Michael McCaffertyIn this podcast I  interview a very good friend, and someone that I admire, author and adventurer Michael McCafferty . His new book entitled ” The Spirit of Adventure”  is about his amazing adventure  in a Waco bi-plane around Europe, and while in this interview we speak about Michael’s adventures we also speak about life as a entrepreneur  and father.

Every since I have known Michael he as had a thing for planes and fast cars, not a bad thing to have a fascination with. I remember going to a party at his home in Borrego Springs, CA many years back and his home was a hanger (literally) and the plane was in the living room.

In our interview together we discuss not only the planning it took to coordinate the transportation of his Waco bi-plane to Europe, but the ensuing 96 day adventure throughout the incredibly breathtaking countryside of  Europe.  Michael has lots of great stories from his adventure, and most of them are articulated in the book which is a series of emails that he was sending back to friends and family who were following him on his wonderful adventure.  For three months during the summer of 1997 he “went flying, low and slow, exploring Europe’s coastline, islands, Alps, big-cities and tiny villages.   As Michael recounts in our interview this was the greatest experience of his life”.

A very large part of this adventure has to do with Michael’s son Mike.  You see Mike broke his back in a plane accident in March of 1993 and was paralyzed from the waist down.  Michael stated that his son never once complained during extended rehabilitation and hospitalization, and he persevered.  He is and always will be his father’s hero.

As we discuss in our interview Michael had to decide if he would fly again.  He lamented as you can imagine, but as he states he would have sent the wrong message to Mike that it is OK to quit when things don’t come out as planned if he did not proceed with his bi-plane adventure.  If he had not flown again,  he would have backed away from a great personal goal, so he had on choice and, and the big adventure began.
If you are interested in learning more about Michael McCafferty and “The Spirit of Adventure” I highly recommend reading his book.  100% of the profits from this book go to research to find a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries as currently being done by Rutgers University’s Keck Center for Collaborative Nuroscience-Spinal Cord Injury Project.  Please enjoy this great interview with a wonderful man with a big adventure.  If you would like to visit his website just click here, and read the many adventures of Michael Mc Cafferty.


Laurence KotlikoffI throughly enjoyed my last interview with Larry Kotlikoff  about his book “The Coming Generational Story“, so we decided to do this interview about his new book entitled ” Jimmy Stuart is Dead-Ending the World’s Ongoing Financial Plague with Limited Purpose Banking“. You will also be treated to another interview about his book entitled ” Spend til The End” in another future podcast.

I think that most people are aware of the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” with the trustworthy  banker George Bailey played by Jimmy Stuart saying he was going to guarantee his depositors money.  The correlation between Larry’s book and the movie,   is that there no guarantees even in the banking business.  As a matter of fact the current economic mess is due to the fact that our banking industry invested in unsecured mortgage backed securities, which we all know completely collapsed.

In my interview with author Larry Kotlikoff he proposes a strategy that he believes would solve many of these problems moving forward.  Larry refers to the system as “Limited Purpose Banking”.  So just what is “Limited Purpose Banking”?  As Larry states “It’s a simple and very low-cost change to our financial system, which limits banks to their legitimate purpose, namely connecting borrowers and lenders and savers and investors.  In my interview Larry refers to mutual funds as an example to explain how it works.  Mutual Funds have been around for a half century, they only invest the money they collect from investors and do not borrow or leverage the dollars deposited by investor.  While they are subject to the risk associated with the underlying investment in stocks etc, they are not leveraged so the mutual fund has limited risk.

Under limited purpose banking, all banks-all financial and insurance companies with limited liability that are engaged in financial intermediation–would operate as pass-through collectors of securities.  That is, the banks would simply function as middleman.  They would never themselves own financial assets or borrow to invest in anything except those specified assets, such as computers, office furniture, and buildings, needed to run their mutual funds operations. Hence, banks would never be in a position to fail because of ill-advised financial bets.

