I happen to be watching the documentary ” Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead #2″ by Joe Cross.  If you have not seen this documentary it is certainly worth watching, and learning about the life changing steps that Joe Cross took to get himself and thousands of others back to health and vitality.

As a result of watching Joe’s documentary I payed particular attention to an interview he conducted with Brian Wansink from Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab.  I was fascinated by how Brain was focused on how the change in our surroundings and environment can have a significant impact on our health and nutrition, so I reached out to him to do an interview for Inside Personal Growth.

In this interview with Brian Wansink, Ph.D. you will learn how simply it is to reconstruct and rethink your environments for success in your food consumption. Brian says that the answer isn’t to tell people what to do: it is to set up their living environments so that they will naturally lose weight.   He says we need to work with human nature not against it, and that willpower is a very challenging way to shift our eating patterns for success, and he proves it in his new book “Slim By Design“.

During our dialogue together we discuss some very simple techniques that you can employ in you home, the restaurants you eat in, your grocery store, your workplace and at your children’s school.   You will learn how to create a mindless solution for your eating habits, that will work and allow you to shed the unwanted pounds.   This is not to state that you can only change your environment for success, you still need to exercise and learn what foods are healthy for you, but this factor is a key to a healthy lifestyle  change in what you eat and how much weight you might be able to lose.

I hope you enjoy this upbeat and lively interview with a fascinating man and scientist, Brian Wansink, Ph.D. If you want to learn more about “Slim By Design” or his other books please click here to be directed to his website.

I recently interviewed  Dr. Pam Popper the author of a new book entitled ” Food Over Medicine-The Conversation That Could Save Your Life”.   I am so excited by what Pam had to say in our interview together that my wife and I have already shifted our diet.  

The wisdom that Pam shares in our interview can certainly save and improve the quality of our lives.   The plant based diet that she advocates is something that she researched, and a plant based diet unequivocally reverses many of the well known diseases that plegue society today.  

It is not a question of living longer, we statically are doing that—the question we should ask is what will the quality of our lives be like if we live into advanced years but we don’t have our health?  

American’s are overmedicated, overfed and malnourished and fail to realize that the answer to lower disease rates doesn’t lie in more pills but in the foods we eat.    I would really like to encourage my listeners to pay close attention to what Dr. Popper speaks about in our interview if you choose to shift your diet to a nutrient rich diet with lots of green vegetables you are likely to see major shifts in your personal health.  

If you would like more information about Dr. Popper’s Wellness Forum then click the link here to be directed to her website.  You can also watch the video below or click on the links attached to her Facebook Page

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with an extremely knowledgable physician with sound health advice—without the prescriptions.