Elloitt Dacher MDDr. Elliott Dacher has been a guest at Inside Personal Growth previously.  I am honored to bring him back again to speak with us about his new book entitled ” Aware, Awake, Alive-A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Science of Integral Health and Human Flourishing“.  Prior to his deep work in the Indian modalities of health and healing, Dr. Dacher practiced Western medicine for over 21 years seeing over 50,000 patients. Over this period of time, Dr. Dacher was finding that for many of his patients that the conventional ways of Western medicine were not have a lasting and sustainable healing impact that he would have liked to have had.

Through a series of serendipitous events Dr. Dacher ended up spending over 12 years going back and forth between the US and India studying the aspects of healing and what is termed in the book as “Human Flourishing”.   As Dr. Dasher state in the book ” to flourish is to move beyond the stress, dissatisfaction, and suffering that too often limits and diminishes our lives, and reclaim the profound well-being which resides at the center of our being.  That is our vision, a vision of human flourishing.

Even though each of our lives has an inner and outer aspect, they are usually unequally developed.  In modern times our focus has been on the outer aspects.  We have mastered an understanding of biology.  We know how to enhance our physical well-being, address physiological disturbances, reduce biological risk factors and promote high levels of physical wellness.  As mythologist Joseph Campbell reminds us, “where there was once darkness there is now light”.  We once knew very little about our biology, and now we know a great deal. But he also reminds us that, ” Were there was once light there is now darkness” There was a time we had a profound understanding of our inner life.  We could describe and traverse, as Plato did, the full development of consciousness from darkness to light, from confusion to wisdom. But in modern times that is no longer the case.  We have mastery of the outer world but we have simultaneously lost touch with our inner life.  It has become a buried and unseen treasure.

In Elliot’s book ” Aware, Awake, Alive” he provides the reader with a course of practice and study that is 10 weeks in length, along with more advanced material for those who master the basics and want to continue on.  This book and workbook provides the student with a complete overview of the journey to human flourishing—vision, path, fruition, and integration.   It also includes a CD to help the reader/student establish a stable and effective daily practice.

If you ready to transform your life completely, and have health, happiness and lasting bliss then you just might want to consider reading and studying the content of ” Aware, Awake, Alive” by Dr. Elliott Dacher.
I know you will enjoy this enlightening interview with someone who has devoted their life to helping us understand the miracles of how doing the deep inner work will assist in healing our bodies.  If you want to learn more about Dr. Dacher and his course please click here to be directed to his website.

Leigh FortsonI recently had the wonderful pleasure of  speaking with Leigh Fortson about her new book entitled ” Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking about, Thinking about, and Treating Cancer“.   In our interview together we discuss Leigh personal story and her diagnosis not once but three times with cancer. As many of you know my eldest son was diagnosed with Leukemia so I have  some experience of being touched with the disease as a close family member. As a result of my interview with Leigh, I became enlightened even further about what cancer patients are going through emotionally, physically and psychologically.

Leigh decided to write this book because after having dealt with cancer , she thought that others just like her might like to learn new ways of dealing with cancer.  Leigh certainly felt supported form forces beyond this world to write and explore the alternative therapies available for patients with cancer.

Leigh writes ” Some of the people I spoke with regained health through alternative protocols; others simply made the decision to get well.  Some gave credit to religion, faith, or spiritual dedication, while others spoke of what can only be known as grace.  Most of them believe a bank of negative emotional turmoil contributed to the cause of their cancer.  Likewise, they attributed much of their healing to creating an inner environment of love and forgiveness.  All of them believe that we can heal ourselves or find effective treatments outside of the conventional medical paradigm.”

No matter what you beliefs about cancer Leigh’s book is an incredible resource.  Every chapter in the book deals with how one can use their own powers and beliefs to better understand cancer, while not resisting the disease.  Leigh covers forgiveness, meaning, authority, energy, belief, gratitude, intuition, fortitude, faith, dedication and trust in her book as the foundation to providing the reader with additional insight into how to deal with the disease.

Leigh writes ” forgiveness is perhaps the most powerful medicine we possess.  It is also the most elusive.” How true this is and cancer gives the patient plenty of reasons to feel angry and victimized.  It may be the diagnosis itself, the painful and debilitating treatment, or the loss of our normal lives.  We may also feel hurt or outrage at the expectation, imposed upon us by others, that we will die.”

