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I learned about author Jason Womack through a connection with author David Allen and an article which appeared in Productivity Magazine.  I read the article about what Jason was doing, and thought he would be an excellent guest for Inside Personal Growth.

In my interview with Jason about his new book entitled ” Your Best Just Got Better” we discuss what is required in our fast paced world what is required to work smarter, think bigger and make more.

Jason and I both attended University of Santa Monica, and an idea that we speak about in our interview is something called the “Ideal Day” that we need to give credit to Ron and Mary Hulnick (our professors) at USM.

I bet this is a foreign concept to most people, just what does an ideal day look like in your life. If you were asked to write it down, could you?  If all you get from reading  “Your Best Just Got Better“, is this concept then it is worth the read.  Really, write down what an ideal day looks like for you and attempt to live it-it is amazing what will change in your life.

Jason speaks about “thinking bigger“. Just what does thinking bigger mean, and why should you practice the art of thinking big.  Jason states ” ask anone who works at the highest levels of professionalism—from business to athletics to government institutions–about the secrets to their success, and they are bound to tak about their mind-set. Mental rehearsal–that is, visualizing something before it actually happens–is a great way to set yourself up for success.  It establishes the foundation for the results to come.  This practice of visualization and thinking bigger is so very important to raising your level of success and reaching for a new goal,  unfortunately this simple practice is not engaged into enough, and it really works—it also produces amazing amounts of energy giving the drive to accomplish the dream.

There are  lots of power packed ideas in “Your Best Just Got Better“, and two of them we speak about in our interview is the IDEA card, and what he refers to a MIT (Most Important Think).  Jason  carries a small note book and he has what he refers to as an IDEA card in the notebook, the acronym stands for Identify, Develop, Experiment and Assess. He recommends spending time everyday writing your ideas down on paper, capture them for they are the gold that will propel you into a new businesses, product development and collaborations with others.

The MIT concept is quite simple–are you focusing on the most important thing.  We all know how our in-boxes get full of stuff, but really how important is it.  Get in the habit of focusing your attention on the most important thing.

I highly recommend ” Your Best Just Got Better” the book is filled with great ideas, stories and practices to stimulate you to shift how you process physical stuff as well as how you deal with shifting your mental perspective about life and living.

If you would like more information please visit Jason”s website by clicking here, or watch one of his YouTube videos by clicking here.


Enjoy this wonderful interview and podcast with author Jason Womack.


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