaching.  If you want to learn more about Nancy and how she can help you specifically please click here to be directed to her website.


I hope you enjoy my interview with this wonderfully insightful career and life coach–Nancy Anderson.  You can also watch a wonderful video at YouTube by clicking here.

Lori DescheneIf you are not familiar with author and blogger Lori Deschene, you should be.  Her new book entitled “Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions” is a must read for anyone wanting to explore some of the deepest questions you might ever be asked.   Lori not only intertwined her own personal story, but she used Twitter to get answer from her followers about what she calls Life’s Hard Questions.

Nearly one thousand people responded when Lori began asking life’s hard questions on Twitter, planning to create a collaborative book.   As Lori states the insights from the people who responded formed the backbone of “Tiny Buddha“.   This book is not a guide of absolute answers.  It’s crowdsourced wisdom, often supported by scientific, psychological and sociological research, that may help you experience meaning, happiness and peace right now, regardless of your circumstances.

In my interview with Lori we explore not only her very interesting personal story, but the insights and wisdom of the thousands of followers at her website and blog. If you are asking yourself, what are these “hard questions” here are just a few to peak your interest: 1) Why Is There Suffering In the World? 2) What’s the Meaning of Life? 3) Can People Change and How? 4) Does Everything Happen for a Reason? 5) What Does It Take to Be Happy?

Tiny Buddha” is a book designed to get you to think as well as take action on your thoughts.  Lori has created a section at the end of each chapter where she provides options for the reader to put what they learn into practice.  It is one thing to read and reflect on  these “hard questions’ it is another thing to start to move in a direction to change old patterns and beliefs that do not serve us anymore.  I personally think that the layout of the book evokes deep thought, contemplation and the freedom to explore what will work best for you.

Lori approaches this truly from the “Buddhist” perspective which is very refreshing.  No judgement–she is just a guide helping you find your own way while you ponder some of “life’s hardest questions”  If you want to learn more about Lori’s blog, or sign up for her amazing daily inspirational messages please click here to read more.  You can also watch a great YouTube video about Lori’s thought on how to build real community on the Internet.


I hope you enjoy a wonderful interview with a fascinating author on a mission to unite and help people with every day pain and suffering.   You can also follow Lori on Twitter by clicking here

Bill GladstoneOver the last several months I have grown to know author and literacy agent Bill Gladstone.   Bill a fascinating man, and  has a true passion for helping and serving people through great books, and connecting people for the greater good.  I recently interviewed Bill about one of his many co-authored book entitled ” Tapping the Source

This book was written and co-authored with John Selby, Richard Greninger and Bill Gladstone and brings to light the works of Charles Haanel’s Master Key System combining short-form meditation techniques with new psychological insights assisting one in tapping their personal potential.

Charles Haanel never claimed to have invented the process of manifestation that he taught. In fact he often refers to classic sources in the Judeo-Christian heritage and Greek and Eastern traditions to highlight the ancient wisdom he’s drawing from and expanding upon.  But beyond classic parallels, his personal vision appears to be uniquely inspired with new psychological insights and remarkably clear elucidations of the core principles that drive our everyday lives:  ” What you and I desire, what everyone is seeking, is happiness and harmony.  If we can be truly happy, we shall have everything the workd can give. If we are happy ourselves, we can make others happy.”

The primary difference in the qualities of Haanel’s vision is that he’s not fixed on material possessions or giant bank accounts or a fleet of fancy cars in the garage.  Yes, he does fully support abundance, but he bases his teaching on the fact that what we really want deep down is to feel genuinely happy and in ongoing harmony with ourselves and the world.  He says “Harmony and happiness are states of consciousness, and do not depend upon possession of things.”

Haannel stated that ” creative power does not originate in the individual, but in the Universal, which is the source and foundation of all energy and substance; the individual is simply the channel for the distribution of this energy.” Haanel was not only a wise man, but very spiritually connected soul bringing awareness and light to the world.