If you are dealing with cancer personally, or know of someone who is then I would recommend this wonderful book if you are looking to explore and find alternative ways of dealing with your cancer.  This book is also an amazing resource for family members of a loved one who is working through the diagnosis of cancer.

You can learn more about Leigh’s story through her website. It  is loaded with resources and she is happy to personally answer you email questions.  Please click here to be directed to Leigh’s website.
I hope you enjoy listening to and embracing one amazing woman’s journey with cancer.

Hank WesselmanI had the pleasure of interviewing author Hank Wesselman about his new Sound True book entitled ” The Bowl of Light“.  I must admit that Hank is a very interesting and well versed author on the aspects of Hawaiian Shamanism.  In my interview with Hank we discuss the development and long standing friendship with his Hawaiian mentor Hale Makua.  Hale Makua taught Hank over the years a number of spiritual insights that author Wesselman articulates in the “Bowl of Light“.

Hale Makua was a revered Hawaiian elder who brought forth from his ancestors many beautiful and powerful teaching to inspire and guide Hank to remember his spiritual gifts and provided him with an enhanced way of being. The Bowl of Light is filled with much of the wonderful wisdom that Makua had to share and now through the authors intimate and evocative sharing of his encounters with this great man, these teaching are available to those who did not have the pleasure of meeting Makua. Your heart will be warmed by the loving and supportive relationship that developed between them.

In my interview with author Hank Wesselman we discuss what Hale Makua revealed to him including how we can restore our natural diving radiance, referred to as the Bowl of Light.  We also discuss the three directives of the spiritual warrior–love with humility, live with reverence, and know with self-discipline.  This is a wonderful story that not only captivates the reader, but provides insightful wisdom on the spiritual teaching and practices of the ancient Hawaiian practices of Shamanism.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with author Hank Wesselman.  I you want to learn more Hank has a wonderful website filled with references, blog entries and audio recordings–please click here.  I encourage you to visit Hank’s website and learn more about his encounter and long standing friendship with mentor and master spiritual teacher Hale Makua.

Danny DreyerIt was a pleasure interviewing Danny Dreyer the Founder of ChiLiving about his new audio program through Sounds True entitled “Chi Walking“.  Danny Dreyer is a waking and running coach and is nationally ranked ultramarathoner runner.  He is a student of renowned t’chi master George Xu and coauthor(with Katherine Dreyer) the books ChiWalking and Chi Running.

In my interview with Danny we discuss the benefits of Chi Walking.  I know that lots of people are attempting to find ways to become more peaceful, centered and clear their minds from all of the chatter as well as become more healthy.  What I learned during my interview with Danny is that Chi Walking which I bet many of my listeners have not been exposed to is a way to accomplish the peace and inner harmony while at the same time obtaining a great workout.

As Danny states walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise on the planet. In his audio program Danny teaches you how to take this routine activity to a whole new level and turn it into a deeply rewarding experience for the mind, body and spirit. The secret to this program is in what Danny refers to as “The Five Mindful Steps” which help you increase awareness using the energetic movement principles of t’ ai chi.  Drawing on the concepts of the program that have helped thousands around the globe walk more efficiently, get into great shape, clear the mind and tap into a deeper source of well-being.

I know that you will enjoy learning more about this wonderful program.  If you are looking for a way to combine the art of t’ai chi with the movement of walking, then you have come to the right place. Chi Walking just might be the next form of movement and focused breathing that helps you release stress and obtain a wonderful workout without the pounding to the legs and feet.  If you would like to learn more about Chi Walking and Chi Running please click here to be directed to Danny’s website.
I hope you enjoy this interview with one of the forerunners in the art of art of Chi Walking. If you would like to obtain a copy of Danny’s CD’s please click here to be directed to the Sounds True website for ordering.

Ann Marie ChiassonIt was a pleasure interviewing Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson recently about her new Sounds True program entitled “Energy Healing for Beginners“.   I thoroughly enjoyed about my interview with Ann Marie and was especially touched by the sincere way that she approaches “energy healing”. You can intuit from the beginning of our interview that she is authentic and really passionate about her work.

Her course which consists of 5 CD’s, DVD, 25 reference cards and a 107 page workbook is designed to teach you how to use movement, awareness, breath, and your hands to sense and shift energy in your body for specific results.  Ann Marie presents practices based on energy techniques that she learned from healers and teachers of energy medicine over the last eighteen years, and from a deeply personal exploration of her body as a patient, healer, and physician.

