Xorin BalbesThe timing for this podcast was was very fortuitous.  Author Xorin Balbes is a coach and interior architect of our living spaces.  His new book entitled ” Soul Space-Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life is a wonderful book about not just how to re-organize and design your living space but truly looking at the energy of every object that is in your space.

I know for me I have been wanting to re-organize, cleanse and create a new living space in my home office.  In my interview with Xorin we explored the eight stages of the Soul Space process which are assess, release, cleanse, dream, discover, create, elevate and celebrate.

What is so revealing about this process is that we not only examine the physical space, but our personal interior space.  Our emotional connecting to the objects that we have collected and decorated our living spaces with.  Xorin points out that the way our homes are organized all too often supports unresolved issues and relationships that we need to confront–get rid of for good.  By clearing out and redesigning our living space, by actively reconnecting and realigning with our surroundings, we are able to grow and evolve instead of remaining stuck and stagnating.

Soul Space is about getting in touch with the beliefs, thoughts and feelings behind all the things that you surround yourself with.  The aesthetic come from your soul’s expression and supports you in becoming more authentically you.  The design is truly about your interior as it emerges from you understanding that the external world impacts your inner self and vice versa.

If you are anything like me, I am very sensitive to my living space.  I like things neat, and orderly but lately I have let the office space that I am working in become cluttered and messier that I would like.  It really consumes lot of my energy, for I think about how I want to clean it up and re-organize it but when the time comes to do it I don’t seem to have the energy.

If you want to explore the underlying causes and attachment to all of your stuff then, this podcast will be a real eye opener.  I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Xorin and his ideas and suggestion were enlightening about what I need to do, and my emotional connection to the stuff.

I highly recommend that you read Xorin’s book Soul Space if you are wanting to re-design, recreate and open up new possibilities in your life.  This book is more than just a book about re-designing your physical living space, it is all about you inner space and your connection emotionally to your possessions and collections.  It truly is a book about your soul’s calling to manifest harmony and peace in your life.

If you want more information about Soul Space and Xorin Balbes please click here to be directed to his website. Our click here to go to his Facebook page.