Michael HollaufI have recently been doing podcasts with organization and authors that have productivity tools that I believe are excellent personal growth and mastery applications.  I was introduced to Michael Hollauf the founder of MindMeister through Gerald Aquila the founder of FireTask, and we speak in this podcast  about an amazing cloud based application for mind mapping that he developed with his team called MindMeister.  This application is  so popular that within less than 6 years his user base has grown to over 1.6 million users.

If you are not familiar with mind mapping, it was made popular by British psychologist Tony Buzan.  What is important to remember about mind mapping is that it allows our non-linear brains that normally  think randomly to be able to capture the wonderful ideas, thoughts and inspirations on paper or the computer in a visual map.

Mind Mapping and the use of computer technology over the last 10 years had really excelled, and the cloud based application that Michael and his team has developed is a wonderful example of a collaborative cloud based application that makes the job of capturing ideas and thoughts with a team of people a snap.

A mind map starts usually with one central word or idea, then branches out from this initial concept. The branches then turn into sub-branches and you continue to develop the mind map as your thoughts flow and are recorded onto the mind map. It is like a cognitive map of sorts.  I have links to some of the samples that MindMeister clients have shared just to give you an idea of what is possible using the MindMeister cloud based application. Just click here for a few examples.

The practical tools that would not be available using paper vs a cloud based system are that you can link notes, hypertext links to website, video, graphics, pictures almost anything that will help you in developing your brainstorming session and making it more comprehensive in nature.   The best part about MindMeister is the ability to share your ideas with others on a team and publish your map for their feedback.

If you are in business or a student, then utilizing a cloud based mind mapping software is a wonderfully practical tool.  I highly recommend the MindMeister cloud based system.  If you want more information or would like to watch a few training videos about how to use the system please click here.  You can also download a 30 day free trial by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with the founder of MindMeister Michael Hollauf.


Dan ZadraThis interview with Dan Zadra is the last in a series of interviews with the author about his inspirational books that are numbered in a series.  This last interview is about his book entitled “7-How Many Days Of The Week Can You Be Extraordinary”.

One of the things we discuss in our interview together is that fact that the average person has just 30,000 mornings they will awaken too.  Think about that number for a minute, 30,000 mornings-how are you going to spend yours today?

The key here is that this is your life, and don’t miss a day of it– every morning is precious.   This message is accented by a great story about a 95 year old woman recounting her time here on earth, and her thoughts on  how time flies, and that one morning she looked up and was 70 year old and as soon as she made the realization that she did not have much more time on this earth, she started to savor everyday and every moment and wanted to make a difference in the world.

It does not have to be your 70th birthday before you make this realization about how each day is important.  Learn to live  for each moment —that is really all we have.

We have all heard about learning to become a beginner again, but how many of us really practice it?  We lose something wonderful when it becomes more important to us to be the one who knows than to be the one who’s open to the everyday wonders around us.  “Those wo think they know it all have no way of finding out they don’t”, wrote Leo Buscaglia.  Fortunately, our sense of curiosity and wonder can rekindled and refreshed.

During my interview with Dan he tells personal inspring stories, and recounts stories that will inspire and move you.  If you are wondering how your days, weeks, months, years and lifetime are going


to be extraordinary then read Dan’s book “7-How Many Days Of The Week Can Be Extraordinary” he really provides sound advice and inspiration on how to live an extraordinary life.

If you want more information about Dan Zadra, please click here to be directed to his company website.  Or you can click here to be directed an interview with Dan on  YouTube.


Michael BosworthI had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Bosworth, a personal friend and someone who is always on the cutting edge innovating around sales and selling.  His new book “What Great Salespeople Do” really hits at the heart of selling as far as I am concerned.  It is about the emotional connection and the power of story.

I know that many of you who are in sales might think that you are really good at connecting with your customer or prospect, but what Mike and Ben reveal in their new book really can transform the way you sell and connect with your clients.

As long as I can remember we have been using stories to convey wisdom from generation to generation.  And in some respect, that is what great salespeople do.  They know how and when to use compelling stories to connect with their clients and prospects.

In “What Great Salespeople Do” you will learn how to : 1) relax a buyer’s skepticism while activating the part of his or her brain where trust is formed and connectons are forged. 2) use the power of story to influence buyers to change 3) make your ideas, beliefs and experiences “storiable” using a proven story structure 4) build a personal inventory of stories to use throughout your sales cycle 5) tell your stories with authenticity and real passion.

