Tom HintonI first met author Tom Hinton about a year ago.  He was introduced to me by a good friend who I rode bikes with while doing mentoring for  Team In Training.  I had a great lunch with Tom and was impressed with what Tom had created in his business, but more importantly I was inspired by him as a person.

Tom’s new book entitled ” 10,000 Days: the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life.” is based on the principles that their are three (3)  stages of our life.  The first 10,000 days are the “Discovery Years” and span from infancy to early adulthood.   The second 10,000 days are called the ” Fulfillment Years“.  Most people spend the Fulfillment Years building their resume, acquiring wealth, searching for true love, starting a family and laying down roots.  The third 10,000 days are the ” Legacy Years“.  This as Tom explains it is the moment we grasp that something significant in our life is missing.

We frequently are asking the questions: Who am I?, How do I live a life worth remembering?, and What is my higher purpose in life?.

In my interview with Tom we discuss what is referred to in “10,000 Days” as “The Course”.   The course consists of four parts: Acceptance of Self, Acceptance of Others, Acceptance of the Divine and Embracing the Gift of Love.  The book has been written for those entering the ” Legacy Years” and are yearning for meaningful answers to life’s most powerful questions as Tom states.

Answering the above questions are a turning point in a person’s life–this turning point is not defined by age but by opening our hearts to new possibilities.  Tom mentions that whenever our Inner Spirit senses we are receptive to its overtures, it surfaces and invites us to respond to its call.  This book has been written for those who are awakening from a period of spiritual deprivation and want to re-connect with their Inner Spirit.   This course is based on a simple life-balance philosophy that encourage your ego and Inner Spirit to work together in harmony so you can live your dreams and attain your higher purpose.

Tom new book “ 10,000 Days” is truly an inspirational work and worth the read no matter what your age.  If you want to explore your higher calling and get in touch with that part of your that longs to be expressed and make a difference then I encourage you to read and practice what Tom Hinton is advocating.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with Tom.

You can learn more about Tom’s course and his work by clicking here to be directed to his website, or you can watch this great YouTube video by clicking here.

BJ GallagherAre you ready for a dose of positive energy?  If so, you have come to the right podcast with author BJ Gallagher.  In my recent interview with BJ we discuss her new book entitled “If Go Is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats–Miracles Happen When you Let Go“.

I love BJ’s books they are always filled with great stories, and lessons about living and life.  In this book BJ writes about being “faithful” and each one of the letters in the word “faithful” is an acronym for what she is writing about.

I really can appreciate the quote in her book from Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ” Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”  We discuss the differences between belief and trust and she has a wonderful story that truly gets at the heart of the differences between belief and trust.

A man  rides his bike on a high wire across Niagara Falls.  He does it the first time by himself then he asks for volunteers to ride on the handle bars of the bike.  A little girl speaks up and says that she will do it, much to the chagrin of the on lookers.  She hops on the bike and the man takes the little girl across Niagara Falls and back again.  When they return an older woman asks the little girl “Weren’t you afraid?”  The little girls answer ” No, I wasn’t afraid.”  ” You see, I don’t just believe in him–I trust him. He’s my daddy.”


This little story is a great example of the true difference between belief and trust.  BJ’s book is loaded with great stories, poems and is truly an inspirational book.  If you would like more information about BJ Gallagher and her books please visit her website by clicking here.

Enjoy my interview with BJ Gallagher author of ” If God is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats”.

Ron McMillanIf you are like most people in life, we have all attempted to change a habit or behavior.  Some of us have succeeded and others have not succeeded nor have we been able to sustain the new habit or behavior we are attempted to supplant the old one with.

I can personally tell you that you have hit pay dirt with the ” Change Anything” .  In my interview with social scientist Ron McMillan we speak about the new and exciting research that his company Vital Smarts did around this very subject in the new book entitled ” Change Anything-The New Science of Personal Success“.  In my estimation the finding in the research conducted on nearly 5,000 people is truly breakthrough.

I have been studying personal growth and mastery for over 20 years, and the research finding revealed in ” Change Anything” will have a positive impact on anyone attempting to create positive change in their lives.  In the Change Anything Labs the people who applied the science of personal success are more than 1,000 percent more successful at producing change that those who tried other means.

So what is the secret–the truth is that willpower is not our problem.  As a matter of fact the scientists at the Change Anything Labs found out that our ability it change and maintain change is not a matter of willpower.   The fact is that we are blind and outnumbered by the outside factors that are effecting our ability to change and sustain our change.

What was found is that there are six sources of influence that effected our ability to change. 1) Personal Motivation 2) Personal Ability 3) Social Motivation 4) Social Ability 5) Structural Motivation 6) Structural Ability.