If you think about what author Larry Kotlikoff is proposing it makes lots of sense, it also would prevent from another collapse like we have just experienced in the banking industry.   If you are at all interested in reading about some of the malfeasance that lead to our current financial collapse, and want to know what one very bright economist is proposing to help regulate our banking industry moving forward then I highly recommend that you read “Jimmy Stewart is Dead”.

Please enjoy this great interview, and visit Larry’s website for more information.

Sandra IngermanThis is my second interview with Sandra Ingerman, and during this podcast we will speak about her book entitled “How to Thrive in Changing Times“.  We have all experienced challenges in our life at one point or another, and Sandra provides some simple tools to create true health, wealth, peace and joy.  This is certainly something we call all use a dose of as we bring in this New Year.

I know that everyone has heard this before, and Sandra makes a point to remind us.  One has to do with how our thoughts and words create the world we live in, and the other has to do with what we now know through science about how we can change our thought patterns.

As we navigate through 2011  I don’t think that their could be anything more important that re-framing how we speak to ourselves and to others.  Sandra is right on with her wisdom and advice in that this simple behavior shapes our world.  Just set your intentions to be more positive, and to give  yourself more self-love.   In most spiritual practices there is the teaching of as above, so below; as within, so without.  What we see in our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner state of consciousness.

Sandra asks the question in her book “How to Thrive in Changing Times”, “Are we holding on to the vision that we would like to see for our descendants and ourselves?  I would encourage you to ask this questions as you enter this New Year.   As we take a deep look inside, and do the spiritual work to transform ourselves and the world around us, we must work from the inside out states Sandra.  Too many of us only focus on the outer world. When we only focus on what is happening in the outer world, we start to feel like we are on a roller coster ride.  This yo-yoing can go on and on unless we come to the realization that our happiness, peace and joy and wealth lie within.


Sandra has a simple diagram in her book which is great.  New thoughts–New Behaviors–New Outcomes–New Thoughts.  So my recommendation as you enter this New Year is to listen to this great podcast with Sandra Ingerman as well as read this simple but wise book “How to Thrive in Changing Times.  If you would like more information about Sandra please click here to be directed to her website.  Enjoy your New Year, and set your intentions to re-frame your self-talk, and how you speak to others.

Shann Vander LeekI was introduced to Shann Vander Leek through Linda Joy the publisher of a woman’s magazine entitled “Aspire“.  I really respect Linda, and she spoke very highly about Shann, and I can see why.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to interview lots of personal growth authors, but I must say that Shann Vander Leek is truly the real deal…and so authentic and a beautiful soul.   Her personal message about overcoming your fears, and living your life on your terms by following your passion is well articulated in her book “Life on Your Terms“.

Shann interviewed over 40 entrepreneurs in her quest to find out what drove them to overcome many of their personal insecurities and fears to live  “Life on Their Terms”.

In reading Shann’s book you will see that the stories are all different, but their is one common thread between each of these entrepreneurs, and that is choice.  We all have the opportunity to choose  courage over fear and overcome what just might be holding us back from following our passion.

Shann herself, broke away from corporate America to create a life on her terms as a coach, author and speaker and by her own account it was not an easy journey.  There is an old saying “Anything worth having, is worth fighting for.” If you want to learn from some of the wisest entrepreneurs and get some sage advice I would recommend that you read Shann’s new book “Life on Your Terms“.

Shann has a website for her coaching business and you can access it by clicking here, you can also learn more about the book by clicking here to be directed to the book’s blog and website. I encourage you to post your comments about finding your own liberation and freedom as a result of following your own personal passion at Shann’s website.

Please enjoy this wonderful interview with an amazing author, and someone who truly walked the path of which she speaks.

Laurence KotlikoffI recently attended a meeting where the CEO of WELCOA (Wellness Councils of America) David Hunnicutt was speaking,  and on several different occasions he referenced a book entitled “The Coming Generational Storm” by Laurence Kotlikoff.  Being the inquisitive person that I am, I reached out to Laurence and he granted me this podcast interview which will be a become a series of podcasts on several other fascinating books that Laurence has as written.