If you want to learn more about Charles Haanel and Tapping the Source, please visit the Tapping the Source website by clicking here.  There is also a full featured DVD that is excellent and will provide you with insights from some of the greatest minds in the personal growth, spirituality and mastery  today.


Enjoy my interview with Bill Gladstone a wonderful author and compassionate man on a mission.  To learn more about Bill Gladstone please click here to be directed to his website.

Susyn ReeveSo just what is is like to live an inspired life?  I recently interviewed author Susyn Reeve the author of a new book entitled ” The Inspired Life-Unleashing Your Minds Capacity for Joy” and we discussed the important elements associated with leading an inspired life.

We all are in a time of great worldwide change and transformation, and Susyn’s book does a great job of providing the reader with techniques to shift our minds capacity to sustain a new level of inspiration even in what  seems to many to be challenging times.

As Susyn states ” We choose to life and inspired life and it is an empowering choice.  When you make this choice, it is possible, actually most likely, that in addition to experiencing greater joy, happiness, peace, and self-worth, you will initially encounter distress, frustration, turmoil, emotional pain, sadness and anxiety.  This is natural and normal.

It is the process of your personal blocks and obstacles to living an inspired life—your internal resistance–coming to the surface of your conscious awareness, presenting you with the choice to evolve beyond these patterns of the past.  When your fears and beliefs—meet the light of your awareness you then have the opportunity to acknowledge them and use them as a springboard to upgrade the software of your mind, transforming your identity with I am worthy, I am loving, I am valuable, I  am loveable, etc.

Living an inspired life has is roots in your mind and learning how to create new nuro pathways and to upgrade the software of your mind.  In “The Inspired Life” Susyn Reeve helps the reader understand the challenges associated with establishing these new patterns of thinking–and helps you reprogram your mind for greater levels of happiness, prosperity, bliss, joy, abundance etc.

I love a quote from Gandhi that Susyn included in the book, and probably sums up and inspired life.

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.  Keep your words positive because your words become  your behaviors.  Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits.  Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.  Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.

If you would like to learn more about “The Inspired Life” you can visit Susyns’ website by clicking here or watch a great video on self-esteem by clicking here.

Tom HintonI first met author Tom Hinton about a year ago.  He was introduced to me by a good friend who I rode bikes with while doing mentoring for  Team In Training.  I had a great lunch with Tom and was impressed with what Tom had created in his business, but more importantly I was inspired by him as a person.

Tom’s new book entitled ” 10,000 Days: the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life.” is based on the principles that their are three (3)  stages of our life.  The first 10,000 days are the “Discovery Years” and span from infancy to early adulthood.   The second 10,000 days are called the ” Fulfillment Years“.  Most people spend the Fulfillment Years building their resume, acquiring wealth, searching for true love, starting a family and laying down roots.  The third 10,000 days are the ” Legacy Years“.  This as Tom explains it is the moment we grasp that something significant in our life is missing.

We frequently are asking the questions: Who am I?, How do I live a life worth remembering?, and What is my higher purpose in life?.

In my interview with Tom we discuss what is referred to in “10,000 Days” as “The Course”.   The course consists of four parts: Acceptance of Self, Acceptance of Others, Acceptance of the Divine and Embracing the Gift of Love.  The book has been written for those entering the ” Legacy Years” and are yearning for meaningful answers to life’s most powerful questions as Tom states.

Answering the above questions are a turning point in a person’s life–this turning point is not defined by age but by opening our hearts to new possibilities.  Tom mentions that whenever our Inner Spirit senses we are receptive to its overtures, it surfaces and invites us to respond to its call.  This book has been written for those who are awakening from a period of spiritual deprivation and want to re-connect with their Inner Spirit.   This course is based on a simple life-balance philosophy that encourage your ego and Inner Spirit to work together in harmony so you can live your dreams and attain your higher purpose.