This new book is truly groundbreaking and will help the experienced storyteller as well as the novice, begin to convey their stories with convection and authenticity which is the foundation of making a deep emotional and personal connection with their clients and prospects.  You will also learn the importance of empathic listening which embodies, awareness, encouragement and reflection which is a big key in getting the agreement of the buyer.

When I say this is a hugh leap for the sales industry, that is an understatement.  Gone are the days of programmed selling and thank God for the wonderful heartfelt approach that Mike and Ben are teaching in “What Great Salespeople Do“.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Mike Bosworth—if you want to learn more about his company Story Leaders please click here to learn more.

Walter GreenHow many of you have really thought about the importance that being grateful plays in your life?  I recently interviewed Walter Green the author of a new book entitled ” This Is The Moment-How One Man’s Yearlong Journey Captured the Power of Extraordinary Gratitude“, and was throughly impressed at the lengths Walter took to express his gratitude to 44 of the most influential people in his life.

In my interview with Walter we discussed the impact this experience had on his life.  He wanted to tell these men and women how much they mattered to him before anyone’s health or life was compromised and the opportunity was missed.  Walter mentions that you might think of his life as as rags to riches story, but that it is anything but that.  He realized that significant contributions to his learning and success these  44 individuals played .

As Joseph Campbell articulates in his book “The Hero’s Journey” we go on the departure, then have the initiation and ultimately the return.  I think in the case  Walter departed  on his own spiritual journey and through the beauty of gratitude  was able to experience the freedom  upon his return as a result of his profound gratitude.

Walter experienced mastery which leads to the freedom from the fear of death.  You see, Walters father died he was a very young age, and his death made a significant impact on the journey that he embarked upon to recognize and express his gratitude to the people that had a deep heartfelt role in the molding of his life.

As Walter states in ” This Is The Moment“, ” Their pieces of input allowed me a unique opportunity to answer the question; ” Who am I?”  What an empowering gift! . I never set out with an agenda of learning about myself; doing so was parenthetical and incidental, but not inconsequential.  Not only that it started me thinking about my personal legacy.  We all have a perception of ourselves, and everything we do is consistant with that vision—our integrity, our energy, or performance, our giving to others.  This leads us to keep an internal scorecard and wonder how we’re doing. Am I doing the right things? Am I doing enough?

But the scorecard get buried with us.  When we’re gone, only the perceptions other have of us live on.”   If you have at ever thought about expressing your gratitude to someone one you love or who has made an impact on your life, what is stopping you?  Go do it!

Walter’s experience and the stories he tells in “This Is The Moment” will certainly move you to want to express your gratitude.  I encourage you to read this book and  also share your stories of gratitude with Walter by visiting his website by clicking here.  You will also want to watch a video by clicking here about the book.

Walter will be speaking at an upcoming event in San Diego for Renaissance Executive Forums you can register for the March 20th event by clicking here.


Enjoy this great interview with author Walter Green.

Steve FarberI have known author Steve Farber for several years now, and this is my second podcast  with him. His new book entitled “The Radical Leap Re-Energized” is the subject of this interview The Radical Leap Re-Engerized is designed for those readers and leaders who do what they do because they love it,  and and they are in service to others.

Steve is extremely passionate about his work, and in this new book which is part non-fiction and part fiction Steve guides the reader to renew their excitement for what they do and encourage others to lead with passion.  What Steve refers to as the Radical Leap is associated with 1) cultivating love 2) generating energy 3) inspiring audacity and 4) providing proof.

Love is the ultimate motivation of the Extreme Leader: love of something or someone, love of a cause, love of a principle, love of the people you work with and the customers you serve, love of the future you and yours can create together, love of the business you conduct together ever day.  Without the calling and commitment of your heart, there’s no good reason for you to take a stand, to take a risk, or to do what it takes to change your world for the better.

Generate energy-the Extreme Leader is a generator, a powerful force for action, for progress, and an enthusiastic believer in people and in their capacity to do the awesome.    Steve asks ” what gets you out of bed and brings you to work?” If you are to be the generator, where does you juice come from?  In what well do you dip your cup to get the nourishment you need to meet the obstacles and challenges that you and your face every day.   So what generates energy–Love, Great Ideas, Noble Principles, Leaping Goals, Interesting Work, Exciting Challenges and a Compelling Vision.

