Jan PhillipsI love how author Jan Phillips writes, she is articulate and always has something inspirational to say.  Her new book entitled “No Ordinary Time-The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence and Evolutionary Creativity“.  Is about awakening and honoring the creator within all of us. It is a calling to stop, listen and take the necessary time to reconnect with a higher spiritual power that exist and is in service to us all.

These are “No Ordinary Times”  as Jan states. We are are witnessing and participating in an evolutionary leap unlike anything in our history.  There is evidence in the human family of an upward shift in consciousness, and maturing spirituality, a connectedness that grows more intimate and global by the day.  And that uplift is countered by the dissolution of myths that no longer serve us and demise of institutions that have under-pinned our culture since the beginning of history.

This book is a call to mindfulness, a reminder that evolutionary action begins with stillness, that visionary ideas arise from spiritual practice.  It is a book for people conscious in their power and ready to co-create new sacraments and ceremonies to celebrate the Divine dwelling within us.

The books form is based on the medieval “Book of Hours” and is designed to get the reader to read, reflect and make a deep spiritual connection to the higher power.  There are stories, poems and contemplative questions to ponder as one journeys through the text.  This truly is a book that will wake you up, and start you thinking about your patterns and thinking that have gotten where you are, as well as help you rise above your current beliefs and test new ground for conscious evolution.
I hope you enjoy my interview with author and thought leader Jan Phillips.  Her new book “No Ordinary Times” is a wonderful read and hopefully a book that will help you to see your life in a whole new light.  If you would like to learn more about author Jan Phillips please click here to be directed to her website.

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