So why is “The Coming Generational Storm” so important and what is it all about?.   When it comes to describing how America’s taxing and spending policies will affect future generations–its generational policy–the old adage “the more thing change, the more they remain the same” run in reverse.  The more things remain the same, the more things change.  What’s staying the same is our decades-long practices of fiscal child abuse as Larry states.  What is changing, and for the worse, is the fiscal burden we are passing along to our children and grandchildren.  As of this podcast post the nation debt is $44,895 per person for the entire population of the US which is 309,677, 473 which equates to a total debt of $13, 877,507,947,342 trillion, now that’s a lot of debt.

If you can for a minute, close you eyes and picture our country in the year 2030.  Now open your eyes–what do you see?  You see a country where the walkers outnumber strollers.  You see a country with twice as many retirees but only 18% more workers to support them.  You see a country with large number of impoverished elderly citizens languishing in understaffed, over crowded substandard nursing homes.  You see a government in desperate trouble.  It’s raising taxes sky high, drastically cutting retirement and health benefits, slashing defense, education, and other critical spending, and borrowing far beyond its capacity to repay. It’s also printing tons of money to “meet” its bills.
If you are at all interested in the direction our country is headed in, and would like to understand more about this “Coming Generational Storm” them I highly recommend that you read Laurence Kotlikoff’s book.  You will certainly get a great feel for the subject through our interview together.  Please enjoy our podcast interview, and for more information visit his website by clicking here.

Don GreenDon Green the executive director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation is a man with deep wisdom and knowledge about any aspect of Napoleon Hill.  In my second interview with Don we discuss one of Napoleon Hill’s book entitled ” Keys to Success”.   This book is a wonderfully easy read, and really carries the essence of Hill message by conveying the 17 principles of personal achievement.

I know many of you are going to say that you have heard it all.  That you know more than you want to know about personal growth and mastery.  Well that might be true, but this particular book provides the reader with the foundational principles—and they really do work if you work them.   One of the things that Napoleon Hill emphasized was a “definiteness of purpose“.  We know that this principle is fundmental to our success, and I don’t just mean monitory success.   You have to love what you do, and when you have that passion almost anything is possible.  If you are willing to toss your fears to the wind, and really live your life with purpose and passion your dreams are possible.  As I have said, don’t get to attached to the way your dreams manifest, just go with the flow and enjoy the journey for your “definiteness of purpose” will carry you a long way.

Napoleon Hill writes in the “Keys to Success” that faith is one awareness of belief in and harmonizing with the universal powers.  The key principle is faith and belief in something greater than yourself.  We are all aware that their is a power greater than us that resides in the universe, call is God, Universal Power whatever you like. The key is that you believe and have faith in something greater than yourself.  You might be saying how silly, of course I believe in a Universal Power—that is great but the larger issue is never to doubt that power.  Listen to your intuition, follow your heart and co-create with this wonderful energy.
I can’t say enough about a simple book, with so much wisdom “”Keys to Success” by Napoleon Hill.  Please if you would like more information about the Napoleon Hill Foundation then click here to be directed to their website.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with Don Green the executive director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Steven SchusslerAuthor Steven Schussler is an amazing man.  He is an entrepreneur who has had tremendous success in the development of his Rainforest Cafe’s and other theme based restaurants.  His new book entitled ” It’s a Jungle in There-Inspiring Lessons, and Hard-Won Insights and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring” is a great book for anyone who wants to learn lessons on personal mastery.

During our interview together we discuss what Steven refers to as the five (5) P’s of successful entrepreneurship.  Those P’s are: Personality, Product, Persistence, People and Philanthropy.   Steven emphasizes that if you are going to be an entrepreneur then you have to be willing to take risk, that is just part of being in business for yourself.  He has a wonderful formula, that in his estimation is an important element, it is PASSION + AMBITION=YIELDS SUCCESS.  Steven says that without passion for your product or service you are going to be hard pressed to become successful.  Your belief in what you are doing, and your passion are going to be the elements that assist in your personal success.

Steven is someone who listens to his inner voice or intuition.  He admits that all good entrepreneurs have the ability to listen and act on their intuition.  Many of his good decisions came from listening, then having the faith to act on his intuition.  I know that many of us hear the voice within, but do we act or are we afraid?  As Steven says you can’t be afraid, you have to go for it!