Inspire Audacity– for the Extreme Leader, audacity is the bold and blatant disregard for normal constraints in order to change the world for the better.  Love-inspired audacity is courageous and fille with valor.  The Extreme Leader is audacious not to serve his or her own ego, but to serve the common good.  And to do so boldly and blatantly and let the naysayers be damned.

If you are a leader, and I am not just don’t referring to  someone in business.  Leaders are all around us, Mom’s, Dad’s, Sisters, Brothers we are all leaders.  Steve’s book will provide you the inspiration to lead with principle and integrity and to take the leap forward into a new way of perceiving your role as a leader.


I hope you enjoy my interview with author Steve Farber and for more information please visit his website by clicking here or you can watch some great video’s of him on YouTube by clicking here.

James OlsonAuthor James Olson truly has thoughtfully written a book that  asks the reader to ponder and reflet deeply about the whole-brain path to peace.  His new book entitled “The Whole Brain Path to Peace-The Role of Left-and Right Brain Dominance in the Polarization and Reunification of America” is enlightening to say the least.

In my interview with James we discuss the the tow hemispheres of the brain, and the differences between the left brain and right brain dominance.  As James states the right brain is holistic, unifying and see wholeness.  It is interested in collectives, including collective security and is interested in the welfare of others.

In contrast, the left-brain is dualistic and it separates wholes through the process and analysis, focusing in on their parts.  The left brain is aggressive and needs to be in order to protect us, while the right brain is peaceful, engaging people through a process of attraction rather than action.

James associates the left brain with war, and the right brain with peace.  He states that the left-brain, being analytical, is deconstructive.  Analysis takes things apart.  It is also aggressive and forceful and needs boe be in order to overcome the unity of wholeness.  Wholes don’t fall apart; they have to be forced apart.   The path to peace requires that we fully integrate the tow different side of our brain and end the struggle between them, resulting in a whole brain, a peaceful brain, rather than a polarized brean of two parts.  From a whole-brain perspective—when all you have is wholeness—there are no reason to fight or have war: There is nothing to war against. War comes about only when we have separation.

Author James Olson’s new book ” The Whole-Brain Path to Peace” is a wonderful read filled with thought provoking ideas to thrust the reader into understanding how the two hemispheres of our brain are truly the reason for separation, and not seeing the differences.  Once we can unify our left and right sides of the brain and see the world from a whole-brain perspective we will have personal peace, and as our author would like—world peace.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with a great author.  You can learn more about James Olson by clicking here to be directed to his website.  Or you can watch a Youtube video by clicking here.

Tom HintonI first met author Tom Hinton about a year ago.  He was introduced to me by a good friend who I rode bikes with while doing mentoring for  Team In Training.  I had a great lunch with Tom and was impressed with what Tom had created in his business, but more importantly I was inspired by him as a person.

Tom’s new book entitled ” 10,000 Days: the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life.” is based on the principles that their are three (3)  stages of our life.  The first 10,000 days are the “Discovery Years” and span from infancy to early adulthood.   The second 10,000 days are called the ” Fulfillment Years“.  Most people spend the Fulfillment Years building their resume, acquiring wealth, searching for true love, starting a family and laying down roots.  The third 10,000 days are the ” Legacy Years“.  This as Tom explains it is the moment we grasp that something significant in our life is missing.

We frequently are asking the questions: Who am I?, How do I live a life worth remembering?, and What is my higher purpose in life?.

In my interview with Tom we discuss what is referred to in “10,000 Days” as “The Course”.   The course consists of four parts: Acceptance of Self, Acceptance of Others, Acceptance of the Divine and Embracing the Gift of Love.  The book has been written for those entering the ” Legacy Years” and are yearning for meaningful answers to life’s most powerful questions as Tom states.

Answering the above questions are a turning point in a person’s life–this turning point is not defined by age but by opening our hearts to new possibilities.  Tom mentions that whenever our Inner Spirit senses we are receptive to its overtures, it surfaces and invites us to respond to its call.  This book has been written for those who are awakening from a period of spiritual deprivation and want to re-connect with their Inner Spirit.   This course is based on a simple life-balance philosophy that encourage your ego and Inner Spirit to work together in harmony so you can live your dreams and attain your higher purpose.

Tom new book “ 10,000 Days” is truly an inspirational work and worth the read no matter what your age.  If you want to explore your higher calling and get in touch with that part of your that longs to be expressed and make a difference then I encourage you to read and practice what Tom Hinton is advocating.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with Tom.

