Annie BurnsideI recently interview author Annie Burnside about her new book entitled “Soul to Soul Parenting“.  My wife is a fifth grade school teacher, daily tells me about the crazy stories and  challenges she faces as a teacher,  teaching children who are disrespectful, disobedient and  have no attention span.

I know about the children that are ADD or ADHD, but these children have not been diagnosed with either. In my estimation what is missing are the  proper role models (their parents) to guide them and reinforce proper behavior.

I am so pleased that Annie Burnside wrote this wonderful book “Soul to Soul Parenting“, which is primarily about raising a spiritually conscious family which is so extremely important in our world today.  In addressing the aspect of raising a spiritually conscious family she espouses what she refers to as Parenting Vehicles, which are practical, tangible things families can do to get in touch with their spiritual nature.

Through a combination of stories about her personal journey, ideas borrowed from the teaching of other spiritual leaders, and old-fashioned common sense, Annie brings to the reader the rituals and spiritual signs along with Soul to Soul Parenting Spiritual Themes that she has used personally with her family to bring the values and spiritual nature that plays such an important role in raising her family and reinforcing the spirituality.

Soul to Soul Parenting encourages and inspires all parent to become the spiritual experts to their own families and lead their children to expand their conscious awareness to include a universal interconnectedness with all of life.

Annie Burnside’s  book is a must read if you have children and are interested in bringing a greater awareness of the important elements of instilling spiritual values and beliefs.  If you would like more information about Annie Burnside please click here to be directed to her website or you can click here to access her Facebook page.


Enjoy my wonderful interview with author Annie Burnside.

Chip ConleyI recently attended a conference in San Diego where author Chip Conley was one of the keynote speakers.  I was throughly taken by Chip’s personal story, and his new book entitled ” Emotional Equations-Simple Truths for Creating Happiness and Success .

I have been interviewing authors for over 5 years and have been immersed in the personal growth field for over 30 years.  Chip Conley’s new book  “Emotional Equations” is the real deal.  It is easy to understand, and I love how Chip has taken what sometimes can be difficult ideas to convey, and created equations out of them.  His formulas help the reader  take universal truths and turn it into a visual lexicon for mastering your life challenges.

I dont’ know how many of my listeners have read the classic book by Victor Frankl entitled ” Man’s Search for Meaning“.  If you are not familiar with the story it is about Frankl’s agony in the Nazi concentration camp.  The essence of this book is that the Nazi’s were attempting to break down the prisoners mentally, and  in Frankl’s words“everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”  Chip has distilled the essence of “Man’s Search for Meaning” book into this wonderful equation: Dispair=Suffering-Meaning.  How simple!!

Some of Chips’ other equations are: Disappointment = Expectations-Reality or Joy=Love-Fear.  No matter what emotion, Chip has a formula.

Chip states that their are parallels between math and life.  He states that when he was at is lowest point in his life that the “Meaning Equation” (above)  gave him the knowledge and conviction that if he placed his attention more on the meaning of his disparate collection of painful events, as apposed to the suffering, that he would likely have less dispair in his life.  He states that during his more troubled weeks, the equation felt as if it was his instructions manual for deactivating his emotional explosives.

If you are currently dealing with pain or suffering in your life, then I would highly recommend that you read Chips’ new book “Emotional Equations“.  I personally love how he has distilled our emotions into equations,almost as  if the equations diffuse our personal connection to the painful emotions, and  allow us to see the situation so much more clearly.

In all my years of working in the personal growth, mastery and human potential movement I have never come across a book like “Emotional Equations”.  It is a must read for anyone seeing to better understand their emotions!


If you would like more information about Chip Conley then just click here to be directed to his website.  You can also click here to be directed to his Facebook page.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with a great inspirational author Chip Conley.

Dov SeidmanI love books like the one that author Dov Seidman wrote entitled ” HOW, Why How We Do Anything Means Everything“.  This book not only gets you thinking about the compelling and exciting times we are living in, but provides the reader an opportunity to reflect on this extremely important issue–just “HOW” we are doing everything we do mean everything.

Author Dov Seidman argues that we need a new approach to how we live our lives and pursue our endeavors.  Dov states that we are in a new “Era of Behavior” both as individuals and organizations. He states that as our world has become increasingly hyper-connected and hyper-transparent, we need to rethink our behavior in it.  Since everyone can instantly see not only what we do but how we do it, the value of principled behavior has been raised from a nicety to a necessity.  Our connectedness has rendered us interdependent, even morally so , and as such we can not longer win at the expense of others but instead rise or fall together.  We are more tightly bound to each other as never before and therefore we are judged by who is better at forging deep connections with other through shared values and shared responsibilities.