Energy medicine as Ann Marie describes in the workbook is based on the concept that ” in addition to a system of physical and chemical processes, the human being is made up of a complex system of energy.”  This underlying energy field, also called the subtle body, is housed within the physical body and extends beyond it.  She uses the analogy of a garden, where the health of the soil effect how a plant grows and flowers.  If the soil is nutrient depleted, the plant grows poorly.  Likewise, if the energy body is not balanced and the energy does not flow or move in it natural state the physical body is affected and can begin to function improperly.
Ann Marie provides the reader, listener and viewer of her program with wonderful instructions on how to learn and practice energy work on their own.  Her series of CD’s, DVD, and instructional workbook are a wonderful way to start down a path and explore techniques to heal and support harmony and balance in your body.  During our interview together she explored and tested with me a couple of techniques that I was not aware of–they were amazing in moving my blocked energy.

I highly recommend that you listen too, read and practice with Ann Marie and her new series ” Energy Healing for Beginners.  Enjoy my interview with a wonderful healer and beautiful soul, Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson.

If you would like more information on Dr. Chiasson just click here to be directed to her website.

Brendan BrazierThis is my second interview with author Brendan Brazier.  Every time I interview Brendan I continue to learn more about nutrition and the important role is plays not only in our health, but in how the foods we eat impact our environment.

In Brendan’s new book “Thrive Foods: 200 Plant Based Recipes for Peak Health” Brendan lays out the importance of a plant based diet, and gives the reader great recipes that are nutrient-dense and which have a very low impact on our overall environment.  In my interview with Brendan we speak about what he calls “Nutrient-to-Resource Ratio”.  Brendan refers to this ratio as a proactive form of health insurance and environmental preservation rolled into one.  This ratio reveals the extensive amount of arable land, water, and fossil fuel consumed to produce food, as well as taking into consideration carbon emissions created.

Brendan states that the average American could have a greater impact on the on the environment by switching to the eating suggestions in the book.  That is one person swapped out a Standard American breakfast for a plant-based, nutrient-dense whole food smoothie for one year, it would conserve the same amount of C02 emissions as created by driving a mid-size car from Vancouver to Tijuana, Mexico.  If everyone stopped eating factory farmed beef for one year, it would conserve the equivalent of c02 emissions as over 2 trillion miles being driven in a mid-size car.

Needless to say if we as consumers would think about our choices in food consumption we could have a significant impact on the worlds environment.  A diet based in nutrient-dense, plant based foods not only improves our health but it has a positive impact on our environment.
Brendan’s book is loaded with great recipes that are good and easy to make.  So if you want to improve your diet, loose weight, and help the environment then I highly recommend that you get a copy of Brendan’s new book.  If you would like to learn more about Brendan Brazier please click here to be directed to his website.  He also has a company called Vega that produces plant based products, you can learn more about Vega by clicking here.

Enjoy this great interview with truly a man on a mission to save our environment, as well as increase the life span of millions of people.

Linda CleverGosh knows almost everyone in today’s environment deals with fatigue from time to time.  In my interview with author Dr. Linda Clever about her new book ” The Fatigue Prescription” we speak about the causes and some of the underlying personal prescription one can take to eliminate fatigue.

Dr. Linda Clever states that most of us take on lots to do.  As a matter of fact she list some of them as work, family, economy, kids, money, hobbies, housekeeping deadlines, school need I go further.  Our minds are filled with the to do lists which zap our energy.  The resulting energy zap can create symptoms of loss of patience, decreased appetite, denial, irritability, loss of sleep etc. which lead to fatigue.

So what do you do?  You learn to find out what is causing your energy bucket to leak, and fill the holes as Dr. Clever states.  Determine where the holes are and plug them with corks to add new energy.  It could be as simple as saying “no” a very empowering word, or getting help with the chores, going on a walk, taking a power nap, talking with friends on the phone.  Whatever recharges your batteries and brings you joy.

The Fatigue Prescription gets back to basics by helping you figure out how you’re feeling.  That is how the Prescription starts: with awareness.  Dr. Clever states that it is important to be aware of feelings because that do not go away. Fear, anger, boredom, and sorrow may seem to line dormant but are actually simmering and can explode.  Dr. Clever provides the reader with ample opportunity to explore their feelings, at the end of each chapter she provides insightful questions to explore to assist the reader in renewing their energy and reducing fatigue.