You can learn more about Tom’s course and his work by clicking here to be directed to his website, or you can watch this great YouTube video by clicking here.

Colin TippingColin Tipping is the author of a book entitled “Radical Forgiveness” but his new book entitled ” Radical-Self Forgiveness-The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance” is a very important addition to his writings and teachings.

Colin mentions the purpose of the book is to heal the self hatred within the consciousness of the collective human species, and to help individuals feel a peace within themselves.  That is a very big order, but Colin has done an excellent job in providing the reader with insight into “Radical-Self Forgiveness” and how to let go of resentment and give up the desire to punish. If we can all get just this one little insight from the book this world would be a much better place to live.

As Colin states ” Whether we are talking about self-forgiveness or the forgiveness of others, the idea that forgiveness is extremely difficult and that only special people can do it applies in both cases.  In one case, we perceive ourselves as the perpetrator of some crime or misdemeanor, which leads to a feeling of guilt, while in the other, we perceive ourselves as having been victimized by someone or something, which leads us to feel angry and resentful.  Radical Self-Forgiveness is such a healing process, allowing deep emotional wounds to heal.

As Colin states ” The I Am Self is the spiritual self that exists above all other, and yet is the one of which we are less aware.  It is often referred to as the ” Observer” because it’s the one who observes the “I” who is “me”.   Our I Am Self is the part of us that remains connected to the Divine, or the all That Is.  The resident judge and critical parent have not part to play in Radical Self-Forgiveness, they will try to muscle in if they can.  But as long as you use the tools that Radical Self-Forgiveness provides, they will have no power, nor any say in the matter.

There are Five Stages of Radical Self-Forgiveness, and they are: Stage 1: Telling the Story; Stage 2: Feeling The Feelings; Stage 3: Collapsing the Story; Stage 4: Reframing the Story; Stage 5: Integrating the Shift.  If you follow the techniques outlined in “Radical Self-Forgiveness” you will certainly heal those aspects of your personality and live a life of freedom and self expression.
I hope you enjoy my interview with Colin Tipping your guide through  Radical Self-Forgiveness.

If you want more information about Radical Self-Forgiveness please visit Colin’s website by clicking here.

Guy KawasakiI recently interviewed Guy Kawasaki about his new book entitled ” Enchantment-The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions“.  I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Guy, and I think you will enjoy listening to this interview as well.

Enchantment as Guy states is ” not about manipulating people.  It is about transforming situations and relationships into experiences where people want to come back again and again, while telling others about the amazing experience.  Guy argues that in business and personal interactions, your goal is not merely to get what you want but to bring about a voluntary, enduring and delightful change in other people.  By enlisting the own goals and desires, by being likable and trustworthy, and by framing a cause that other can embrace, you can change hearts, minds, and actions.

In the book all of the tactics you need to prepare and launch an enchantment campaign are available; to get the most from both push and pull technologies; and to enchant your customers, your employees and even your boss. It shows how enchantment can turn difficult decisions your way, at times when intangibles mean more than hard facts.  It will help you overcome other people’s entrenchment habits and defy the not-always-wise “wisdom of the crowd.”

There are two key elements to becoming enchanting, likability and trustworthiness.  Guy states that step one is achieving likability, because jerks seldom enchant people.  In the book several aspects to likability are covered, from smile to handshake to using the right words.  It is important to understand these elements for they are paramount to creating a personality that is likable.

Secondly, it trustworthiness.  People who don’t trust others have often had bad experiences that cause them to embrace a distrusting, kill-or-be-killed philosophy.   The first step is to trust others.  In the book Guy speaks about “Mensch” it is a German word for “human being”, but its Yiddish connotation far exceeds this definition.  If you are a mensch, you are honest, fair, kind, and transparent, no matter whom you’re dealing with and who will ever know what you did.

This book is for people who see life for what it can be rather than what it can’t.  They are bringing to market a cause–that is a product, service, organization, or idea–that can make the world a better place.  If you want to become “enchanting” and change the hearts, minds and actions of the people you interact with or who are your customers then I highly recommend that you read “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions“.  If you would like to learn more about Guy Kawasaki you can click here to be taking to his website.  There are great references and videos as well at the website for your viewing.
Enjoy this wonderful interview with a very “enchanting man” Guy Kawasaki.