Throughout Dov’s book he cites examples and studies of just how important this new behavior has become.  Everything from the Middle East where popular uprising this year have been freeing people from despotic governments, to the donut vendor who boosted his sales by trusting customers to make their own change.  Through surprising anecdotes like these, cutting-edge research in a wide range of fields, and revealing interviews with a divers group of business leaders, experts, and everyday people on the front lines, HOW will inspire readers to reconsider how we think, how we behave, how we lead, and how we govern ourselves to uncover the values-driven “hows” that we need to adapt to our new “Era of Behavior.”

If you are interested in reading a book that will get you thinking about your own self-governance, and how your self-governance can mean so much to the way to do business to how you treat your family and lead your life then you will want to read ” HOW, Why How We Do Anything Means Everything.”

If you are interested in learning more about author Dov Seidman and his organization LRN please click here to be directed to his website.  If you would like to find out more about the book please click here to be directed to an amazingly well done book website.   They also have Facebook page for the book, and you can access it by clicking here.


Enjoy this wonderful interview with author Dov Seidman.

Theresa BenedictI recently had the pleasure of interviewing author  and clairvoyant Therese Benedict.  Her new book entitled “Days Go By, Not Love” has been written as she states from the words of God, and it is now time for his words to reach all of his children; to bring this world together.

Theresa herself as a  clairvoyant has helped many of her clients make connections with the angels around them who are there guiding and protecting them as they move through their daily lives.  Therese states that when you give your life to God knowing your angels will help you complete your change in life—you will be successful in your hearts desires. You will learn how they speak to you, and how to make it through this life of positive change.  It is important to trust what you are doing. To know you are making the right choices to better who you are as a person.

Therese says that anyone can learn how to speak with and intuit the angels.  You need to pay attention to your spiritual intuition as well as your surroundings, and the messages that the angels are relaying to you will become clear. Practice everything you learn and use it with your heart.  Give yourself to the angles; you will see miracles when this is in place.  Trust God, believe in the angels and believe in yourself.

I know at times we all can get depressed and down because things don’t seem to be going our way.  It is times like this is when we need to reach within and believe in a higher power, God, angels whatever provides you with the inspiration to uplift your spirit and touch your soul.  It is our soul that longs to make the deep inner connection with God, and if we learn to nurture our soul we certainly will look at the difficult and challenging times with a new perspective, and sometimes that’s all it takes.

If you are in need of an uplift and some inspiration then you ought to read “Days Go By, Not Love”. Therese new book has been designed to provide the reader to dig deep,  reflect and write through journaling pages as the end of each chapter .  I don’t know about you,  but journaling is very cathartic for me–and Therese’s book provides ample opportunity to read, reflect and write.

If you want more information about Therese  Benedict and her new book please click here to be directed to her website, or click here directed to her Facebook page.


Enjoy this great interview with a wonderfully authentic author–Therese Benedict.

Arlene BlixI recently attended a Healthy People Conference at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, CA and was introduced to Arlene Blix by a very good friend of mine Dr. Steven Bizal.  I soon realized that Arlene had published a book about her journey through grief, loss and survival as a result of her husbands struggle and ultimate death from liver cancer.

The book is aptly titled “Blindsided” which is what many people who go through an experience like Arlene’s feel like, at least that was the case for Arlene.  Her husband was the image of perfect health, and suddenly started having leg pain then intestinal issues before being diagnosed with liver cancer.

This book is as much about Arlene’s journey with her husband Glen, but it also brings to light the feelings emotions and the roller coster ride that the loved ones take when cancer strikes so close to home.

I know that many of you know my personal family experience, my eldest son at the age of 21 was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I took Arlene’s journey, and am well aware of the grief, and emotional pain that one experiences when a loved one is battling cancer.

Frequently,  I think that the people who are diagnosed are more prepared than the families and spouses.  At least this was the case with Glen.  As a matter of fact he stated to Arlene that he was prepared to die, and that he had a good life.  He was spiritual and had a wonderful relationship with God–death was an opportunity to reunite with God.  A relationship likes Glen  is so important in facing our impermanence, it makes the journey through death so much easier.

