Len Saputo M.D.I recently had the pleasure of attending the Book Expo of America in New York City, and while I was at the conference, I attended a book signing by Dr. Len Saputo. I was certainly intrigued by the title of his book, ” A Return to Healing“, and wanted to learn more about Dr. Saputo’s philosophy on the subject.

I know that I can honestly speak for most Americans that health care is a topic that gets a lot of attention in the news, but very little seems to happen relative to reform. I now know after reviewing Dr. Saputo’s book and learning more about his ideas for radical health care reform that he is definitely on to something.

He asserts that the twentieth century was a mixed blessing of commercially driven “disease-care medicine”, but that the twenty-first century is witnessing the ascendancy of “integral-health medicine”, which is based on serving patients. As Dr. Saputo states that our health care system is in a deep crisis. Tragically millions of Americans are without medical coverage, while costs for care are spiraling upward making it harder for people to get the help they need. Dr Saputo stresses in, “A Return to Healing“, that at the heart of the problem is a culture that accepts, and in fact generates, a reductionist model of health, along with the costly health care system that has grown up to support it.

He supports a model that is integrated and looks at the whole person, in what he refers to as “integral-health medicine“. He says that this system requires a new understanding of the role of consciousness in healing and a massive public education program that will lead all of us to take full responsibility for our health–to take the lead in medicine away from big business, and even from well-meaning physicians who are stuck in the system, and puts it into the hands of the patients themselves.

In his book you will learn how we can turn the medical industry around with a genuine return to healing, led by the desire to serve the needs of the patients as well as through the readiness of each of us to pursue peak health throughout our own lives.

I highly recommend this book and if you want to know more about taking your health into your own hands and integral-health medicine, please visit Dr. Saputo’s website by clicking here for more information on his wellness clinic, and to get tools and information on guiding you to vibrant health.