Podcast 325: Live Off Your Passion with Scott Dinsmore

Scott DinsmoreI was recently introduced to author Scott Dinsmore’s work through Leo Babauta who is the founder of “Zen Habits“.  I spoke with Scott and his enthusiasm for the work in the personal mastery and human potential movement and it is amazing.  He has an ebook entitled “Live Off Your Passion–A Guide to Finding Passion and Getting Paid to do What You Love

In my interview with Scott we discuss this guide book that he has developed, and his passion for helping other finding meaningful vocations and to living  fuller and more engaged lifestyles.  Scott has distilled some of the greatest teaching of all time into a very easy to use guidebook that if followed will help one explore their values, vision, mission and align with their greater calling.

Scott likes to refer to life as an experiment, and try things until we find what really excites us.  It is not important if it is a lot of little experiments or one big experiment, but the key here is to experiment try new things, explore and enliven yourself in the wonderment of what is available to you.  Take risks and go for it!!!

Scott encourages his followers to try new things and realize that nothing is impossible.  In his guidebook he encourages his students to attempt to do physical things that they maybe never thought possible.  He says that you will be surprised with what you really can do.   It all starts with the first step, and Scott’s guidebook ” Live Off Of Your Passion” is a wonderful resource and starting place.

Our author Scott Dinsmore truly believes at his core in what his is doing.  He believes that if we can get enough people doing what they love that our world would have an amazing transformative shift.  People would be happier, more productive, innovative and compassionate.  I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a great opportunity for all of us…and all from having people do what they love and believing in what they do.

If you would like more information about “Live Off Your Passion” please click here to be directed to Scott’s website.


Also Scott is offeringan opportunity to obtain a 24% discount or $30 off the regular price.  To obtain your discount just  enter the discount code personalgrowth when you check out.   Please check out Scott’s work, I know you will glad you did.

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