Linda JoyThis was my first interview with Linda Joy, who launched Aspire Magazine in 2005. She compiled the book, A JuicyJoyful Life: Inspiration from Women Who Have Found the Sweetness in Everyday Life, to help women everywhere find their inner strength. This book is an anthology of women from all walks of life that tell their personal stories of how they overcame their own pain and trauma to make them stronger today.

Linda Joy had here own personal breakthrough, where she had a talk with God on her fears and angers of how life was for her. This breakthrough was the turning point of her life and was what inspired her to compile this book for women everywhere. During this breakthrough she had an awakening of how to see a better way of life. She found that she had a choice in all aspects of life and that who are you at your core can never be touched, no matter what trials and tribulations you may go through. She believes that if she can overcome what she has gone through in life then women everywhere can do the same. She said ‘When we release the pain and trauma is when we will discover our transformation, tuning into a higher power and wisdom within.” This is the theme over the book that is evident in every story told by these women.”Women have to find something greater then themselves.”

Linda was approached to write her own story but she was not at that point in her life. However, she wanted to use her platform to give other women their voice. A Juicy Joyful Life: Inspiration from Women Who Have Found the Sweetness in Everyday Life is an inspiring book to help women overcome struggles and make them understand their inner strengths.

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