Nick McCormickI recently interviewed author and consultant, Nick McCormick, who’s new book entitled “Acting Up Brings Everyone Down” is a great read for anybody managing employees.  In our interview together we discuss the reprocutions of childish behavior in the workplace and the effects is has on productivity.

We have all known someone at one time or another that just loves to fuss about whats going on in the office.  Nothing is ever right, and they have a tendency to place blame for what is not right outside themselves.  This example is common, and as Nick explains, it is the  job of the manager to help the employee to understand that they need to start taking responsibility for their actions.  Many of the stories that Nick uses in the book to get his point across are one we can all relate to as children.   Nick develops a wonderful correlation between the behaviors we expressed as children to similar behaviors that get acted out in the workplace.

Acting up Brings Everyone Down” also has wonderful “do’s” and don’t” at the end of each chapter, these summary “do’s” and “don’t”  give a summary of the actions that managers can implement within their organization to overcome the childish behavior and have the employees start taking responsibility for their actions.   This is a wonderful book and a very quick read, which is what every manager in the workplace needs.  I would encourage anyone who deals with people in a work environment to read this book, and most importantly implement Nick’s recommendations.
If you would like more information about Nick’s new book, please visit his website by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy this interview with author Nick McCormick about the challenges all managers are faced with in managing employees.

Nick McCormickDo you want to to become a better manager of people? Then you will want to listen to my podcast with author Nick McCormick. Nick is the author of a new book entitled, “Lead Well and Prosper, 15 Successful Strategies for Becoming a Good Manager”.

In my interview with Nick we will explore the challenges that most managers have in learning how to become more effective at managing people. In this simple to read book, filled with examples, you will be able to understand more fully the skills necessary in becoming a great manager. Each chapter starts with a humorous, true to life example of an ineffective way to deal with a situation. Nick then provides the reader with the strategy to deal more positively with these situations, and a list of “dos and don’t s” that cut right to the chase.

Nick states that most managers don’t want to perform poorly, they just don’t work on the right things. This books not only shows them what those “right things” are, but it offers straightforward ready-to-execute solutions.

As any reader knows, there are thousands of books on management and becoming a better leader, but this book contains the simple strategies that can assist any manager in a matter of minutes.

If most managers were to apply the tips that Nick provides in the 87 pages of this quick read book, they would become more valuable to their employers, and most importantly be looked at by their fellow co-workers as mentors.

I do hope you enjoy my interview with Nick McCormick, and that you will glean something valuable from our interview together. If you would like to learn more about Nick’s book or his workshops and seminars please visit his website by clicking here.