Dr Clever is also the founder of an organization called Renew. Renew is a non-profit organization helping people find an answer to the yearning that many feel for effectiveness, a sense of calm and a positive direction. Regardless of age, most of us want to have meaning in our lives. If you would like more information and the opportunity to take a short quiz and a reality check please check here to be directed to the Renew website.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with a very insightful author and physician.  If you want more information about the Fatigue Prescription please click here to be directed to Dr. Clever’s website.


Jeffrey-Brantley-M.D.-color-headshot-175x261I sincerely appreciate Dr. Jeff Brantley and the work that he is doing at Duke University as the director of mindfulness-based stress reduction in the Integrative Medicine department.  His new book co-authored with Wendy Millstine entitled ” True Belongings” is a simple read and a wonderful reminder of the practices we can implement into our daily lives to overcome loneliness and connect with others.

Have you ever wondered what keeps you from connecting more authentically and deeply in each moment–with yourself, with another or with the flow of your life?  Are you ever curious about the obstacles blocking you from from experiences of deep joy and unwavering contentment and belonging?

Who among us has not been affected by one or more of these challenges in our lives?  The experiences of loss and vulnerability that we all share is yet another way in which we humans are more alike than we are different.  As human beings we are part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space.  We experience, thoughts and feeling as something separate from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.

What Jeff and Windy bring forth in “True Belongings” is how mindfulness can help us in becoming more connected not only to one another, but at a soul level to who and what we are longing to express to the world.  Mindfulness is a core human capacity, and it refers to noticing or knowing what is happening in each moment. Mindfulness is the awareness of your thoughts–mindfulness does not identify with any thoughts or feelings but is aware of them.

In this book the authors assist you in shifting your perspective and frame of reference that you are holding in any given moment.  Learning to release the personality’s grip on any narrow perspectivel on any subject-setting down and relaxing the view dictated by the rigidly held opinion of the ego-mind–immediately open each of us to a much vaster and more mysterious universe of possibilities and meanings, alive in each moment.


This book is filled with wonderful practices that when cultivated will bring you into a closer relationship with yourself and other.  I recommend reading and learning what truly will help one transform the loneliness and isolation feeling into happiness and belonging.  I hope you enjoy this great interview with Dr. Jeffrey Brantley.  If you would like more information about Dr. Brantley please click here to be directed to his website.

Dr. Edward Hallowell MDToday’s workplace is a pressure cooker according to Dr. Edward Hallowell author of the new book ” Shine-Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People“.  In my interview with Dr. Hallowell we discuss the challenges that workers are faced with in the work environment today, and solutions to improving performance.

Dr. Hallowell says that even the most talented people struggle to sort through an influx of information, relentless demands, and unprecedented stress.  In his new book “Shine” Hallowell combines brain science with performance research to offer a proven process to help you deal with the struggles of our daily busyness.  He provide the leadership of organizations with what he refers to as the Cycles of Excellence to assist  in managing the human capital of the organization.

There are five steps that are very important: 1) Select-Simply put put the right people in the correct jobs 2) Connect: Peak performance is accelerated if people are allowed to connect face-to face not through email. 3) Play: Imaginative engagement is ignited when people are allowed to play and have fun on the job. 4) Grapple and Grow: People really want to excel and perform on the job–provide challenging work.  5) Shine: It feels good to do good, and it feels good to get the deserved recognition for a job well done.

Dr. Hallowell has created several modern paradoxes that I believe are certainly worth mentioning.  The first modern paradox: while we have grown electronically super connected, we have simultaneously grown emotionally disconnected form each other.  The paradox can lead a person to modern loneliness which is an extroverted loneliness, in which the person is surrounded by many people and partakes of much communication but feels unrecognized and more alone that they would like.   The phenomenon of overloaded circuits leads to the second modern paradox: people’s best efforts often fail not because they aren’t working hard enough, but because they are working too hard.   The brain has is limits.  The tsunami of data comprising modern life can easily flood the brain and rot it.  Working hard now becomes like bailing out a sinking boat with a can, instead of plugging the leak.

If you are interested in learning more about how to cope with the stress and struggles of you everyday life, and  how to better lead in this hetic working environment then you need to read this book.  Also if you would like advice from a physician who has studied positive psychology, neuroscience, and the psychology of happiness and brought the disciplines into one book  read “Shine
I hope you enjoy this interview with Dr. Edward Hallowell as he reveals the findings of his research and life’s work.  You can also visit Dr. Hallowell’s website by clicking here.