What I loved about Glen’s message in the book “Blindsided” is that he challenged all that knew him to serve humanity, and to maintain connections and model love.  What a wonderful way to leave your legacy.  Eight three people came to Glen’s and Arlene’s home for what was referred to as a “living funeral”.  An opportunity to say good by, acknowledge and honor someone you love before their death.  What a beautiful way to help someone move into the hereafter.

On March 19, 2002 at 9:50PM Glen took his last breath and moved into the heavens. Arlene’s book is a tribute to a man who really knew the meaning of life.  I encourage you to love, live and connect with others this is such an important part of being able to move through the grieving process.


If you want more information about Arlene and her work as a grief counselor, please click here to be directed to her website. I hope you enjoy this interview with Arlene Blix the author of “Blindsided“.

Clint ArthurThis is my second interview with Clint Arthur, and every time I conduct an interview with Clint I am engulfed by his energy.  When you listen to our interview you will understand the enthusiasm for he his about the topic of his book ” The Last Year Of Your Life.”

Just imagine if we all lived our lives as if this were the last year— “impermanence” is just a fact of life.  My questions would be what might you do if you knew for certain this was your last year?  What bold and daring adventures might you take on, who would you give your gratitude and love to that is longing to make a deep connection with you.

Obviously, all of the above questions are valid and our infrequency to pause and  reflect on this subject is the opportunity.  Clint’s new book “The Last Year of Your Life” has been written to engage the reader to reflect on just what is possible.  What can you accomplish, what would you do?

Clint weaves his own compelling story into the book and sprinkles it with video segments that really give an upfront and inside view into what Clint is thinking about and encouraging the reader to act upon.  I must say the video’s are wonderful, Clint is vulnerable, authentic and delivers a message that is so important–what do you want to do with your life?

At once the book is crafted  like a guidebook, encouraging you to take action–while providing you with stories, insights and wisdom that Clint has experienced over the years.  But throughout Clint continues to ask you to take action.  Simple stuff like creating mantras, observing your negative thinking—all wonderful exercises to create a shift in your consciousness.

I would certainly recommend this book for anyone who has deeply pondered their existence on this planet, and  the words of the famous singer Peggy Lee–“Is that All Their Is?” running around in their head.  I am really dating myself!!   It does not matter your ethnic origin, color or sex we are all human and these deep reflective questions are what make our life worth living.


If you are interested in learning more about Clint Arthur, you can click here to be directed to his website or watch a YouTube video about the book by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy this very lively and engaging interview.

Nancy AndersonThis is my second interview with author Nancy Anderson. In this interview I speak with Nancy about “Work with Passion” a book she first wrote in 1984.  Her new and revised edition is now out, and the content has been updated and I must say is one of the best book available for anyone wanting to find “How To Do What You Love for A Living”

I think more than ever people are attempting to find work that is congruent with their values and has meaning.  What I truly appreciate about the books that Nancy has written on the subject of career path is that they are all focused on finding passion and the work that you love.

Nancy guides the reader through a very unique and revealing process as they read, write and reflect on their perfect career.  She starts her book off with questions that are designed to help you explore and find your passion.  As Nancy states ” To find the right work you need to know what you feel as well as what you think, since your feelings tell you what you value.  Feeling is not the abdication of thinking; on the contrary people who do not feel make dreadful errors of judgement.  Taking time to integrate your thoughts and feelings is how you get to know yourself, what is unique about you, you weaknesses as well as your strengths.

When you know what you want you have the courage to go after it, your mind and feelings work as a team to help you accomplish your objective. As with any search you have to know the right key words.  Your feelings provide your mind with these key words, since your feelings reflect what you really want.  The mind then goes after the goal following a logical, step-by-step process.

I personally believe that many of us spend our lives attempting to find a vocation that matches our values and has meaning.  Finding work that we love is truly a tricky combination of personal exploration and reflection as well as clearly defining our values.  Nancy mentions that loves power not only remodels your values, it also alters the values of those who receive your love.  In spite of what you experienced in the past you can decide to give love freely right now, even if you are not yet in the perfect job.  Loving without expecting a return will speed up the process of finding the work you want to do.  You don’t have to do anything you hate—you can choose to do the work you love to do.  That is power

If for any reason you are searching for the right vocation, then I would highly recommend reading Nancy Anderson newly revised edition of “Work with Passion“.  Also if you would like more information about Nancy and her services you can click here to be directed to her website.


I hope you enjoy this lively interview with one of my favorite authors Nancy Anderson.