To learn more about these factors I encourage you to click here to be directed to a video experiment that the scientists did at the Change Anything Labs( click on the blind and outnumbered video).  This will provide you with a short explanation of the factors effecting our abilities to change any thing.

The bottom line is that willpower is not the answer.  The key to change is in understanding all of the subtle put powerful influences that shape your choices. Once you have an understanding of how you are being influenced you will no longer be outnumbered and blinded to these factors, thus making change easier and hopefully more sustainable.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is attempting to change .  It does not matter if it is a weight problem or your trying to get your debt under control. This book and the strategies outlined can be followed by anyone and most importantly successfully and they can be sustained.


If you want more information about Change Anything, please click here to be directed to the Change Anything website. Or  click here to be directed to a YouTube Video. You can also learn more by going to the Change Anything Book page.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Ron McMillan one of the founder of Vital Smarts.  This truly is enlightening and will shift how you look at change forever.

Ram DassAbout a month ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Ram Dass about a series of audio tapes that were found in the archives at Naropa Institute.  The talks were given in 1974 by Ram Dass  to a group of Naropa students on the topic of Love, Service, Devotion and the Ultimate Surrender.

In my interview with Ram Dass we speak about the Gita and the tale of the warrior Arjuna and his divine friend Krishna.  The story serves as a metaphor for the recurring dilemmas that we encounter as we spiral into the depth of our spiritual journey.  Our dialogue together is about the Arjuna and the challenges his is faced with because he is taking his role as a warrior to seriously, and his true journey is to understand his souls calling .  Krishna is informing Arjuna throughout the Gita the various paths one can take to experience God.

As a warrior Arjuna is looking across the field seeing his family and teachers and is faced with the dilemma that he might have to kill some of his family and friends.  Krishna advises Arjuna that he should not be so upset that he is doing his Damara and they are doing their Damara, and not matter who kills who you will emerge from this battle with your soul.  Krishna in the 11th chapter of the Gita ultimately shows Arjuna that he is everything, that he is God.

The lessons that the Gita teach each of us are deep and provide a better understanding and relation to the challenges we are all faced with as we walk the spiritual path. In these sessions on this CD series, Ram Dass illuminates the Gita’s essential verses with insights spanning many traditions, from Runi’s ecstatic poetry to Basho’s koans, from devotional chant to monastic silence, from Sri Ramana’s self-inquiry to Saint Paul’s devotion to Christ.  The Destination? A new perceptive on the crucial moments of contradiction and questioning that all spiritual seeks must face again and again.

Ram Dass advises reading the Gita three times, once as an interesting story, second from the perspective of Arjuna and the third time from the perspective of Krishna.   As Ram Dass states our world is currently in turmoil and reading the Gita from the perspective of Arjuna will certainly shed light and a better understand on our spiritual paths and what actions we might want to take to awaken to our souls calling.

During the course of my interview with Ram Dass, I personally had some amazing insights and awakenings.  I hope that as you listen to my interview and clearly pause to reflect on the words of wisdom that Ram Dass is articulating—give reflection to the God within you.  Give thought to how Love, Service , Devotion and the Ultimate Surrender might yield new answers to your deepest spiritual questions.
If you would like more information about Ram Dass you can visit his website by clicking here, he also has a series of talk coming up with Wayne Dyer and Echart Tolle please click here to be directed to the registration website.  His website is a wonderful resource, video, webcasts and writings.  I hope you enjoy my interview with Ram Dass as much as I enjoyed doing the interview.  Namaste.

Andrew CohenIf you are not aware of author Andrew Cohen, then you should be.  His new book entitled “Evolutionary Enlightenment-A New Path to Spiritual Awakening” is truly written to get the true spiritual aspirant thinking about their own limitations.  In my interview with Andrew we discuss a very important concept being articulated in the book about ” letting go”.  Now all of us who are on a spiritual path have heard or discussed this concept of “letting go” but Andrew in ” Evolutionary Enlightenment” take the concept of letting go to a whole new level.  He states “you have to take an inner journey beyond everything you are and everything you know, beyond time, form, thought and memory , all the way back to before the beginning, before anything every happened, before the universe was born”.

Now for most of us we have discussed this aspect of letting go, and have probably experienced it to some level or degree–but what Andrew is writing is about takes this concept to a whole new dimension.  Through meditation Andrew states if you go deep enough, letting your attention expand and release from all objects in consciousness, you will find that all the structures of the created universe begin to crumble before your eyes.  Awareness itself-limitless, empty, pristine–becomes the only object of your attention.

Andrew refers to this state of emptiness the Ground of Being.  A place where you cease to identify with objects, that timeless, spaceless, infinite no place emerges as the very nature of your own unborn self.  So in one sense Andrew explains the level of consciousness available to anyone so that they can come to his place of evolutionary enlightenment.

The teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment are about the evolution of cosmos and culture as yourself. So it is essential that you make the effort to see your own self and your life-circumstances from the biggest possible perspective, and relate to your own predicament as our shared predicament.   Andrew states when you begin to awaken to the perceptive beyond postmodern individualism, in which you see your own human experience in the context of an evolving culture and cosmos, it changes everything.   When you discover dimensions of your own self and of life itself that are infinitely deeper and higher than your culturally conditioned indivuated self-sense, that “personal” dimensions of your experience is now seen as an important but part of a very big picture. In this shift of perspective, the way you understand and approach the spiritual path changes.

Andrew outlines five tenets of Evolutionary Enlightenment: 1) Clarity of Intention 2) The Power of Volition 3) Face Everything and Avoid Nothing 4) Process Perspective 5) Cosmic Conscience.

If you want to learn more about ” Evolutionary Enlightenment” I highly recommend this book by author Andrew Cohen.  You can also visit his website to watch video’s and read more about the Evolutionary Enlightenment movement.  I hope you enjoy this interview with truly a great spiritual teacher and though leader–Andrew Cohen.

Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen · Podcast 304: Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Treating Cancer w/ Leigh Fortson I recently had the

Hank WesselmanI had the pleasure of interviewing author Hank Wesselman about his new Sound True book entitled ” The Bowl of Light“.  I must admit that Hank is a very interesting and well versed author on the aspects of Hawaiian Shamanism.  In my interview with Hank we discuss the development and long standing friendship with his Hawaiian mentor Hale Makua.  Hale Makua taught Hank over the years a number of spiritual insights that author Wesselman articulates in the “Bowl of Light“.

Hale Makua was a revered Hawaiian elder who brought forth from his ancestors many beautiful and powerful teaching to inspire and guide Hank to remember his spiritual gifts and provided him with an enhanced way of being. The Bowl of Light is filled with much of the wonderful wisdom that Makua had to share and now through the authors intimate and evocative sharing of his encounters with this great man, these teaching are available to those who did not have the pleasure of meeting Makua. Your heart will be warmed by the loving and supportive relationship that developed between them.

In my interview with author Hank Wesselman we discuss what Hale Makua revealed to him including how we can restore our natural diving radiance, referred to as the Bowl of Light.  We also discuss the three directives of the spiritual warrior–love with humility, live with reverence, and know with self-discipline.  This is a wonderful story that not only captivates the reader, but provides insightful wisdom on the spiritual teaching and practices of the ancient Hawaiian practices of Shamanism.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with author Hank Wesselman.  I you want to learn more Hank has a wonderful website filled with references, blog entries and audio recordings–please click here.  I encourage you to visit Hank’s website and learn more about his encounter and long standing friendship with mentor and master spiritual teacher Hale Makua.

Donald AltmanIn my interview with author Donald Altman about his new book entitled “One Minute Mindfulness” we speak about the benefits of being more mindful in our everyday life.  As we discuss mindfulness does not have to be one more “to-do” item.  It can become effortless and part of your everyday practices, the key is to become aware of our actions.

In Donald’s new book he provides the reader with 50 simple ways to find peace, clarity and new possibilities in a stressed-out world.  He offers a empowering perspective and how you think and act in the upcoming minute, and the next, determines nothing less than your experience of life.

His book is part guidebook and part workbook for making the present moment count.  Each chapter contains an exercise for building awareness and centering attention.  The awareness exercises are meant to help you touch this moment–which can be harder than it seems, but well worth the effort.  In this podcast Donald speak about the costs of not being present as well as the tremendous benefits to our personal and professional lives for practicing mindfulness.   I really enjoyed the one minute exercise that the author lead me through in shifting my perspective.  During our interview he asked me to just look out the window and focus on the trees and nature.  I have to admit that when I did this exercise I felt more calm and at ease and more connected to nature—pure peace.

We all have so many opportunities during our daily lives to be more mindful.  From our eating practices, to how we greet and say goodbye to someone-all of these are opportunities to be more present in the moment.   What I love about “One Minute Mindfulness” is that the chapters are short, followed by some very thoughtful exercises and reflection.  Let’s face it, mindfulness at it core is about slowing down enough to enjoy this very moment.  Not living in the past or the future, but appreciating what we have in this very moment.  The revelation to all of us will be an amazing connection to our oneness, and a much deeper spiritual experience.
I hope you enjoy this great interview with author Donald Altman on the “One Minute Mindfulness“.  If you would like more information about the author just click here to be directed to his website.  Enjoy my interview, and practice mindfulness while listening.