Tom new book “ 10,000 Days” is truly an inspirational work and worth the read no matter what your age.  If you want to explore your higher calling and get in touch with that part of your that longs to be expressed and make a difference then I encourage you to read and practice what Tom Hinton is advocating.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with Tom.

You can learn more about Tom’s course and his work by clicking here to be directed to his website, or you can watch this great YouTube video by clicking here.

Brian AlmanI was introduced to Brian Alman through a very good friend just about a month ago.  She recommended that I do an interview with Brian about his new book entitled ” The Voice: Overcome Negative Self-Talk and Discover Your Inner Wisdom.”   I was very impressed with Brian, and the message that he delivers through his book.

What you will find out about Brian during our interview is that the techniques he teaches to reach deep within and find your true authentic voice are truly amazing.  Brian was trained by one of the leading experts in the business Dr. Milton Erickson, and what Brain learned while under the tutelage  of Dr. Erickson truly transformed his life both emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Brian is now teaching what he learned from Dr. Erickson to thousands of patients, and obtaining amazing relief from pain and suffering in all areas of their lives.  What Brian knows is that it is not the difficulties themselves but our repression of our feelings that elevates our stress to dangerous levels.  As Brian states stress is the leading cause of 60-80% of all doctors office visits.  Also “chronic stress” caused by ” adverse childhood experiences” in the family is far more prevalent than most medical doctores believe, and is highly correlated with a whole host of physical and emotional problems later in life

Brian teaches the ” Find Your Voice” process that is based on a three step .   First, he says stop trying to get rid of your challenge.  That never works and is even counter-productive–the harder you try to fix yourself, the stronger your challenge becomes.

Second, you need to learn how to constructively deal with your Inner Judge, that self-critical voice in your head that’s quick to blame you and punish you for your mistakes and imperfections.  Third, as you experience and engage positively with all your pain and negativity–as you embrace all of the thoughts, feelings, and self-criticisms that are driving your challenge–you find yourself spontaneously developing a new and more loving relationship with yourself.

Brian’s book “The Voice” is simple yet provides the reader with a process that will allow you to get rid of the “negative self-talk” while getting you in touch with your authentic inner voice.  I know that reaching that place where we can hear, listen and actually utilize the guidance of this voice is where we make decisions in our life that change us forever.  I know you are going to enjoy my interview with Brian Alman about his new book ” The Voice“.


If you would like more information you can go to Brian’s website by clicking here, or watch a YouTube video on ” The Voice” by clicking here.  Enjoy listening to author Brian Alman.

BJ GallagherAre you ready for a dose of positive energy?  If so, you have come to the right podcast with author BJ Gallagher.  In my recent interview with BJ we discuss her new book entitled “If Go Is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats–Miracles Happen When you Let Go“.

I love BJ’s books they are always filled with great stories, and lessons about living and life.  In this book BJ writes about being “faithful” and each one of the letters in the word “faithful” is an acronym for what she is writing about.

I really can appreciate the quote in her book from Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ” Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”  We discuss the differences between belief and trust and she has a wonderful story that truly gets at the heart of the differences between belief and trust.

A man  rides his bike on a high wire across Niagara Falls.  He does it the first time by himself then he asks for volunteers to ride on the handle bars of the bike.  A little girl speaks up and says that she will do it, much to the chagrin of the on lookers.  She hops on the bike and the man takes the little girl across Niagara Falls and back again.  When they return an older woman asks the little girl “Weren’t you afraid?”  The little girls answer ” No, I wasn’t afraid.”  ” You see, I don’t just believe in him–I trust him. He’s my daddy.”


This little story is a great example of the true difference between belief and trust.  BJ’s book is loaded with great stories, poems and is truly an inspirational book.  If you would like more information about BJ Gallagher and her books please visit her website by clicking here.

Enjoy my interview with BJ Gallagher author of ” If God is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats”.