We all tap into our intuition from time to time, and wonderfully when we do it as if our lives are altered in mysterious and beautiful ways. Everyone reading this has dialed into and heard the inner voice, the voice of wisdom guiding us— if only we will listen.

“Intuition is a survival tool” write author Simone Wright the author of ” First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition.” In my interview with her we discuss not only how she has been able to fine tune her own intuition, but how she works with others around the world and coaches them to more powerfully access this great power.

One of the misconceptions about intuition is that it is a supernatural power or paranormal phenomenon. Intuition is a power that we are all born with but we are not taught how to use it. It appears in different ways some people have clairaudience or clear hearing, others are gifted with clairvoyance or clear seeing, and other are clairsentience or clear feeling. No matter what your “intuitive power” it is available to access as a guidance system, states author Simone Wright ” you just need to be open to receiving ideas, and inspirations”.

I hope you enjoy Simone Wright speaking with me about her new book “First Intelligence”. If you listen carefully you will better understand how to access the power of your intuition.

If you want to learn more about Simone Wright please click here to be directed to her website, or watch the video below about her new book.


Roy StemmanIf you have every wondered about reincarnation, then wonder no longer.  I recently interviewed Roy Stemman the author of a new book entitled ” The Big Book of Reincarnation“.  I have spoken with many authors about reincarnation, but none as knowledgeable as Roy Stemman.  His research is comprehensive, and he has gone to great lengths to remove the mystery about reincarnation by citing many stories with extreme credibility about reincarnation.

It would be presumptuous and bold of me to state that Roy’s book will remove all doubt one might have about reincarnation, but it will certainly open your eyes and mind to what might be possible.  Personally I believe in reincarnation, I have to many personal experiences  that have lead me to believe that this is not my first time here. I believe I have had several past lives, yet I have very little memory of them.  I do however, know certain people that have become part of my life journey this time around have been part of previous life reincarnations.

As Roy writes “Belief in reincarnation is far more deeply entrenched in Western civilization that some orthodox religions might care to acknowledge. Dismissed by many as a New Age fad that will fade with time, its popularity nevertheless suggests that in matters relating to religion and spirituality, growing numbers of people are prepared to mix and match the beliefs and teachings that most appeal to them, regardless of the dictates of the religions to which they profess allegiance or in who’s churches they worship”.  He states that over 22% of Christians believe in reincarnation.   Reincarnation has permeated most cultures for thousands of years, and the interest in reincarnation is certainly not waining.

No matter what your religious or personal belief, author Roy Stemman presents  compelling stories and documentation that will as least get you thinking about past lives.  I  asked him about James Leininger the little boy that claimed he was a fighter pilot in World War II who had amazing memories of his past life.  He commented that frequently young children have vivid memories of past lives, and that this is the time in life where we remember the most. This is an amazing story and well worth watching the documentary of  if you have not seen the reprot.  To access this story, just click here and you will be directed to the YouTube video from ABC Primetime with Charles Gibson.


If you are interested in learning more about reincarnation them you certainly will want to read Roy’s book “The Big Book of Reincarnation“.  You can click here to be directed to Roy’s website to learn more about his research into the paranormal.  Enjoy this great interview with author Roy Stemman.


Lucia RenéI found my interview with Lucia Rene, the author of her new book entitled, “Unplugging the Patriarchy“, to be one of the more interesting interviews that I have ever done.  Lucia has a viewpoint about what is transpiring with relation to the breakdown of our Patriarchal Age that is very believable, and quite worth reading about.

Her book helps one to understand the evolution of the New World Order and its various components, associated banking systems, finance, and our government and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions based upon her well documented research.  Lucia weaves into her book her personal journey associated with mysticism, psychic perceptions and spirituality which makes for an even more intriguing read.

The author was heavenly influenced by her personal spiritual teacher who believed that everyone is born with psychic perception.  That in an age of reason, people are conditioned from childhood to disregard psychic input. “Being psychic” she explained, “has to do with having the ability to perceive beyond the physical”.

It is quite evident to me that Lucia is a woman with special spiritual and psychic wisdom, and she has brought forth a book which is about  balancing the masculine and feminine in a effort to help us understand what is needed to help heal an ailing society and planet.

She writes, “We’re approaching the end of a cycle of time. The Patriarchy’s profit-before-people system is breaking down. Humanity’s 5,000-year schooling in power, abuse of power, and masculine/feminine imbalance is nearing an end. Something new is rising: a wave of Divine Feminine energy—so subtle yet so powerful—is moving across the planet, bringing balance in its wake.”

I encourage you to read “Unplugging the Patriarchy” for it will provide you with an “out of the box” viewpoint about our evolving and changing world which provides, a logical explanation from both a historical and spiritual
perspective, just what might be transpiring.

Please click here to be directed to her website.