Sylvia BrowneWhat a wonderful interview with one of the worlds best known psychics.  In Sylvia Browne’s new book, “The Truth about Psychics“, she dispels the myths about psychics and informs the reader about the real truth.

Sylvia states that psychics and spirituality go as far back as biblical times and in this new book she covers spiritual history over the centuries and around the world, debunking myths and showing us how to tap into our own latent psychic abilities.

In my dialogue with Sylvia we discuss her personal history and how she was influenced by her Grandma Ada in helping her understand and develop her personal psychic abilities.  We explore how Grandma Ada exposed her to a place called the “Other Side” in what is referred to in the book as “our real home”.  We also learn about Sylvia’s spiritual guide Francine, and how she has tapped into the wisdom and guidance of her spirit guide.  As Sylvia states we all have spirit guides, we just have to be open to listening to what they have to say and understanding the importance of their message.

In this book Sylvia endeavors to help the reader understand spiritualism and the ultimate relationship between spiritualism and death.  Throughout the history of mankind on this earth it is fascinating to see how different cultures have dealt with death itself.  Sylvia states that each culture has found its own way of expressing and acting on its sense of a relationship with life and with the afterlife and how the Creator intended that relationship to be honored by the living.

I encourage you to learn more about “The Truth about Psychics” by listening to our podcast together or by visiting her website by clicking here.

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