Steven also emphasizes that you need to dream big to become successful.  He mentions that when you do dream big and if you are passionate about what you are doing the outcomes are much more rewarding and fulfilling.  He quotes Norman Vincent Peal “Believe It and You Can Succeed”.  That is so true, if you believe in what you are creating and in yourself you can do almost anything.

If you want to learn from a man who not only believes in his projects, and himself then  you need to listen to this podcast with author Steven Schussler the author of “It’s A Jungle In There“.  For more information about Steven Schussler and his new book please click here to be directed to his website.

John RobbinsI have been an admirer of John Robbins for many years.  I first heard him speak in San Francisco in 2003 just after my oldest son Sean was diagnosed with Leukemia.  We took a trip to San Fransisco to attend a Green Conference where John was speaking about his book “The Food Revolution“.  It was this speech that made such an impact on both my son and myself that we altered our diets significantly in an effort to improve our health and be more environmentally sensitive.  I am proud to report that John’s message indelibly impacted our family contributing to our families improved health today.

John’s new book entitled ” The New Good Life” is probably one of the best books that I have ever read on living a life on less without the sacrifice.  The New Good Life is the path from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption.  He advocates taking an active role in becoming  more aware of your purchases, and differentiate between your needs and wants.  Those of us who live in the United States for the most part have had plenty, and the previous consumptive patterns have helped to lead the current ecological and economic challenges we are faced with today.

As a result of our consumptive patterns I believe that we  need to look more closely at the choices we make when we purchase something,  and shift toward conscious consumption.  As John articulates in “The New Good Life” his life shifted significantly when he woke up one day last December to realize that 95% of his entire fortune disappeared as a result of his assets being mismanaged on Wall Street.

This book is as much about John’s personal journey, and how to learn to live on less while appreciating life.  It is a passionate manifesto on finding meaning beyond money, while delivering a sound blueprint for living well on less.  John teaches you how to create your own definition of success based on your deepest beliefs and life experiences, alleviate depression and stay fit with inexpensive alternative for high cost medicine, develop a diet that promotes better health and saves money, and how to protect yourself from future economic catastrophes.

The New Good Life” is a must read for anyone suffering through this economic downturn.  It is wonderfully written and extremely enlightening.

I highly recommend that you visit John’s website by clicking here and check out all of the cool resources as well as his videos.  Enjoy this great interview with a man on a mission to help people, help themselves while helping save planet earth!!!!

Cameron C. TaylorThis is my second interview with Cameron Taylor and this time we are featuring his book entitled, “Does Your Bag Have Holes?.”  It might seem obvious as to the nature of the book, but don’t let the cover deceive you.

While the book is as much about money and how we manage it, the underlying message is about moral and ethical principles that allow one to  acquire and sustain abundance and prosperity in their life.  We are all well aware of the most recent examples of greed that have been the downfall of not only many individual personal wealth, but the demise of large corporations in the US and abroad.

Cameron does a great job of outlining the principles to live by as well as provide a prosperity model that is as sound a model as any that I have ever seen.  As Cameron says ” Many of us have been given bad directions to the destination of prosperity. If you desire to achieve prosperity, an accurate map of how to do so is essential.”

“Does Your Bag Have Holes?, addresses the 24 myths that prevent prosperity. These myths are organized in relation to Cameron’s “Prosperity Model”.  Cameron also discusses the 6 Choices Model in which he outlines for the reader the negative choices as well as the alternative positive choices that will lead to a life of prosperity.

In the whirlpool of finance today it is always good to have a sound reference point to redirect and help us make better choices.  Cameron book “Does Your Bag Have Holes” does just that.  It is like the manual of right thinking as it relates to both our ethics and moral compass as well as sound advice on just how to manage our finances.
If you are interested in learning more I would recommend that you visit Cameron’s website which is loaded with great information about workshops and other publications.

Please click here to be directed to his website.  Enjoy this great interview with a wonderfully heart centered man, Cameron Taylor.